RadiKool Forgiveness for Teens

Two reports came out today here in England that I found both interesting and frustrating.

The first one concerned the extremely high number of teenagers were either clinically depressed or were on the edge of being so.

The second one was about the increase in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) among the teenage and young adult population.

The BBC program host interviewed a pediatrician who had just completed a trial on a ‘non-approved’ and ‘alternative’ treatment for CFS.

She was shocked and amazed to find that it produced a measure of success. No medical treatment appears to be generally available and is more or less ignored as a teenager problem.

What was weird was that they studiously refused to explain what the ‘alternative’ treatment was and the girl who was brought on to give her testimonial used a false name for fear of being ostracized on social media for supporting the method.

It turned out to be based on Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP). The way they talked around it, you would have thought it was witchcraft!

What’s frustrating about this is that I know and you probably know that the cure for virtually all of what is diagnosed as teenage depression and other mind/body conditions like CFS is none other than Radical Forgiveness.

For example, I believe that the underlying cause of CFS is perfectionism. I have yet to meet anyone in my 20+ years of doing workshops who has or has had CFS who did not have parents who pushed them to be perfect but were never satisfied. The belief became, “No matter how hard I try, it is never enough. So why bother.”

I do not think kids today are actually depressed. I believe they are angry. Angry as hell. Mad at their parents, mad at society, mad at politicians, mad at the media — especially social media by which they have become addicted and entrapped. The list goes on.

They see the hubris, the corruption, the conflicts, the lying, the greed, the broken promises, the selfishness, and all the other manifestations of a distorted human consciousness they are expected to support and buy into.

They are hurting, and they are hurting badly. But, at the same time, they are teaching this generation that this kind of consciousness is self-destructive and unsustainable and that we must make a radical shift in consciousness if we are to survive.

If I could get some really good financial support for one, I would love to do a Kids Camp where we have a load of kids doing Radical Forgiveness Ceremonies and all sorts of group activities that would give them a chance to experience a different way of looking at the world.

 RadiKool Forgiveness. They would get it immediately. What do you think? I’d love for you to leave a comment.

48 thoughts on “RadiKool Forgiveness for Teens

  1. Sheela Kalawar

    I think it is a wonderful idea and the need of the hour. Empowering children with these tools at a young age will certainly enrich their lives.

    1. Daquan

      I think it would be best idea ever. If we can get these kids to learn these tools now then i believe we change the world of hate to love

    2. Maria Paula Belaunde

      Definitivamente si, creeria que cualquier trabajo que signifique expresarse con libertad y ser atendido o escuchado , generaria un impacto super positivo en los espiritus ya cansados y frustrados de los jovenes de hoy en dia.

    3. Michele Paiva

      Agree 100%
      I hold Radical Forgiveness book studies in my private practice, and it has been helpful. I find that teens grasp the concepts much more easily than some adults have, and they tend to be more open with less self-sabotage.
      As I am in your coaching program, I have found it instrumental and of benefit to my practice (and self) and I urge other therapists and psychologists to add your coaching to their own practice. We owe our next generation this gift.
      www dot michelepaiva dot com

  2. Judy Hersch

    Fabulous Colin! I would support you in any way that I could with this endeavor! I am a certified DreamBuilder Life Coach and know from personal experience that it will work with these kids!!!!

    1. Mariella Cordon

      I totally agree! I would love to help you develop it in any way possible. I live in Guatemala and just started following you teachings. Love them!! I do feel an urge to help with the shift on our children. Regards!!

  3. Amanda

    Great post Colin. I totally understand the frustration! It’s incredible how ‘backward’ for want of a better word, that so many people still are when it comes to the whole consciousness area.

    I LOVE your suggestion and would certainly be behind it. I wish I had the funds to throw at it! I’ll put the intention out there with you!

  4. Carolyn Mair

    RadiKool Forgiveness! I love the idea Colin and believe that it would powerfully support our teens and young adults in the transformation of core limiting beliefs, CFS, anger, depression etc. As a grandmother of a teen and several son-to-be teens, I am aware that their parents are seeking practical and powerful support for their children.

