The Color of Blood

blood_rose_macro_sjpg1662As all kids generally become, who occupy the position of the middle child in the family, I was ‘the rebel.’ Not a real nuisance rebel but always the one who wanted to stretch the limits a bit, do things differently and break rules when I could.

Our school demanded we all wear green blazers: I wore a black one as a protest. For that, I was barred from becoming a prefect in my senior year, but I didn’t want to be one anyway. I regarded the boys who became prefects as collaborators with the powers that be.

Later in life when I became a real estate agent, I was one of the first to buck the system by revealing the swindle that all the brokers were running in those days. They had their agents help buyers to find a home when in fact they represented the interests of the seller, not the buyer.

I decided just to represent buyers, but it was before the industry decided to put their house in order, so I did not do very well.

Even when I became interested and active in using forgiveness as a healing modality, I was not content with doing conventional forgiveness. No, I had to push that aside and create something very unconventional – RADICAL forgiveness.

I also touted Radical Forgiveness as a healing modality for cancer well before the medical community was ready to accept that emotions have a lot to do with disease, and I met with a lot of resistance.

Anyway, the reason for telling you about my inner rebel is that I must confess there’s a part of me that feels quite sympathetic and excited about the idea of supporting someone for President who has the propensity to grab hold of the current political establishment, Congress especially, and shake it like a dog shakes a rat.

Trump would do that; I have no doubt. And a whole lot more besides. He has the power and the willingness to take on the world and shake that lot up, too. Pity anyone who would get in his way. He might even nuke them (think North Korea).

I’m into blood sports (politics) so I would enjoy watching the kill and witnessing the feeding frenzy that would ensue in its wake, causing him to announce martial law, proclaim himself as the savior-dictator, and suspend the constitution, not to mention causing havoc around the world as he reneged on all our international agreements and destroyed all our alliances.

If elected, he could and probably would do all of that.

He is extremely vindictive and would be merciless to anyone who opposed him or even disliked him. He is narcissistic, power-hungry and cunning as we have seen in the way he manipulated the media and the electorate into foisting him on the Republican party as their nominee. (I can’t helping smiling, sorry.)

From a spiritual point of view, I have argued before that this would be perfect in that it would create the breakdown that must necessarily precede the breakthrough into the 5th dimension, facilitating the shift in consciousness we have all been waiting for.

For this to happen, it requires that all existing structures of this 3-dimensional reality must crumble into dust, including the political, social, economic, and financial structures that sustain it before the shift in consciousness can occur.

So who better than Mr. Trump to be the catalyst for this required dissolution of current reality? Who else could? He’s like Stalin, Mussolini, Milosevic, Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein, to name but a few, all rolled into one. He’s perfect for the job.

But I have also warned it is not for us to get ahead of Spirit and do things that our Ego thinks we should do in the imagined interest of divine purpose. We could be dead wrong. All we can do is what our inner guidance tells us to as human beings and trust the process.

Now back to the killing fields and my lust for blood that would come courtesy of Donald Trump along with the mayhem that would ensue if he ever became President.

Like many of the people now rooting for him, I am a parent and a grandparent. I have 10 grandchildren ranging from age 9 to 29. I look at them now and know that I would have to ask myself the following question:

How could I possibly think of taking such an incredible risk as to vote him into power just to satisfy my own self-righteous judgments about politicians and for a bit of excitement when their lives might be impacted in unimaginably harmful ways long after I’m dead?

Even if I could (I’m not a citizen), I could not bring myself to do it even though it would be fascinating. Trump is a real threat to the world, and there’s no telling what would happen if we elected him. The man is dangerous. He’s risk not worth taking – not for anything.

My hope is that those people with kids and grand kids who are feeling inclined to vote for him, if only for a change, will cast a glance away from the TV and their iPhones in the direction of those kids for a few moments.

Then, to imagine life after Trump, knowing what they know now, and more importantly, what they don’t know but could hazard a guess as to what it could easily be like for them if he did what he seems ready to do, much of which is not likely to be good.

Would they be willing to take that kind of risk on their future and their lives then? Let’s hope they think about it real hard and let their love for their grand kids be their guide.

36 thoughts on “The Color of Blood

    1. Andrea Steell

      IF many were awake to your perspective I could see voting for him, however we are not dealing with the awakened ones, and I am sure Spirit knows what it is doing with out the necessary bloodlust!!
      There is a fine line here in playing God, !!

      1. Winn L Schillberg

        We would be the laughing stock of the world if Drump (his name before his grandfather had it changed) gets elected. He is going to tear Clinton down so bad that many will begin to believe his lies and accusations, that he will be likely to get voted in. Look what he has done to all the other candidates. Pray that enough people will maintain their convictions and vote for the right one.

