My Ass is on the Line

Colins butt with beveled heartsMy Ass is on the Line

Guess what? I have colon cancer. Isn’t that ironic? After all I have said about using Radical Forgiveness to prevent cancer, I go and get it. BUMMER! (Joke #2. The first one was the title itself.) Humor heals, right?

Actually, I am quite fond of irony and am always on the lookout for it. It was the first thing that came to mind as soon as they told me. How ironic that I, Mr. Radical Forgiveness, the guy who created the technology on the basis that it would help people prevent cancer, should manifest it. Ha!

Lest I should begin to beat myself up for not doing as many worksheets as I should have, I drew comfort from the fact that apparently, Muktananda died of cancer – and they don’t come more enlightened than him.

For all that he was an enlightened being, having transcended his body, he was still a human being subject to its frailty.

Not that I am comparing myself to the likes of Muktananda of course, and I don’t intend to die – not yet, anyway. It’s just that I thought there was a similar irony in both our situations.

OK, so here are the details: The cancer is just inside my rectum. Only a small part of the mass in there is malignant, but it looks as though surgery is definitely necessary to remove the mass.

The problem is, however, that it’s very close to my anus and there’s a chance that unless we can shrink it down to a smaller size, it might occur that no one could ever again call me an asshole, because I wouldn’t have one. (Joke #3.)

Now, notice that I said, “WE.” I used that term on purpose because you and a few thousand other folks have the power to literally save my ass. (Joke #4.)

Consider my good fortune. Where most people with this kind of problem can amass only a small number of people to help them heal, I have many thousands of healing angels to call upon.

This blog is going out to all 27,000 people on our Radical Forgiveness list. Among you are many professional healers, energy workers, Reiki practitioners, and many others who are connected to Source and can call upon that healing energy on my behalf. (Remember it’s OK to do this so long as I ask you to do it.)

Here’s what I am asking of everyone who feels led to do so. Take time out to visualize the tumor inside my rectum. Send it love. Give thanks on my behalf for the gift I have already accepted it to be. See it as perfect. Then visualize it gradually shrinking over time to such dimension as it can easily be detached from my colon with ease and with no risk whatsoever to the surrounding area, i.e. my sphincter muscle.

For those of you who are not squeamish, I have posted a picture of the tumor below, so you can more easily visualize it and converse with it. But, please send ONLY love to it. No hate or fear, please. It is not my enemy. It is giving me a loving message.

JoAnn and I have never forgotten how you collectively healed our cat, ‘Smokey Crystal.’ She was really sick, and we were sure that she was a goner. However, within a few days of our request to everyone to send her healing energy she pulled round and has been fine ever since. You all did that.

Now, here’s another request that many of you might find difficult to honor. I would ask that you not inundate me with all sorts of suggested healing strategies, recipes, diets, regimens, stories of miraculous cures, and so on.

There are so many things out there that I am sure are very good, but the choice is overwhelming. In any case, I have my own ideas of what to do, and I trust Spirit to lead me in the right direction. I am perfectly taken care of in that area, so I hope you will honor my request.

Just send me light and love. While you are listening to the 13 Steps, as you always do before you go to sleep, visualize my ass as a Smiley, with everything present and correct. I have also put a ‘moonie’ photo of my backside above to make it easy for you. (Is this Joke #5? It’s the last one. I promise.)

If you should feel like sending me a comment below, I would love that. But, please allow me to read it and feel the sentiment you express in it (e.g., “No more bullshit, please!” Oops! There’s another one!) without feeling that I have to reply. (Note: This only applies if I get more than 10. Up to ten I can handle.)

Here’s another irony. People have always wanted me to have a big story. Something that got me inspired to create Radical Forgiveness. I always said, “No. I didn’t have a story.” I had a good childhood and beyond having a couple of divorces, I’ve been blessed – relatively speaking, that is, compared to some of the stories I hear many people share at the workshops.

Well, maybe I’m doing it arse-about-face. (OMG, there’s another one!) In England it means doing it back to front. Maybe by the time I get through this, with your help, I may have gotten my big story, and yet another book written, entitled. “How Love Healed Me Without Me Doing Anything Other Than Being Willing to Receive It.”

Anyway, stay tuned. I will keep you all in touch. I will know a lot more next week after I’ve seen a man in a white coat.

Love Colin  

P.S. OK yuz guys, let it rip with the energy. Zap me in the morning, Zap me in the evening and zap me whenever you think of it. I want that tumor shrunk to virtually nothing within a couple of weeks so it can come out easily. You might even make it disappear once and for all. But save some loving energy for JoAnn. She could do with some too.

