Seeds of Change

green-shoot1-150x150Since most of the seeds for what is to unfold in the coming year were planted in the year just passed, it seems equally important to review the one we are leaving as envisioning the one we are about to move into.
The big event for me, which demanded most of our time and attention last year from May 20th onward was when that I found out, just after returning from doing a workshop in Peru, that I was hosting an uninvited guest in my rectum. This guest was someone I came to know as Charley the Tumor. Apparently he had snuck in unnoticed over a long period of time and remained hidden until it was time to give me its loving message. I got the message, took it to heart and now, as of the end of November, Charley has departed, having done no damage. Thank you, Charley.
As you can imagine, having JoAnn by my side all the way during those months, including supporting me in keeping to a pretty rigid diet for a while, was a real blessing, and I thank her for that. Also, I owe a great debt of gratitude to all of you for sending me healing energy, giving me the opportunity to feel the healing power of love. Thank you. It was amazing.
For all that, though, it did not stop either of us doing quite a lot during those months. JoAnn went to England in July to be with a group looking into the crop circle phenomenon. I finished my treatment sessions August 1st and joined her in England on the 9th.
In September, we attended a reunion for the coaches we trained in England last year and then went to Germany to attend a reunion for all the German coaches. It was great to see them. They were so surprised to see me looking so well. I think they were expecting me to be half dead. I made them laugh by saying I am still alive just to spite Thomas, who always wears their branded T-Shirt that says “Die Tipping Methode.” (Die is the German word for ‘the.’ Thomas and Hina are our Radical Forgiveness counterparts in Germany.) I told him, “I refuse to die!”
In October, we went to Russia to do the workshop and training we’d had planned, and that went off very well indeed. Like the year before, we had just under 200 in the workshop and 32 in the training. We shall be there again in 2016 as well as in the Ukraine, doing the same thing there.
We then went to Switzerland to do a Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Workshop, with our dear friend Margrit. Finally, I did a one-day Magic of Forgiveness in England. JoAnn returned to America on November the 9th, and I got home December 6th – cancer free!
By the way, another big achievement in 2015 was a complete makeover of our website and a redo of our branding. That took a tremendous amount of time, effort, and teamwork but it was very necessary and, according to the feedback we have gotten, well worth it. A big thank you to Shari, Diane, Diana, Sharron, Courtney and JoAnn for that.
OK, the plan for next year includes some exciting new work. First of all, we are kicking off the year by my doing a 10-day live training for those wishing to become Radical Living Master Coaches. Until now, all the training has been online, but people have been asking for an option to do it live. We have scheduled one in Atlanta January 16th – 25th, and in Peru, April 23rd to May 5th. I am hoping to do one in England, as well, in November, but this is yet to be scheduled.
Click here to register for Atlanta or Peru, or to put your name down as being interested in the one in England.
One of the lessons I learned from Charley is that I should work less and not commit to doing too many events. So, I have been pretty good at not scheduling too many this year, though with the two trainings in Ukraine and Russia and a 7-day retreat in Switzerland all happening in September and October, it could be a bit hectic in those two months.
For details about these and all other events for this year, you can check the calendar on our website to see what might float your boat.
However, because it’s for a good cause, I do want to mention that on February 6th, JoAnn and I are doing a Radical Forgiveness Ceremony at a very special fund-raiser for a healing program designed for sexually and domestically abused women. If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to experience this wonderful ceremony and support this cause, click here for details
But here’s what we are launching in 2016 that’s really new and exciting:
It’s a 3-part, workshop based Course in Radical Living. It is designed first to bring people up to snuff on the four Radical Living Strategies, (Radical Forgiveness, Radical Self-Empowerment, Radical Transformation and Radical Manifestation). And then to have participants heal all their old emotional baggage using the Radical Forgiveness technology, so they become free of the past and empowered to live their purpose in the future.
Then, the aim is to propel those who wish to go further and become luminaries with an intent to change the world, on a journey of spiritual development that will give them the power and the inner light to be way-showers for others who wish to be like them, who want to raise their own vibration and be ready for the great shift in consciousness that we all feel is imminent.
Even though the core element is still Radical Forgiveness, this material goes way beyond anything we have offered before.
We shall be launching this incredible program at a special webinar on February 11th giving you all the details and what the options are. You will be receiving some e-mails before then about the webinar and about three massively important videos you will not want to miss. 

The content of each of the videos will shock you, I promise. You will learn why this course is necessary, who it is for and why they should take it. 

The first of the three videos becomes available February 1st. Please do keep your eyes out for the emails that will show you how to access these videos all three of which should be viewed before the webinar.

Part One of the Radical Living Course, which consists of a 2-1/2 day, weekend workshop, entitled The Radical Forgiveness Solution, is on March 14th in Atlanta.

Part Two is an optional, 4-day event scheduled for May 20th – 23rd, entitled Becoming a Radical Living Luminary.

There is also a third element in the form of a ‘Miracles’ Workshop on June 3rd – 5th, which is limited to 12 so it won’t be an option for everyone. It’s first come, first served on that one. The limit for Part One is 50 participants.

These workshops are not yet for sale. They become available immediately after the webinar on February 11th, which is another good reason to be on that webinar to be sure you get a place.

Anyway, I trust your life is as juicy and as full of bounteous blessings as ours, and I wish you a very happy new year.

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  1. Sandra Hess

    Dear Colin
    Wonderful, your new project!!
    I`m so happy you are doing so well!! You were very often in my mind the last months, sent you light and love…
    How you dealt with the cancer… you are my big example and probably for many other people. I’m sure this also was one of your tasks, to give us hope and to believe what can be possible! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
    I wish you and Jo Ann all the best, lots of love and happiness!
    Big hug, Sandra Hess from Switzerland (Wilerbad QEMS 2014)

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