    2. Nely

      I do see Trump as a facilitator, a facilitator who brings the unintegrated fear in us to the surface. I believe Hillary and Bernie have the same effect for the Republicans. The stories we tell about fear are – well just – stories. None of it is true. The intelligence of the Universe is facilitating this. I can tell for certain that until we attend to the fear we feel at this time, fascism is going to be a reality. We can no longer keep running or hiding from it. The other collapse I foresee is the collapse of hierarchy. The relationship with our leaders, bosses, God is a reflection of the one we had with our parents. It’s loaded with the same emotions we suppressed with our caregivers. This is an opportunity to integrate those emotions, to be with them till they come to an organic completion and not react the way people are doing. In doing so we also set these figures free from playing these roles. We also release our parents from having to play these roles as well. What is a vote anyway, but a way to diffuse the revolutionary tides and keep the masses divided. It’s a way to delay the March to the Versailles. Nothing we do is of any significance, as most of our “doings” are about manipulating our experience to feel good. True action is never a means to an end. It is an end in itself.

    3. Linda Sherwin

      I look at my grandchildren and the monumental economic and ecological issues they face, and I could not, under any circumstances vote for Trump. I find it incredible that he even has a shot at power. Shame on the Republicans who doubt him but put party affiliation and unity above ethical concerns. President Obama has had a ton of racism and obstructionism thrown at him, and managed to do a lot despite it. The problem lies in Congress!

    4. Roland Zimmer

      thanks for your thought on DT Colin. I couldn’t agree more! I guess its time for women power on the top. Let the female energy do a few tricks….

  1. Dorcas Wood

    I’m actually shocked at how similar to main steam media you sound. You couldn’t be more wrong. The best thing that could happen to our country is Trump. Obama has tried to destroy what we love about our country: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, 2nd Amendment, pursuit of happiness, the American Dream all in the name of political correctness. Whatever negative qualities Trump may have, pale in comparison to the divisiveness, deception and corruption of Obama and his administration- and that includes the Butcher of Benghazi -Hillary. Millions of people are fed up with the government and see Trump as a welcome change to a better future for our kids and grandkids. Everyone has been wrong about him so far- political pundits, liberal mainstream media, Republican establishment and looks like you are too.

    1. charlie

      OK, I normally would not comment on these blogs because they end up being a pissing contest. However, forget political correctness, Trump just has no manners or civility. He tears people down, not build them up. He wants to make America great but being all for himself. He’s thrown out all sense of common decency. He appeals, I believe , to all those who are frustrated with the gridlock in Washington (much, but not all, caused by the Republicans). I agree that Hillary has her faults too but we’d be waiting for a long time if we waited for the 2nd coming. She probably has taken $ from special interests and does it it influence her, sure, just like if someone gives you a great birthday present, you think better of them. Has she made some bad choices, sure. Trump does not even try to bring people together….how will he make America great (er) again?

      1. Darcy

        Charlie – you said it so well. The man offers nothing of true value to our country because of the reasons you outlined and would only serve to take us to a lower level instead of elevate us – which is presumably what making a country great is all about. I just recently read a report about several teachers around the country who have seen the detrimental effects this man has had on children in the classroom – tearful children who fear for their families’ lives because of his racial and religious slurs and an increase in bullying by children who feel emboldened by Trump’s bullying tactics in the media. As Colin said, it’s about the children and grandchildren and he is already harming the children with his lack of common human decency.

  2. Penelope Gunter-Thalhammer

    Dear Colin,
    Having read to the end of your Trump blog despite total confusion about how you could possibly be writing what you did, it eventually became clear what you were getting at. So maybe I won’t list your emails as junk after all. I just hope no one stopped reading before your real message arrived, and became “inspired” by what you started out saying. Then the tragedy would be complete.
    Might be an idea to add a short message to counter the possible effect of the first 3/4 of the long one.
    Greetings, and thanks for in the end making the point as shockingly clear as you did.

  3. Ruth

    Thank you Colin for walking we readers through an opportunity to look at our personal EGO strategies. As A Course in Miracles student for many years, I have been called to practice in this current circumstance. In Love we can join and share, just as in fear we separate, attack and/or defend. Bless us all as we ask ourselves,”What is a vote for Trump FOR?” So although the appearance may be Fear is running our perceptions, I continue to ground is the truth for me that Love is the better way.

  4. linnaea

    Life is not a theory. All theories are merely beliefs… just a bit bigger.
    I welcome you honesty in being a bloodthirsty male as well as the person who helps people heal from anger and other emotions so that they might enjoy life.
    I would suggest that you encourage Trump to use radical forgiveness.
    If it is a effective as you suggest, it might transform him.
    I believe (I chose that word intentionally) that would be more beneficial for the world as well as Trump himself.

