The Rich Need Healing Too

Thomas_und_HinaLast month I was in Germany at the home of Hina and Thomas, our dear friends and trusted European-based partners since 2005.

JoAnn and I were invited guests at their annual reunion of coaches, this being their tenth year of turning out certified “Tipping Methode” coaches.

I did not go with any intention to do work of any kind – just to be there and enjoy reconnecting with the many people who had attended my workshops over the years and have since become ‘Tipping Methode’ coaches.

Nevertheless, they asked me to do something yesterday around the issue of creating a successful business out of doing this kind of forgiveness work with people.

Even though they had clearly received excellent training in this from Hina and Thomas during their course, it was still the case that many of them were having trouble getting clients and participants.

No different, of course, to many of our own Radical Living coaches in the States and elsewhere. Getting bums on seats is always the problem, as I am sure many of you doing this kind of work know only too well.

It is all the more frustrating for us in particular, knowing that many thousands of people out there are in pain, need Radical Forgiveness badly, and could be easily helped if only they knew it.

So, at the coaches’ request, I gave a presentation on what I think is currently the best strategy for getting clients – or for getting sales of any kind for that matter. It is called Education-Based Marketing.

I also spoke about another strategy that is perfect for attracting educated, spiritually conscious and affluent clients – these being, of course, the kind of clients we prefer to have, called Magnetic Marketing.

But when it came to deciding to whom one should direct our marketing efforts, I suggested that in order to prevent burnout or long days working for little money, we direct their marketing towards people who have money and are willing to pay a high price on the assumption that in return they will get the best value.

At the same time, we might allocate about 10% of our time to doing pro-bono work for those without the means to pay, thereby going some way towards satisfying our altruistic desire to help such people.

This brought up what seems still to be deeply-held, but largely unconscious, belief that it is not OK to charge a lot of money for work of a spiritual nature.

This is not a belief that arises out of altruism, as many will claim. It is purely fear-based. It has its origins in many of our past lives during which we were persecuted and killed for doing healing work of any kind.

This unconscious belief has to be transcended if our work is to amount to much more than a mere hobby. Because of it, far too many practitioners offering quality spiritual work do little more than scratch a living at best. My suggestion is they get some hypnotherapy done to erase those past life memories and neutralize that belief.

Rich people are in just as much pain as those who are not so abundantly supplied, so why not do what we can to attract those kinds of clients?

Affluent people always want the best and will pay a premium for it. If we price our services low, they will assume we don’t value it ourselves and will under-deliver. So they go elsewhere.

It is also a question of taking care of ourselves. In order to keep some balance in our life, we can charge a lot more but work less hours.

In the last analysis it is never about price: it’s all about value. If we give value and over-deliver on our promise to help people, they will be happy to pay whatever we ask – this amount being a reflection of what we think we are worth.

It is almost always more than we think. So, let’s be brave and set our price as high as we dare and see what happens!

As a result of the discussion, it was proposed that I come back in 2016 and present the course I am now in the process of putting together, called Magnetic Marketing for Healers and Alternative Health Practitioners. Stay tuned for more information about this course.