The Lion King

lion king

Funny how things work out.

JoAnn and I spent last weekend in London doing our final workshop for 2015. It was the one-day, Magic of Radical Forgiveness Workshop. That was on Saturday.

JoAnn’s flight back to Atlanta from London Heathrow being on Monday, we decided to stay over Saturday and Sunday night. (I am remaining here for a few more weeks to finish out my treatment.)

On Sunday, we went to see the stage production of The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in the West End. I never did see the film, so I wasn’t exactly up on the details of the story.

However, you probably do know that it is a parable about finding out who you are, facing your demons, healing your past, and living your destiny. This was the choice that the young Lion Prince had to make. He had to take back his power and claim his kingdom as his own or remain an outcast.

What’s funny is that, as an allegory, it was exactly the theme I had in mind to touch upon in my upcoming Webinar on December 3rd. Would you believe, it’s going to be about finding out who you are, creating a vision for your life, living your destiny and finding fulfillment in what you do. Funny how things work out, isn’t it.  

What was also rather poignant was that just the day before, we had witnessed once again how resistant and fearful English people are about going inside, feeling their feelings, facing their demons, and healing their past.

Forgiveness is just not in their vocabulary. The stiff upper lip and the notion that we just get on with it prevails.

In the story, the Lion Prince does much the same thing for a while, living by the philosophy of, “No worries for the rest of my days.” This was not an attitude of surrender. It was pure denial.

It worked for a while, but his past came to haunt him. He then realized he must take hold of his life, claim his identity, and live his destiny.

The show was magnificent, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

The full-sized mobile puppetry depicting all the animals was simply mind-boggling, especially as many of them came to the stage by parading down the aisles, including a full sized elephant, giraffe, hippo, and many more. The staging was absolutely amazing, too.

Yes, movies are great, and there is no end to the special effects that can be created on the silver screen. But, knowing that it is all done on computers takes the edge off it. When you see live people on the stage doing amazing things FOR REAL, it’s a very different experience and ultimately, perhaps, more satisfying.

Maybe that’s why many people are telling me that they would prefer to do the training to become certified as a Radical Living Master Coach LIVE, with me, over ten days rather than doing it online as a virtual self-taught program.

OK, I admit it. That was a bit of plug for the Live training coming up in January, but it seemed to follow on from the point being made about the value of Live over Virtual. So, get over it!



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