Colin's tumor


200 thoughts on “My Ass is on the Line

  1. Shobha

    Dear Colin, Will send healing and loving energy. You’ll be fine.Take care. Love. Shobha.

  2. Andi

    Dear Collin,

    I beleive that LOVE can heal everything. I therefore send you a lot of love from the botton of my heart to help you heal completely so that you have a healhty body again.
    Please release all your sorrows and there will be no reason for your cancer to exist.

  3. lana

    Dear Colin
    Wishing you everything of the best. I am sending lots of love and light. I am sure that with everyone praying for you and sending you only positive love and light you will heal quickly, with joy and ease. Love Lana

  4. Terra Smith

    Colin and Joann–I am sending love and healing light your way at this very moment. Thank you for sharing your story and journey with all of us. It’s ironic that you sent this email today because I woke up early to sit down and write about my experience in 1995 holding a world wide prayer vigil for my son Marcus who had Stage IV Neuroblastoma. I had seen the movie Apollo 13 before that, and I had wondered if the reason the astronauts, against all odds, made it home safely was because the entire planet was watching their plight simultaneously, through the magic of television, and I thought maybe because our thoughts, prayers and well wishes were in unison, it became a powerful loving energy that changed us all in some capacity. Marcus’ prayer vigil was very powerful in that same sense. He did not survive, but I don’t think that was his life’s path or purpose. He did, though, bring people together–many people, in many ways. He made people think about the really important things in life. He chose me as his mother because he knew I would feel compelled to process my thoughts and feelings about that night, I would be attracted to your books and think about our whole cancer journey in a new light, and I would hopefully help others with learning to raise our vibrations and collectively heal. Thank you for all you’ve done for me. Now be prepared for all of our loving vibrations! Respectfully yours, a friend in Branford, CT, USA ❤️

  5. Julia

    Dear Colin! I will pray for you,in fact I already do. Thank you for your books, they help me a lot! Everything is going to be fine.
    Julia from Moscow, Russia.

  6. Dr Kiya Immergluck LCPC

    Dear Colin,

    I appreciate your sense of humor about your
    condition and I send you and Joanne lots of love
    and light.

    I am an EFT Master, so I will send heałing energy
    to you and Joanne. (As a 20 year cancer survivor—
    YAY!, I know that my loved ones often suffered MORE
    than me)!

    Also, I will pray for both of you at my wonderful
    little church where we offer Affirmative Prayer.

    I will say that I envision Colin and his wife being
    happy, joyous & free of all physical concerns &
    enjoying complete Recovery.

    And everyone in the church will say: “THANK YOU

    Sending Love & Light,


    P.S. I love silly puns, so here’s mine:
    “You ASSED for help, so this is the END
    of mine!”

    Just a little anecdote from my cancer adventure:
    I am the only patient at the hospital who EVER
    showed up for chemo on Halloween wearing a

    I was dressed as Medusa with lots of rubber
    snakes on me. The Head Nurse happened to
    be terrified of snakes, so she took one look at
    me & ran screaming down the corridor & hid
    in an empty room!

    No advice as per your request, but a mixture of
    Laughter & Prayer really helped me!

    Now, this is REALLY the END!

  7. Jeanie Brosius King

    Dear Colin and JoAnn –

    We affirm and know that your body is a living river of information and love that knows how to be healthy and to release anything unlike perfect expression of health. We see and feel the perfection of love infusing every cell in your perfect body. The mass in your rectum shrinks, heals, disappears, returns to full function and health. And this story is another way to reach others who need encouragement about the healing reality of our focused gratitude and love. And so it is. Now, shake your tail and get going! 🙂

  8. Melora

    I’m so deeply sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis, Colin! 🙁 I’m sending both you and JoAnn lots of love, light, and Reiki, and visualizing the very best of outcomes and experiences for you in this situation — and in all things. May your tumor soon be nothing other than a very brief and distant memory, and may you be surrounded by blessings, smiles and healing energies, every day. ♥ Namaste ♥

    (P.S. Your continued sense of humor and positive outlook is truly inspiring…Thank you so much for all of the inspiration and wisdom that you share. 🙂 )

  9. Jane

    Dear Colin,

    Deeply thinking of you and JoAnn. Sending you very much love from London.

    Jane XXX

  10. Nadine

    Hi Colin

    I attended one of your radical forgiveness courses in the UK about 8 months or a year ago.

