Unforgiveness is classified in medical books as a disease

disease preventionI mentioned in my last update about ‘what I don’t have’ in my colon, that my oncologist may ask me to be part of the hospital’s integrative program for healing cancer. Right after that I saw this and thought you might like it.

It appeared on the Christian Broadcasting News website. What it says, of course, is what we have been saying for years but, again, it is strong evidence that the medical profession is finally catching up.

“Unforgiveness is classified in medical books as a disease. According to Dr. Steven Standiford, chief of surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, refusing to forgive makes people sick and keeps them that way.

With that in mind, forgiveness therapy is now being used to help treat diseases, such as cancer.

“It’s important to treat emotional wounds or disorders because they really can hinder someone’s reactions to the treatments, even someone’s willingness to pursue treatment,” Standiford explained.

Of all cancer patients, 61 percent have forgiveness issues. Of those, more than half are severe, according to research by Dr. Michael Barry, a pastor and the author of the book, The Forgiveness Project.

“Harboring these negative emotions, this anger and hatred, creates a state of chronic anxiety,” he said.

“Chronic anxiety very predictably produces excess adrenaline and cortisol, which deplete the production of natural killer cells, which is your body’s foot soldier in the fight against cancer,” he explained.

The fact is, of course, this applies to everyone, not just cancer patients. What happened last week in South Carolina was a testimony to that. It was demonstrated to the whole world what a little bit of forgiveness can do to heal a whole community.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I have to say again that doing a Radical Forgiveness worksheet on any issue causing stress will keep you clear of toxic negative energy. Also, I definitely recommend committing the 4-Steps to Radical Forgiveness to memory so you can run it through your mind the minute something crops up that upsets you. They are:

  1. Look what I created!
  2. I notice my feelings and my judgments but love myself anyway.
  3. I am willing to see the perfection in the situation.
  4. I choose peace.

It’s amazing how this can transform the situation immediately.

17 thoughts on “Unforgiveness is classified in medical books as a disease

  1. Mark Thomson

    Thanks Colin – I wish my mother had been able to let go of the resentments she carried in her life. She contracted bowel cancer but didn’t realise until it was quite well advanced and died 10 months after she had been diagnosed with it.

    She followed the advice of the medical profession which was fine, but wasn’t open to that many alternative ideas from my dad or me. If the doctors had been prescribing some kind of forgiveness therapy then that may have helped, although I suspect my mum wanted to return to source.

    I have been through a 12 step programme and one of the best things I’ve ever done is, as part of step 4, to list all my resentments and fears going back as far as I could remember. I prayed for all the people on that list every day for a long time, forgave those I needed to forgive, and asked for forgiveness, not always directly, from those I had harmed. For some of them I also did worksheets.

    I feel much more at peace these days and I learnt a valuable lesson that I couldn’t afford to carry resentments as that kind of thinking lead to self destructive behaviour.

    I let go of any anger or resentment as soon as possible these days, because I enjoy being at peace with myself, with other people and with God. I am also no longer a member of the 12 step fellowships because I no longer find it useful to identify as an addict.

  2. Alona Strong

    thank you, Colin. I get so resentful about even little not important things and it brings me anxiety and self hatred. I thank you for listing the 4 steps again. It seems like i can forgive others but myself… Is there a difference between unforgiveness and resentment? English is my second language.

  3. Cathy Corn

    Have you connected with Raphael Cushnir and the concept of “surfing”? I didn’t know if he might be part of your “Wounded Healer” community. Thanks for your work, Colin. You’re a life saver. I was stumbling around in the dark before I read your message. Free healing session for you here in Pittsburgh if you ever come this way.

  4. Pam Forman

    Hi Colin! I went to your workshop 8 years ago and successfully went through your forgiveness process. Reading your most recent post hit me like a ton of bricks that there is one person stuck in my craw that I need to release. Keep on being a broken record! Thank you. Continuing love and healing energy to you!

  5. Maria Gomez

    Dear Colin, thanks for remember us the useful of four radical forgiveness spteps; to work in any place, and any issue.
    Being conscious of our feelings, all the time, is very necesary to recovery our peace, and health. Bessings

  6. Pat Hanson

    Once again your brilliance shines … you were WAY ahead of your time saying what sages have known for-ever. Thank you for your continued work in the world, especially including this blog which I will pass on far and wide. I love you.

