My No Cancer Update

blue ribbonMy doctors in England said I should have a check-up around March, so I showed up at the office of the surgeon I had seen last year. You may recall this was the guy who had more or less insisted on the surgical route if I wanted my rectal cancer cured.

He asked me when I had completed the radiation and chemo. I told him August 1st, 2015. He became very confused. “You’ve left it this long to come back for the surgery?”

I told him I had decided against surgery in favor of Brachytherapy in England and some alternative treatments like acupuncture, diet and hyperthermia.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes about the hyperthermia, so I decided not to tell him about the amazing amount of healing energy sent to me over several weeks that made such difference. I didn’t think he would buy that either.

So, I said, “You laugh, but the fact is I no longer have cancer. Gone in the space of 4 months and without submitting to a knife.”

(Actually, it turned out I didn’t even need Brachytherapy because the cancer had gone by the time I got to England in August. I did it anyway just to reduce the chances of it coming back.)

He clearly did not believe me.

“What about that big polyp we needed to go and get?” “Gone,” I said. “It was taken care of by a colonoscopy in England.”

He asked if he could take a look just to check. I agreed, of course. So he did his thing and agreed that the tumor was gone. “Even though I had not followed standard medical procedure,” he demurred, “what you did was obviously sufficient.”

He said to keep checking every 3 to 4 months to make sure it doesn’t re-occur. I told him I already have an appointment set up in June in England to do that.

So, that’s my report to all of you who took the time to send me healing energy. Thanks again. It was wonderful.

Tomorrow JoAnn and I are off to Anaheim, CA to do a Couples-in-Crisis workshop over the weekend. We still have a couple of spots open if you feel this might be a good opportunity to make a decision whether to stay in your relationship or move on. Click here for more information.

33 thoughts on “My No Cancer Update

  1. TT

    God Bless you Colin on your remarkable recovery. I pray you have a long prosperous and victorious life.

    1. Anne Jennings

      Fantastic news Colin. So pleased for you. I’m still fighting this awful desease but staying positive. Your battle and success is inspiring. May your future be blessed with good health and happiness xx

    2. kitty rodrigo

      Thank you so much Colin for everything you have done and are still doing for all of us and even more.
      Waiting to see you here in Lima 23rd April and all the best for you!!, Love, Kitty Rodrigo

    3. ilene cauffman

      Blessings to you!! Love the good news. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and love.

    4. Anne Hockett

      Colin, I’m so so thrilled for you! Another testimonial for natural healing! The planet needs you so slow down, let others do for you and your touch will go one for another decade or two or three!!! With love, Anne

  2. Philip Christie

    Delighted with your result and the courage it took to choose differently. This is really inspiring.

  3. Leigh

    You have impeccable integrity, Colin. You are an inspiration and loved by all! Continued healing energy sent your way! Have fun in CA with JoAnn.

  4. lucy

    Awesome. Im a student of Alternative Medicine and belueve 100 % that our bodies can heal themselves. There is no way God is going to take you from this planet. Your work is so valuable.
    Be blessed!!

  5. Joanne Kennedy

    That is wonderful news Colin, I hope you live a long and happy/healthy life. You have helped so many people I’m glad we could help you/

  6. Jacki

    Glad you went against the Norm Colin and went with what you believe in nice to hear that you are Cancer free. I am not advertising but if you need some great info on alternate cancer treatments here is a link to some upcoming info on Cancer and treatment options and keeping Cancer free I thought you might be interested or know someone who would
    Stay well and keep helping others like you do so well XXX

  7. Denise Stoberl

    I am so happy for you! Colin, you are a loving gift to all and a great teacher. I am sure many of us continue to send you love and healing energy. Infinite blessings.

  8. Vikki

    Dear Colin,

    Congratulations on your victory over cancer with your natural healing choice. You are a wonderful inspiration to us all.

  9. Sheryl

    Such wonderful news!! Good for you for following your instinct versus the fear mongering by our medical profession. Will continue to hold you in healing energy!

  10. Helen Halton

    So happy to hear this great news!! Loved the event with you at The Unitarian Church. Be well and have a great time on your travels!

  11. jim tustison

    Very happy for you. Much the same situation with my prostate. Surprised docter who wanted to do radiation, doesnt seem needed now

  12. Brenda

    Congratulations! And I’m so glad you, as a healer yourself, weren’t judged for getting cancer. It’s a collective, and what happens to one happens to us all — as in ho’oponopono. If I was touched by your story, I’m part of that story somehow also, and I want to be part of your healing and rejoice in your return to health because it wasn’t just an isolated you regarding the cancer possibility, it was also me, and others. You’re my brother, you’re not heavy. Too many New Age healers feel they have to hide their own ill health from the world because they’ll be treated as though they alone created the illness, instead of being surrounded by love and non-judgement by others who take just as much responsibility for our well-being as we travel this road together, helping each other along the way.

  13. Mary Huff

    I am so, so, so happy to learn of your recovery, Colin!!!!! You are much loved and an inspiration to us all.

  14. Beth Klerekoper

    I am so happy for you. I am so happy for the rest of the world. You brought a new way of thinking about forgiveness in a way that took me from my victimhood. You are a role model. I send you light and love 1000fold for the gifts you have given me and the world.
    Beth. Detroit, MI

  15. Smaragda Melitidou

    Dear Colin
    Your wonderful news flooded my heart with hope and optimism for the future of humanity. I send all the light and love i feel to you and your wife.

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