    Thank you for your email. It was very moving and your humour is extremely admirable! I would love to help and will send you some light and healing and will do so in my next round of meditation.

    Lots of love, light, health and happiness

    Nadine x

  11. Kym Kennedy

    Sending all the love I can squeeze out everyday Colin! You are indeed loved, honored and cherished! Now and always.

  12. Donna Michael

    Hi Colin,
    Thank you for courageously and honestly sharing all of this and expressing your willingness to look beyond what is to discover what can be. I will definitely know in prayer and conscious awareness for you that you are filled with clarity, releasing what does not serve and is not the truth about who you are, and that you are also filled with healing energy and restored to the perfect health and well-being that you already are!

    No need to answer this, just know the love and light is already focused upon you (and not just on your ass!)
    In love and light,

  13. Sebastian

    My love has been with you long before I met you in Lima and is still with you.
    Y send all my healing energies to you and your but.
    No judgements, no trying to understand or explain, just all the love I can send.
    Ill be prayng and will have in my mind and my heart.
    A lot of good vibrations.

  14. Lucky Gorman

    Good fortunes Collin. I had surgery in that area and know 1st hand about the proximity and shrinking issues. Care and a good surgeon.

  15. Suzanne Guillette

    I am, as requested, sending you and Joanne a lot of love. This is a beautiful email. In my opinion, none of us need a “big” story because we, all of us, have the biggest: we are alive. What I love about RF (the ease, simplicity and straightforwardness) comes across so perfectly in this email, too. So, yes, I am sending great loving energy for that mass to disappear, and thank you, too, for the chance to share this experience, even in the smallest of ways.

    Keep us posted–I look forward to the good news and the jokes, too.

    Wishing you so much wellness, peace and love,


  16. Corinne

    That is a real INTO me SEE … I love all of of you … JoAnn… everything … wllingness to surrender and to let go of any attachment to any particuliar outcome… loving the asshole in all of us 😉 Love Corinne

  17. Jamie Mills

    Sorry to hear about your news (or happy to have a learning opportunity???)
    I’m an oncologist in the UK and I specialise in rectal cancer.
    If you have a stage of the tumour (t,n,m and if t3, t3 a b c or d) I might be able to suggest some things for it.
    Also look up contact x ray brachytherapy otherwise called papillon .
    Happy to talk more if you wish.
    Sending you (and the tumour bit of you) love.

  18. Rebecca Murray

    Sending love & healing to you and your ass and your tumour. Thank you for the opportunity to love you

  19. Nikki

    Your sense of humor should help your healing and even help others who have different health problems.

    Okay…I am sending healing energy.

    Best wishes for a speedy, comfortable, and even joyful healing.

  20. Lynda Wright

    Dear Colin,

    Shocked to read your news. All my healing thoughts will be with you every day.

    Love and blessings,


  21. Ed Mowrey

    Healing energy comin’ at ya!

    Ironically I just had a malignant tumor removed from the outside of my kidney. NBD these days (No Big Deal). I even got the speech, “…well if you had to pick a cancer to have, this is the one to choose…” Wacky. But it seems as tho’ cancer (some kinds) is nowhere near as scary as it used to be. I’m willing to hold that vision.

  22. Jocelyn Clark

    Sending healing energy to both of you <3
    You are surrounded by love and light!

  23. Lynette Walker

    I am going to send you energy to take THE FOCUS OFF THE CANCER ENERGY. I have seen that works better
    than focusing ON IT, thereby giving it more power to recreate itself.

    Blessed Be to both of you,

  24. Barb

    WOW, what a kick in the “ass” (pun intended”. May you and you loved ones be drenched in love and healing light. Namaste, Barb

  25. Thomas

    Dear Colin,
    I fully trust that we can go together to a Spa again! We will shrink it to nothing! Lots of Love from Germany, Thomas.

  26. Naomi

    Dearest Colin.
    I am sure you know this but just wanted to add this to remind you of all the appreciation in my heart for all your work in helping others relieve their pain and agony. Your books and online workshops have helped me climb those painful mountains and see past the horizon. It’s beautiful from the mountaintop and thanks to you, many of us have the wings and freedom to feel our breath breathe more freely. And now all the love you poured out to others thru your work- is just simply being poured back to you- please feel our love, our loyalty, our devotion, our hope, our breath of kindness your way. Everything that’s not love eventually leads us to bringing love to it. Our spirit. Our soul. Our higher self is always whole. Peace ur way!!!!! Love, Naomi

  27. Jane

    Colin & JoAnn

    Love and blessing surrounding you and JoAnn and your Colon. God did not create cancer, as you heal, your cancer heals the world heals. Thank you for your willingness to share and allow us to support you at this time.