  5. Deb

    Colin you have brought great things through the planet with your Radical Forgiveness. However, political opinions are like personal parts of the body ..everyone has one and everyone should keep them private.
    Just sayin…..

  6. Eileen

    I’m organizing a caravan to move to Canada on November 9th – I hear Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia needs immigrants, and it’s lovely there…

    Thanks for your rant, Colin – honest, open and insightful, as I have grown to expect from yourself.

  7. Trudi

    whew! I’m thinking of leaving the planet after the election no matter which one wins. I know that is cowardly . I just don’t see a good outcome in any of the possibilities. Trump would hopefully shake up all established lies and nefarious plans ,but to what end? Hillary most surely will keep taking us in a direction that makes no sense to me . So that leaves me with bridges over the Chattahoochee. . It’s a rough choice. I also have children and grand kids that i dearly love and hope for a finer future for them but short of a second coming , I don’t see it .Time , events and some wisdom from “above’ will influence me Thanks for sharing you r thoughts with us.

  8. Darcy

    Really enjoy your perspective, as always! And in regards to what a previous commenter Deb, says, there is no topic that should be kept “private” – we are here to express ourselves and you do it so well. Keep offering your thoroughly enjoyable musings on any topic you choose! It’s appreciated.

  9. Semyon

    Colin, no logic at all. Only words, words, words…
    (“Paroles, paroles, paroles…” as in the old French song with Dalida)
    Just change the name and it becomes:
    Even if I could (I’m not a citizen), I could not bring myself to do it even though it would be fascinating. Clinton is a real threat to the world, and there’s no telling what would happen if we elected her. The woman is dangerous. She’s risk not worth taking – not for anything.

    I’m afraid, Hillary and Donald both are worser, but no one is better.
    Fortunately, I’m not a citizen of USA.

  10. Michele Landers

    Reading your newsletter was frightening at first. Then, like others, I read through to the end to understand where you were going with this. Everything about Donald Trump is frightening to me. I know many people want to vote for him because he’s “different” but different is not always good. To me he embodies many (if not all) of the characteristics of both a psychopath and sociopath. He is a bully.
    I am not naïve and I certainly don’t believe that any politician is without their own wrongdoings. Unfortunately it goes with the territory. Politics is an ego driven arena and we know how the ego will justify every transgression. Admittedly, my ego, in taking sides here, is speaking as well. I’m a Numerologist and it is fascinating to me that one of the major transits that the USA is going through is 11/2. 11/2 can be an amazing and enlightening & illuminating energy—and if one is not in harmony with the 11/2 energy, it can also bring about major upheavals. So that should tell us so much about what the overall vibration is in the USA. The World is in a “9” vibration, which is endings. Sooo, we have a lot to contend with on the planet this year. The “2” of the 11/2 is feminine and so I would lean towards Hillary as the elected president. In the end we know it is all happening for a higher reason, we just can’t possibly don’t know why everything is the way it is and we have to stay as centered as possible and have faith. Thanks for letting me go on… apparently this hit a button for me! Blessings!

  11. Jasmine Wolf

    Donald Trump has certainly brought up our dirty laundry and is rubbing it in our faces. People are angry and vengeful. One way to influence the election would be to address this energy. What if we chose a day or week to do mass Radical Forgiveness for Donald Trump and his followers? What if some of us chose to have Radical Forgiveness parties where several of us would do this together? It wouldn’t hurt to do the same for Hillary at a different time. Perhaps if we also practice forgiveness for the parts of ourselves that are angry and want to blame and hurt others we can help change this energy. As we bring our own shadows into the light some of that light will shine on all shadows.

  12. Judi

    Colin, I am saddened that you feel the need to be “political”. Its clear which side you lean and the clarity comes from your judgement of these candidates. As the father of “radical forgiveness” and “personal responsibility” why get involved in politics at all or at the very least, present a balanced argument for both…you are clearly NOT balanced. To say that those who would vote for Trump are “new” souls and the “old” souls are in the “Hillary or Bernie” camp is just plain judgemental on your part and very disappointing. If you really felt compelled to comment on our politics, as a teacher and leader I would expect an equally weighted viewpoint on both candidates and that I should NOT have the slightest clue on which way you lean. Everyone has their own path in life and it is none of our business which candidate they choose or why. Stick to personal development and PLEASE stay out of divisive politics.

