We did our first one, and it was a success!

Well, I’m excited. And I’ll tell you why. We just completed our first ever, 10-day LIVE training to get people certified as Radical Living Master Coaches.

And we’re are all set to do the same thing in April in Peru: April 23rd to May 5th. We already have seven signed up, and it’s early days yet. Since the Atlanta one went so well, I’m feeling really good about doing it there, too. Click here for more information.

I’m also looking at the possibility of doing it in England in the Fall if there is demand for it there as well. We shall see.

Here in Atlanta, we had a total of 17 terrific people participating in the training, all of them eager and keen to work their asses off for ten straight days to get this certification. And, they all met the grade. That’s why I am so jazzed.

They still have some practical assignments and case studies to do and a pretty stiff quiz to pass, but I have no doubt they all have the potential to become great coaches.

Note I use the word potential. They have plenty of that, no problem. Here’s what worries me, though.

My fear is that like so many healers out there; they will fail to do what it takes to build a good practice and to market themselves well enough to make a decent income from doing the work.

We spent a whole day on how to market themselves, but it nevertheless remains a concern in my mind.

It really bothers me that many of the coaches we have trained, whether through the online training program or the live version, are not making the kind of money commensurate with their value. Not just my graduates, of course, but for all those in the healing arts who struggle to make it.

So, with that in mind, I have decided to create a workshop called Magnetic Marketing for Healers and Alternative Health Practitioners. It is to be a full 2-day training, and I will launch it in England, August 20th – 21st. 2016. And then in the U.S. in the Spring of 2017.

I will keep you in touch with this venture as I get into it. In the meantime, I congratulate all 17 of those who completed the training and made it such fun for JoAnn and me.