Who is Your “Angel-on-the-Ground?

Margrit HardeggerToday I am leaving for Switzerland to do a Radical Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance Workshop with my dear friend Margrit Hardegger. I mentioned her in last week’s blog.

You may recall she was one of the ‘angels-on-the-ground’ who make it possible to for me to spread the word about Radical Forgiveness and the other Radical Living Strategies all around the world. Margrit is my voice in Switzerland.

Who is your angel-on-the-ground? Do you have one? I mean someone who believes in you and is there to lift you up, promote you and speak for you in some way?

Very likely you do, but perhaps you don’t realize it. Or maybe you haven’t allowed someone to emerge who would do that for you. Have you ever asked? Have you ever tried to manifest someone who would lay testimony to your power and value?

The reason I am asking is that I am betting that I will find a number of people in my upcoming workshop who, just by being who they are – just the way they are, have enormous value. And yet they refuse to own it.

I will also find that more than a few will tell me that they feel they have very little value, and it hardly matters whether they exist or not. In other words, they feel not good enough and hardly worthy to be lauded by anyone at all, with the possible exception perhaps of their mother, and that doesn’t count.

Is this you? Are you always putting yourself down and comparing yourself to others in a less than favorable light? Whenever someone offers to pay you a compliment, do you disavow it and refuse to accept it? If someone offers help and support do you push it away? How many angels have you said, “No thanks” to?

If you recognize yourself in this way, here’s how you might turn this around for yourself. As soon as you see the value in someone else, tell them. Tell them that you recognize something special in them that you really appreciate.

At every opportunity, give out as many compliments as you can, even if it is just to say how nice they look. Make a point to lift people up by making them aware of their value and their power to make a difference to others.

In time, you will begin to see your own value in those that you lift up and by so doing shine the light on who they really are. You will yourself become an angel-on-the-ground for them and a luminary for everyone. Not to mention, of course, that others will return the favor many times over, and you will be more than ready to receive it.

4 thoughts on “Who is Your “Angel-on-the-Ground?

  1. Yolanda Echavarría

    Dear Colin, it really is comforting to have ‘angels-on-the-ground’ your family, children, friends are some angels that will always be there for you. Fortunately, I have followed the steps you mention without seeking reward and, as you say, they’ve become my angels. Love, Yolanda

    1. Siddiqah

      I absolutely reverend Radical Forgiveness Processes. It has broaden my awareness in becoming a better person in and out. Thank you Colin for being my Angel-on-the-Ground.

  2. Michael

    Thank you for the reminder that I have angels on the ground. I’m grateful to be aware of some of mine and grateful knowing there are more that I will recognize over time.

    Your perspective that talks about raising value of self by raising up others has caused me to pause. This perspective is one I need to sit with and receive beyond the 5 senses.

  3. Marie

    Thank you Collin, it has become so easy to pass on compliments to others, even strangers I see in the street who may be wearing something that makes them shine. I have noticed over the years as that “competitive” streak in me has dwindled being kind and more complimentary toward others has increased and it is so rewarding in it’s self.

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