    It is as it is,

  28. Marcia MacLean


    Will you forward this to Colin?


    I am a 13 year colon cancer survivor. My tumor was in a similar location. I know there is only light in front (or should I say behind in this case) you.

    I know that the healing energy of God surrounds you, and that the best team of medical experts surround you, providing the right and perfect medical treatment. I know your healing journey is one of ease, and is filled with loving support from family and friends.

    With gratitude, and a peace that passes understanding, I let go and let God. And so It is.

    Many blessings,
    Sandy Smith,
    Kennewick, WA

  29. Sabine

    Dear Colin!
    Sending love and light to your soul and body. Thanks for taking your mission to the utmost frontier. Your soul commitment is amazing.

  30. Eileen

    With love and the reminder that it is already done –
    Lesson 140: “We will not be misled today by what appears to us as sick. We go beyond appearances today and reach the source of healing, from which nothing is exempt. We will succeed to the extent to which we realize that there can never be a meaningful distinction made between what is untrue and equally untrue. Here there are no degrees, and no beliefs that what does not exist is truer in some forms than others. All of them are false, and can be cured because they are not true.

    So do we lay aside our amulets, our charms and medicines, our chants and bits of magic in whatever form they take. We will be still and listen for the Voice of healing, which will cure all ills as one, restoring saneness to the Son of God. No voice but this can cure. Today we hear a single Voice which speaks to us of truth, where all illusions end, and peace returns to the eternal, quiet home of God. ”

    All love, Eileen

  31. Wendy

    Having known many cancer patients in my lifetime, I have seen that a sense of humor is likely the most healing, and you certainly have that! This was by far your most entertaining post ever. If our bodies existed solely on the spiritual plane yours might not experience the cancer. Sometimes shit just happens. 🙂

    Sending you much gratitude, love, light, and reiki, and knowing your body is perfect.

  32. Carin La Count

    You bet, Colin!!! Although, I never thought of you as an asshole, that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to have one!

    This is truly beautiful that you should be getting this experience. It’s so powerful in so many ways…

    Much Love and Peace,


  33. Maria

    I write this on a barrier island while looking at the barrier dune and the seemingly infinite stretch of the Atlantic; for me, these are the greatest visible sources of Healing Power from Source. I send them to you both with love in the hope that it is all for your Greatest Good.

  34. Patty

    Love and healing to you and JoAnn. You are a blessing to us and the world, so therefore, perfection will prevail.

  35. Jenine Lemons, LPC, NCC

    I visualized love and white light wrapping around the tumor so that it could move away.

  36. Laura Phillips

    Sending love and healing light to you Colin! Seeing your mass shrinking back into the light from which it came! You are blessed

  37. Sr. Lynne

    Dear Colin,

    We will definitely be praying for just the result you’ve asked for and also for JoAnn.

    Love and blessings, Sr. Lynne

  38. Tatiana


    Sending you a ton of love and healing – and strength to JoAnn. I’ll be helping out with the shrinking.

    Big hugs,
    Tatiana – from Devon

  39. Sharon Dunn

    Hi Colon,
    Thank you for sharing your humor. I was thinking, when you receive all of the prayers, could you repurpose them to my daughter’s best friend Julia’s mother Mary Ann? She has stage IV colon cancer and is really scared. She’s a nurse so it’s hard to convince her that we are not our diagnosis or prognosis. We are in Truth, perfect, complete and whole and we don’t deny our conditions, we simply focus our attention to that Truth. I will now take you with me in prayer everyday as I carry my prayers with me wherever I go. My prayers travel with me because often I see things along the way that I can focus on that helps me to feel the demonstration of the desired result. Right now I am in Sonoma, the wine country in California and I see God’s Beauty. That for sure beats the hell out of colon cancer…literally. Love, love, love, RS


    I so appreciate your sharing your story.
    Thank you for asking for help and giving us the chance to send you love.
    There can be a temptation for a teacher to feel shame at not having a perfect life.
    Balderdash to that! I say. 🙂
    Who knows what anything is for… including this.

    In Light you live and move and have your being.
    I see you now in this Light, this Light which fills all your spaciousness.
    Where there is light there can be no darkness.
    All darkness is pushed out and dissolves into the Light
    … this Light in which you live and move and have your being.