  5. Diana

    Where would you want it? What about age, gender, cognitive abilities (language finctioning) emotional health, medication dependant, . Have you thought about working with universities on studies of emotional health and adolescents?

  6. Tricia

    Great idea! My son has recently been having issues with depression and has been working with a hypnotherapist who introduced him to Radical Forgiveness. How awesome is that! I couldn’t be happier as I’m a big fan of yours.

  7. Rosi

    Fabolous idea, Colin! Love to educate myself to help!!!!
    Just finished all programs about Radical Forgivess and Infinite Possibilities with Muss here in Lima, Peru

  8. Sharon Rae Paquette

    Hi Colin…I believe you are so correct and right on in your thinking. Your book Radical Forgiveness, helped me get back my life almost 10 years ago after a devastating divorce. It was recommended to us by our couples counselor. I have since recommended it to so many people. Two things really struck home for me in the above article. The first was the anger portion. In my experience we do not allow and provide space for healthy anger. We tell folks to stuff it down and they do until they explode or implode…neither of which are safe. I also believe the perfectionism statement to be right on as well. Just today I had to deal with a young employee in the throws of a meltdown because of his perfectionism. It is sad and again unhealthy. I for one would love to be a part of something like you propose and have toyed with the idea of becoming a Radical F. Coach. It may be on my horizon soon. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make our world a healthier one. Much respect coming your way. Sharon Paquette

  9. Ed Gibson

    I must say that connecting with youth earlier would stem adult issues. I lost a younger brother to suicide as an adult and at times I sift through our past and see the destructive behavior that was present. I would support this opportunity.

  10. Madeline Bradley

    Hi, this is excellent I’m a Coach for at-risk and high-risk youth and young adults they’re suffering. Every race and social economic back group. I would love to be a part of this. I promise you this would be revolutionary a movement.

  11. Doris Moreau

    Owning and having read your magnificent book “Radical Forgiveness”, I feel this is a super Kool and awesome plan in helping the many who are longing for something like this. Blessings to you, Colin and the many who join you in this loving enterprise.

  12. Beth in Michigan

    One of my high school student realized her perfectionistic expectations of her body made her her own worse bully.
    There is a real need.

  13. Barbar Tunstall

    I’ve recently started working with a charity that houses women escaping from human trafficking, modern day slavery. Would be interested in clinical evidence in the efficacy for those recovering from trauma.

  14. Nicholas Jouvanis

    I am a breath-healer. Two of my clients had chronic fatigue syndrome. They each healed of CFS when breath therapy healed their emotions. One healed CFS in 5 breathing sessions, the other healed CFS in about 10 breathing sessions. These healings happened many years ago, before I knew about you. Now, I always coach my clients to use your forgiveness worksheets.

  15. Nicole Ming

    Wonderful idea, Colin! Sounds like a plan!!
    I had a similar impulse after the seminar in Glarisegg – lets work with children/teens so they can release their burden und live THEIR life joy- and powerful.

  16. Corinne

    Hi everyone!

    Colin, would you like to hold the event in the UK?

    1)What amount of money needs to be raised?
    2)Until when?
    2)What can I contribute to make it happen?

    Shall we set up a fundraising page and promote it all? I am ready to contribute 500 $ today.

    Love Us!



  17. Janet

    Colin, another extraordinary off-shoot of Radical Forgiveness. You know something’s really good when ideas keep flowing from the original. Having experienced the Radical Forgiveness workshop as an adult, I know without a doubt that having had the opportunity as a teenager would have changed my life dramatically for the good. Kid’s need this! You’ve hit it on the head with the addictive nature and negative impact social media is having on people. Game-changer. Yay for Radical Forgiveness!

  18. lella fusto

    penso che il perdono assoluto sia la più potente tecnica per l’evoluzione e che debba essere diffusa in tutto il mondo.
    l’idea di fare dei campus per bambini è splendida, per essere adolescenti e successivamente persone equilibrate, centrate.
    Colin, mi auguro che presto avvii la traduzione e la pubblicazione dei tuoi libri in Italia, dove c’è un gruppo sempre più grande che ti segue.