  7. Tally Weber

    WOW! As a breast cancer survivor the 61% of cancer patients having forgiveness issues is huge! I have always believed my cancer came from my negative emotional state after my husband’s infidelity broke my heart to pieces. For whatever reason (embarrassment for staying?) I chose to stuff all the anger and toxic feelings down – kept this as a secret for 15 years! Upon diagnosis and treatment I was broken open and told the whole story to each person close to me as I had time with them. Each time, I felt a bit more release and of course none of them judged me – they all had compassion. I have been conflicted for years about staying with him vs. forgiveness. I have done so much work on my thoughts and health over the past few years but I know I still have forgiveness issues…I do not want this to affect my health any further. I think I have just recently made the decision to move forward in my life without him in it. I just want to truly forgive and get it out of my soul. It feels like I can understand it all conceptually but that I have still not done the actual releasing!!! I need your help…

  8. Rev. Beverly Craig

    Thank you for this valuable information. August is International Forgiveness Month and we offer forgiveness classes during the month, using your information. At our Center, you’re one of our favorite Spiritual Mentors!

  9. Anthea Copleston

    Letting go of bad stuff from the past – sometimes it is so bad that a person cannot even face up to thinking about it, so will not do a programme leading to forgiveness. Sadly, this happened to my friend; she got breast cancer, then bone cancer, and she died.

    I feared for myself after this, in case I was hanging onto something I needed to let go of through forgiveness, but now your Radical Forgiveness methods make it all much more straightforward, and just doing the worksheet is so liberating, and can be done as many times as I like, so that more and more ground is covered.

    I am doing your white light visualisation each day for you, and sending distance healing, and I feel sure that the combined efforts of all of us who follow you will help to get you through your illness, with all the positive energy that is being generated.

    God bless you


  10. Kathleen Blair

    Greetings, Colin!
    Thank you for posting such interesting articles and updates. After I completed my first worksheet two years ago, I knew that you had discovered something that anyone, anywhere would benefit from…and I wanted to be part of that. Since that time, I have shared your worksheets with my family and friends and each of them has had a positive and trans-formative experience. Radical forgiveness is an amazing tool!

  11. Lourdes Labarthe

    Hi Collin, I`m Muss`s sister you met here in Lima.
    I want to thank you for sharing all your experiences. But most of all, I wish you the very best in your healing process. I am sure it has happened for a reason! But I am sure you will do swell and will be able to teach and give us much more spiritual advice!

    Hugs & kisses,

  12. Brenda Taylor

    Thank you, Colin. You are so right on! You and Radical Forgiveness have changed my life. Love you and your work. ❤️

  13. Cathy Kanavy

    I haven’t much written to you. You are always with me, though; in my car, long drives to and from. Late at night I fall asleep to your voice and find peace. My pillar of strength when my insecurities knock me down, when life knocks me down. I hold you in high esteem! You are embarking on a journey, I’m sure. You will meet others who need you now, who need your “Radical Forgiveness.” Did you- your soul contract say “…Yes! I will obtain Cancer and find you so that you may heal too…”? Maybe. I smile gently at that as I feel the power of what will be. Godspeed!
    Nonetheless, I think of you all the time and send you much love, light and healing energy- as you have given me an eternal shining light in the darkness.
    Thank You!

  14. Vickie

    Thank you Collin for the article. I recently went to a wedding and was having a good time. A very minor thing occurred and I was overcome with intense emotions, which, I know, are old deeply buried feelings. I was surprised at the intensity and my inability to let these feelings go because I had worked on these thoughts and feelings for a long time. Unfortunately, I took my anger out on my beloved sister, who is suffering from cancer. I apologized to her, however, have been unable to forgive myself for my inability to feel the feelings and let them go without harming someone that I deeply love.
    Your article and the 4 steps of forgiveness were helpful and came at the right time. I will need to do a forgiveness worksheet. Thank you for all that you do.

  15. Susan Murphy

    Yes, Colon,
    Your 4 step is Perfect!! I have been using that and it is a miracle worker !!! Infinite Love and Gratitude Beyond Belief for YOU BEING YOU!!!!

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