    Love and a big hug,

  41. Frank Maitoza

    Wow…. Talk about letting it all hang out. 🙂 I will be praying for your asshole to recognize its own perfection.
    Love and Many Blessings.
    Rev. Frank Maitoza
    CSL Hemet, Ca.

  42. Steve Bhaerman

    Dear Colin (and JoAnn):

    Thank you about being so open in sharing this with such humor and kindness … your heart is definitely “on the throne” here, and you are neither taking it personally nor “poisonally”. Trudy and I send all our love and blessings and healing energy vibes. And of course this “shituation” has NOTHING WHATEVER to do with your name.

    Lots of love and hope to see you on the funway one of these years,
    Steve and Trudy

  43. Brisa

    Dear Colin,
    ….not too much I can say to you rather than to let you know that although there is a physical distance, Im right there with you supporting you with all love, with extra healing energy that can aid you in your process . As well to JoAnn as your companion in this as well.
    Right now Im in my terrace lifting my sight every now and then to admire the vast , marvellous Pacific Ocean. A dolphin family has come today, they are surfing and a sea lion has approched to the shallower waters of the shore. Its a sunny day, Luna in me getting ready to come out in any moment in the following month.
    So with this connnection with me in you and you in me, with Luna in me and Luna in you, with Mother Earth and the infinite Cosmic Universe I give you another hug from heart to heart full of love . May all the healer within us and among us aid you in your rebalance process if you wish so.


  44. Nagaraj

    God’s Choicest Blessings be with you Colin.

    Why to stop at shrinking the mass so that it can be extricated by doctors? Lets plan for to give all the love in the world to that tumor so that it melts away in that infinite love and you will have your favorite part without any cuts or surgical instruments going in there. 🙂

    All the best and lets aim to melt our friend in all our love.


  45. Sara Long

    Dear Colin,
    Many times I’ve enjoyed your words in Rev. Jennifer Hadley’s ‘Living a Course in Miracles’ on-line classes. Thank you for your sharing!!
    I love and trust the Course and have experienced countless miracles from practicing it in my life. Now I will add you and JoAnn to my daily meditation, seeing you both healed and whole, perfect and complete, surrounded by love and Light. It’s a done deal.

  46. Silvia J. Pancaro

    Colin & JoAnn, sending you both lots of Love, and an extra dose of Supercalafrajalistic Joy for Colin’s rear-end.

    Sebastian healed my head once when he was about 4 years old – made me laugh so hard with his jokes, and ended the healing session with ‘See Mommy, laughter is the best medicine.’

    Love you both!

  47. Brenda Miller

    Colin Tipping, be well and prosper. I wish you strength and a continued positive outlook. I am sending light and love to you and will continue to do so.
    Brenda Miller

  48. Mary Beth Speer

    For so long, you’ve given me so much – so thank you for asking me to do prayer treatment on your behalf!!! The thought I want to share here with you was from our newspaper yesterday, reporting that John Nash (“A Beautiful Mind”) and his wife transitioned together in a car accident this past weekend. In the news article, they spoke not only of all his awards, but of Nash’s extreme appearance of schizophrenia… so, the part I want to share are these notes: …”Nash’s Schizophrenia diminished ….as he gradually began to intellectually reject some of the delusionally influenced lines of thinking…” I am knowing that whatever subjectified no-thing that snuck over the border into physical reality with you is nothing more than this – “more gravy than ghost” (Charles Dickens). I treat FROM your demonstration of wellness, and send you boundless love and gratitude for continuing to be authentic and generous. YOU ARE LOVED and APPRECIATED!!!! Rev. Mary Beth Speer xoxoxoxo

  49. Darcy Richardson

    Dear Colin,
    Sending love , light and healing energy to you and JoAnne. Returning to you what you have so freely shared with me.


  50. Margaret Taylor

    Dear Colin;
    You have given us all so much, and so we will definitely send positive energy to you and your bum!
    I love your sense of humour about it all; you are amazing. Keep up the good consciousness!
    Margaret Taylor.

  51. Janet Alston Jackson

    Dearest Colin…

    I feel exactly as you have said. Because you are an Angel of Light, and so many people have cancer… this experience is for you to heal so that those suffering with cancer will listen and read your NEW book on how you survived this challenge…to help them too overcome.

    You created Radical Forgiveness without having an incident to spur the movement…so with this cancer challenge, what you are about to create for mankind to heal from cancer, is going to be Magnificent break-through for healing which millions have prayed for. You have been chosen to do this Colin. Take copious notes for your new book.