    1. Darcy

      I’m not sure why a person would think that Colin as a “teacher and leader” in the spiritual realm needs to stay out of politics or is obligated to present a balanced argument for all candidates that results in the reader “not having the slightest clue as to which way [Colin] leans.” And I’m not sure why a person who feels that “everyone has their own path in life and it’s none of our business which candidate they choose or why” feels it’s their business to tell Colin whether or not he should express his political views when he made it clear in this article that following politics is one of his passions. Should the eminent and inspiring “teacher and leader,” (and minister) Martin Luther King, Jr. have “stayed out of divisive politics” because it wasn’t “spiritual” to challenge the state of civil rights at the time? Should he have just prayed about it, used a process such as Colin’s, kept silent and just trusted that it would all work out and Americans would just finally see the light? As MLK often pointed out, keeping silent is a form of collusion with the forces that seek to oppress others. Trump has made it clear he does not respect all races or religions and would actively seek to oppress those he does not approve of. For any one of us to remain silent in the face of Trump’s blatant prejudice, discrimination, oppression and complete and utter disregard for the great work of a man (MLK) who daily put himself and his family in danger to ensure the rights of the oppressed were upheld, is unconscionable. Colin is speaking up (and doing so in a respectful and civil manner) and I applaud him for doing so. That’s exactly what is needed in the face of hate and fear, which Trump is dispensing in great quantities to the detriment of all. We all need to speak up and speak up loudly – shining light into the darkness.

      1. Shari

        Thank you for your comment, Darcy. There are those who feel people teaching spiritual principles should not conduct themselves as human beings. That is spiritual elitism, or doing a spiritual bypass. Colin teaches that we are in a feeling world, and if we don’t express our feelings, thoughts, and even judgements, we are not allowing our soul to experience what is needed for growth. I applaud Colin for being real, showing his vulnerability, and in presenting current issues in a way that challenges me to be open to the spiritual perfection in every situation.

        1. Darcy

          You’re so welcome, Shari. I couldn’t agree with you more – you made excellent points. And I applaud Colin, as well, for those very same reasons. This is the kind of discourse we need.

      2. Judi

        Colin talks about forgiveness and personal responsibility, therefore having a defamatory opinion on either side broadsides forgiveness. Colin may have a passion for basket weaving and I would not expect his emails to pontificate on basket weaving. However you want to sugar coat his comments about Trump they are “not forgiving” and they are divisive and only serve to promote outrage by a trump supporter. At least if his comments were balanced the message would be about the opportunity to forgive rather than defend ones candidate. BTW… MLK was a republican and built his platform on personal responsibility and America maintaining freedom, but I guess he wasn’t an old soul according to Colin.

        My point is this…If I wan’t a discussion on Politics I can go on Facebook or a political blog. I am sickened that Colin would pass judgement one’s political party association and whether it makes them an “old” soul or a “new” soul and there are valid and truthful arguments on both sides of all 3 candidates. Hillary is no less vile than Trump and Bernie is espousing a plan he can’t possibly implement. I’m a Libertarian who supports neither party…what kind of soul am I?

        1. Darcy

          What’s unfortunate here, Judi, is that you’re spending a lot of time judging Colin (rather harshly, I might add) and telling him what he should do. This is his forum which give him the right and freedom to write whatever he likes. If you don’t like it, then you just move on to another forum – you don’t tell him what he should and shouldn’t write in his own forum. In addition, you seem to have difficulty following a clear line of reasoning when presenting your view. You have included in both your comments references that Colin made to “old souls ” and “new souls” which were not included in this article and so are not relevant and your comment about MLK had absolutely nothing to do with what I was talking about ie; MLK’s involvement with politics. As a matter of fact, it made no sense at all. In essence, what you have displayed on this page is a lot of defensiveness, judgment and a desire to control another’s behavior.

        2. Mike Turner

          Why do people think “Bernie is espousing a plan he can’t possibly implement” A common turisim says “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Trump / Clinton are more of the same thing.
          Time for a change in the world. To para phrase Lennnon” All we are saying, is give Bernie a chance” .

  13. Winn L Schillberg

    We will become the laughing stock of the world if Drump (his name before his grandfather changed it)
    get elected. Unfortunately I am afraid he will tear Clinton down with his lies and accusations as he has done with the other candidates and too many of the voters will believe them and vote for him. This is
    a very sad state of affairs. The others aren’t perfect but not so self centered and irresponsible as he is.

    1. Mike Turner

      Most politics in the world is characterised by the lack off difference between the choices facing the electorate. England is particular and Europe in general are fine examples of this. It seems to me that The “Trump Card” has changed that in the American arena and this is raising the awareness in the rest of the world too. More and more people are taking notice of the potential catastrophe facing us all should the republicans gain the presidential seat. Trump is a figurehead, The real power , as all ways, lies behind the throne.

  14. Chris

    Colin’s article and many of the replies served to remind me of what’s in need of forgiveness. It’s an inside job, so I best get busy!

  15. Lindsay A

    Your insights and honesty are to be commended. And I know you are spot on. I’d no more rather have Trump as our leader than Putin. Both are maniacal and ego-centric. You are correct in saying that he would take on the world…but then the world would take US on…and that would not be good under any circumstance.

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