  19. lella fusto

    I think that absolute forgiveness is the most powerful technique for evolution and that it should be spread all over the world.
    the idea of making campuses for children is wonderful, to be teenagers and then balanced, centered people.
    Colin, I hope you’ll soon start translating and publishing your books in Italy, where there is an ever larger group that follows you.
    thank you

  20. Lisa

    Yes!! I think it’s a BRILLIANT idea! Your Radical Forgiveness is excellent,and it would be great if children learnt how to do it. It could help so many people.

  21. Tanya

    I think it’s a good idea too but not just in America but across the world . School also put a lot of pressure on their students too .
    I have 4 children aged 11,12 ( 13 in November) 14 ( 15 in October) & a 15 ( 16 in October ) my husband puts added pressure on them too which is getting them stressed out too . They know I love them unconditionally & I am proud of them too .

  22. francesca

    As a Homeopath I agree with you Colin; so much of ill health starts with our mindset, and I’m not just talking CFS in kids & adults. Wouldn’t it be a cool legacy to teach our kids how to have & be healthy 🙂

  23. Lisa Waldhart

    Hi Colin, I 100% support your idea of introducing and teaching RF to kids.
    In fact, I called Shari and spoke to her about my own ideas around this back in Feb this year and also spoke with Rose, who was my supervisor back then. This all evolved as a result of doing the RM Online Program and getting in touch with my mission and purpose for being here, which turns out to be, putting RF in a language and context that children can relate to. Back in Feb, Shari suggested that I make contact with you and send you my proposal so, isn’t it funny that you are asking for my feedback and support on the same ideas that I wanted to ask for your feedback and support on. Not letting this obvious synchronicity slip by, I look forward to sharing my ideas with you in a more detailed letter via an email very soon.
    Thanks for the nudge Colin and I look forward to sharing with you and creating a very different future for our children. I’ll be in touch shortly. Also, thanks to Shari and Rose for your enthusiasm. I love how the universe refuses to let us off the hook.
    Love and Light,

  24. Lorree Appleby

    What the what!?!?!? Are we on the same wavelength or what!? I have been toying with this idea for the last few weeks on how we could create the ceremony for teens and was planning to email you to get your thoughts.
    I want to share this so much, I see it all the time and it breaks my heart and I’m being called in a big way to do something! Colin please let’s talk, I want to bring this to Canada ASAP! With love.

  25. Stephanie

    Hiya Colin, perfect timing just had my first two teenagers recently, I feel they clear stuff quickly and understand if put to them in plain language. I would love to do a workshop for teens? What do you think?
    Young people are under so much pressure to perform, earn money and be a success at everything!! Literally, I feel Radikool would bring great relief and comfort 👌👍🏼

  26. Laura Schönfelder

    It seems to be important that already teenagers get to know this beneficial experience of RF.

  27. Brenda Reiss

    I feel that a program for kids is a fantastic idea. I’ve been working with my teenage granddaughter at a distance since she lives in a different state for the last year after she stopped going to school due to feeling overwhelmed because she couldn’t keep up with doing things “perfectly” and she didn’t tell anyone for a month. It was crazy. It would be fantastic to have an organized way of working with teens. Would love to be involved.

  28. Kana

    Colin what a fantastic idea Radical Forgiveness will be a great tool to be introduces to the our teenagers this days because lots of our young people are suffering ,I think this tool will be great benefit for our children .

  29. Darcy

    Yes, yes, yes! This is so needed and I thank you Colin for your exceptional work and your willingness to extend it to all of the teens who so desperately need it right now. They are searching for ways (often in the wrong places) for that self-love and self-acceptance that is so elusive in a culture that does not place the proper emphasis on going within and healing what needs to be healed. Count me in on helping to share this wonderful work with teens in when you decide to move forward on this.

  30. Carmen Trujillo

    Love love love the Idea , and the name can’t not be more cool. Im not an expert with teens but i did one time a purpose workshop with teens it was awesome they love it . So I totally think this will be a great Idea Colin would love to hear more about it

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