    I just found out about you a few weeks ago…and my life has transformed reading “Radical Forgiveness,” and working about 7 Radical Forgiveness sheets.

    I also just became a Reiki master…so I will be sending you…and JoAnn loving energy, knowing all is well.

    Much love, light and blessings. Thank you for being Colin!…and thank you JoAnn for being Colin’s soulmate.

  52. Karen Beard

    Dear Colin – I read your note and immediately heard this as a call for all of us who have benefited from your classes to get our heads out of our own asses (to continue with your metaphors) and see the higher vision of the perfection of this experience for you and all of us. The work for the clearing of this temporary manifestation and discomfort is already done as your perfect state of vibrant health is already contained within you in the perfection of your soul self. It is even now poring love throughout your system and combining with the stream of intentions from your friends to help your body in form reflect the real you contained in your spirit. You are perfect, whole and complete and divinely crafted for your purpose. As I release these words to you and into the Causal Field of the Universe I know that the rapid movement of this healing will occur in ways beyond human or scientific understanding. Tell your doctors we are comfortable with that fact. An so it it – your student and friend Karen Beard

  53. A. Lynn Dolson, MD

    Hi Colin, It sounds like you have things well covered, but if you would like another perspective, I am a pathologist, turned alternative medicine practitioner, located in Tallahassee, FL. Wishing you all the best in your latest learning adventure!

  54. Debbie Klose

    Colin….that was the best and so very well written request about self help I have ever seen.
    You are a beautiful man and I’m so glad to say your ass is just fine. 😉

    Much love to you and Joanne that completely surrounds you and is within you as you take this journey up you ass.

    Please know I take this serious and am doing as you request and also will laugh with you towards healinh.

    much love to you both and your families and the doctors that will be caring for you.

    Your friend always
    Debbie Klose

  55. Michelle

    Hi Colin, you and Joanne will both be in my daily prayers. Your book Radical Forgiveness was a life changing read for me. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your journey. Your light and humor are an inspiration to all and may perfect health return to you soon.

  56. Barbara

    Sending you and the tumor love, Divine light, compassion and JOY!

    Already see this as small enough to be easily removed with ease and grace……….

    Know that you are held in Divine Grace as you heal and tumor is sent to love and light!


  57. Jill

    Loving, healing energy to both you and Joann. I soooooooo look forward to reading this bestseller: “How Love Healed Me Without Me Doing Anything Other Than Being Willing to Receive It.” By Colin Tipping

  58. Mary Vogel

    Dear Colin

    I hope my earlier remarks are not misunderstood. What I meant to say is that perhaps on some level you asked the universe for a fuller understanding of cancer. Then, WHEN you overcome it, you’ll have even more perspective.

    Please be sure that I’m sending you much healing energy,


  59. Susan Murphy

    Colin, Infinite Love and Gratitude Beyond Belief for YOU BEING YOU!! Here is creating the “space of Grace” for You and your best friend, Your Body!! Keep on Choosing if you will, feeling good, feeling Harmony in and around your body!!! I see you having fun, and bringing in, more “feel good”! Get on that Harley and ride!! I did with my Husband over the weekend. Thanks to you and your workshop we just celebrated or 23 Anniversary and are building a house!!! I would be happy to do a Lifeline on you! Susan Murphy


    Dear Colin

    I am sending you love and healing prayers from across the pond.


    from England

  61. Rev. Beverly Craig

    Dear Colin,

    You’re one of my favorite spiritual teachers and I want you to know how much your Radical Forgiveness work has provided great benefit for me and our congregation.

    In the meantime, our Prayer Team and I are praying for you. Please keep us posted. Our ministers’ listserv included many, many ministers who are supporting you.

    Love & Blessings,
    Rev. Beverly Craig
    Center for Spiritual Living – La Crescenta (CA)

  62. Lauren

    Sending you giggles of healing energy along with my prayers for dissolving cancer before surgery.


    Sprout Your Business
    In our Collaborative Community

  63. Cecilia

    Dear Colin,
    You are In my prayers. Thank you for providing the wonderful worksheets as well as the books. They have made such a difference in my life.
    Cecilia (in Edinburgh, Scotland)

  64. Lynn Himmelman

    Phew! Love your up front (or should I say backside) candid &
    humourous sharing of your situation. Sending you and JoAnn
    plenty of healing vibes mixed with uplifting sunamis of laughter,
    powerful enough to wipe out any tumor, big or small!!!

    Be well! Be happy!
    Cheerfully cheering you on!
    Lynn, Lively & Laughing 🙂 🙂 🙂

  65. Deirdre Finnegan Shea

    Never before have I read such news and while doing
    so have a smile on my face! Brilliant !
    And so you are healed!
    Love and light to you……”where the don’t shine”!
    Love Deirdre Finnegan Shea

  66. Ted Brunell

    Hello Colin,
    Thank YOU for clarifying what Radical Forgiveness is all about. Clarity in asking for what you want is essential for me in moving into peace with apparent upset. Being OK with the outcome is still a bit of an opportunity for me.
    Thanks again for the sharing and the healing that comes from this.
    Love and Light
    Ted Brunell

  67. Candace Apple

    OK, you got me with the “moonie” link. Laughter always trumps fear. Sending you much love and laughter, though you seem to have a good supply. Sending your itsy bitsy tumor lots of love too. He seems to be giving you some good material. Laugh long and laugh well!

  68. Karen

    Dear Colin,

    Humor is the best medicine!
    On that note:

    Since you are Colin Tipping, certainly you will have no problem TIPPING the balance of C for a big win!

    Here is a rather humorous affirmation for you.

    -I have class and this too shall pass, and I’m happy to report there is no mass in my ass.

    Seriously now, with all of the love and healing you have shared with so many people over the years, it makes perfect sense for people around the world to send healing, love and support back to you and JoAnn now.

    Continuing send you both in the highest healing vibrations!

    With Gratitude,

  69. Holly Myers

    Hi Colin –
    Thank you oh so much for sharing yourself with us – and with such beautiful clarity, wit and humor. I wouldn’t wish your circumstance on anyone, including seeming assholes, 😉 and yet I have learned to seek, find and appreciate the perfection, at the soul level, in virtually everything. Who taught me how to do that, more clearly and effectively than anyone else? Colin Tipping! Here’s knowing you are well from stem to stern, inside and out, and that you and Joanne delight in the whirlwind of gratitude and loving energy that’s encircling you.

    Love, Holly

    PS – My Dad was a lover of music and had a wonderful sense of humor. A favorite among many adaptations of songs he wrote over the years was to the tune of “Up a Lazy River”. The topic? His experience with a Colonoscopy!!

  70. Cathy Hulbert

    Your Love and Light have guided so many to healing. I join the legions holding you in love. You are profoundly safe.

  71. Patty Bueno

    Dear Colin, you are awesome. Thank you for sharing your story with us and the Radical Forgiveness vision of the perfection in all our stories and frailty of our human experience. For inspiring us to trust in all the love that surrounds and holds us on our journey.
    Sending love and light to you and Jo Ann from Mexico.
    Blessings on your sacred journey.
    Thank you for the humor!

  72. Roland and Amy Zimmer

    Dear Colin and JoAnn,
    Amy and I are sending you lots of love and healing. Nothing wrong ever happened…
    But you know that. So you choose this experience for a reason only you truly know.
    You are doing the right thing not taking it too seriously from a spiritual perspective, but we also understand that from the human perspective this is serious.
    Wishing you all the strength to deal with this with love, humor and courage and that knowledge that everything happens for a reason. We love you!

  73. Tina Patel

    Hi Colin

    I can totally empathize with you. At age 44 I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. They got the malignant polyp out but were not sure how to really know if it had metastasized or not. You have reminded me to
    Have a check up. I am now 51 years old have regular colonoscopies and visit my lovely doctor from Sloan Kettering (who looks like Bradley Cooper) every three years.

    Radical Forgiveness has been in my life since Last October and I cannot thank you enough. I am now a Reiki Practitioner and will send your ass some love and distance reiki. Btw I am English, so totally get the jokes!

    I hope to meet you one of these days, you are gonna be fine!
    Lots of love Tina Patel

  74. Sandra

    Greetings Colin,

    You and JoAnn are held in much Love and Light. You both are supported and have access to all the resources you need to deal with this episode.

    Colin, I see that you are cancer free and your colon is normal. Your body is full of love, healthy cells, energy, radiance, and vibrancy. You look great and feel absolutely fabulous.

    All is well for you, around you, with you and in you. This is the Truth about you both. And SO IT IS!

    Peace and Blessings Always

  75. Sabine

    Dear Colin, thank you so much for sharing your situation with us so frankly with so much humour – I embrace you with tenderness…

    All the best for your healing and for JoAnn too!

  76. Irene from Germany

    Light and love to you Colin and to JoAnn.
    Your healing is already done!
    Thanks for all including this message.

  77. Henning Miosczka MD

    Dear Colin,

    We haven’t got in contact yet.
    I am an MD and a healer. I do craniosacral osteopathy, chakra remodelling, sweet medicine, Radical Forgiveness and ghost healing. And my speciality in traditional medicine is Radiology. I always try to look “behind the veil”…;-)

    From now on, there will be a strong beam of green light coming from the area of Duesseldorf, Germany to you. I am sending all my love and healing energy to you.
    I can see the tumor shrink from now on. Until your rectum has fully recovered and stays in perfect health then – the same as you and your whole body.

    And now another joke: I suppose your ass will light in the darkness within 3 days…! I am not sure about the color… 😉

    All the best to you!

    Big hugs



  78. Rev Rio

    You and your work has been perhaps the MOST important work I have ever done in my life as it got me FREE. I still DAILY recommend your Radical Forgiveness to my clients, and am currently in the process of another 21 Day Moving Forward program. I say all of this to you because I want you to know you have had my prayers, and continue to have my prayers ever since we met on Twitter, and ever since I first learned of your work at Agape. I have called on ALL the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, Fairies, Gods, Goddesses and ALL the Saints, to assist you in your healing. What I DO know is Prayer Works! So sending LOTS of those too!! Oh, and LOVE, Love Heals, Love Trumps ALL!! Love Rocks! #LoveRules! My heart and thoughts are with you and Joanne at this time. Love you my friend! Rev Rio

  79. Libby Donnellan

    Hi Colin,

    Yes, I read you loud and clear! Thanks for your honesty, clarity, courage and jokes. I admire your approach, and will recall this for myself and hubby (if – oops, when – required).

    I’m a Reiki practitioner, amongst other things (loving mum and grandma most important), and I will gladly and gratefully send Reiki to you and JoAnn, for your healing and wholeness as is meant to be.

    I also volunteer in Childrens Ward of our local hospital, and see many awesome young souls – and their families – dealing with their diagnoses, and of course we (hubby and I) have our own family stuff at heart, too.
    So we are “open” to hearing and knowing, and send heartfelt well wishes to you and yours, Colin.
    And much love, thanks and blessings for all you do for the rest of us,

  80. Leff, Lisa

    Sending much love and gratitude to both you and your tumor. Thank you for sharing your journey with your subscribers.

  81. Joey Fargár

    My dear brother Colon, we send you, ass backwards, light and love
    nick and i have a song for you to the tune of Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

    Zap-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zap you all day.

    My oh my, won’t you come out and play

    Plenty of sunshine heading your way

    Zap-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zap you all day

    Love you,
    Joey and nick

  82. Judy Youmans

    Hi Colin,
    I am sending you lots and lots of love and light…you are whole, perfect and complete!

    May Spirit guide you to look beyond what you are being told, to not ‘buy’ into it, to not fear, to feel complete faith in what is happening, to see yourself as whole, perfect and complete, as a divine being whose body is neutral and only a vessel for Spirit to express love because the only thing there is, is LOVE.

    light and love,

  83. Tricia L. Cole

    Soooo…. are you asking us all collectively to kiss your ass?? LOL It’s interesting, Colin, that this is one of the few areas of our body that we’re culturally hesitant to share and describe. Kudos to you for doing so!! We know this experience is a weirdly-packaged gift to you – and us, You, and your work, have been such an incredibly amazing gift to me, my loved ones and clients. It, of course, is my great honor to give back. Please know you and your family will be receiving daily Reiki, prayers and light.

  84. Rev. Megan O'Connor

    Hello Dear Collin,

    Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience and for asking for assistance from your team, and letting us support you.
    Having roots in the Science of Mind and metaphysics, I understand your request, and surly honor it, so here is what I have to say:

    Colin Tipping is a manifestation of this wide and infinite and loving universe: that has created and stands within and without of all living beings. All of the water systems circulating the earth, the whole earth herself, the human children, the animal kingdom, the plant and insect nation are his brothers and sisters. In this world and universe that is designed for life and love, and cohesive partnership, Colin is here in this time on earth fulfilling a divine purpose. We affirm and know that all is perfect in his spirit, all is perfect in the life and physical expression of Colin Tipping, and he posses the full powerful love of the universe which is within in him, around him, through him and coming into ever greater expression with every passing day. He himself is a divine idea manifesting as a spirit devoted to compassion and forgiveness and therefore peace on earth. Let us breath into that reality, and know all is truly well with him.

    As I breath into this idea, I remember that thoughts are creative. For this I breath in, accumulating a fresh perspective, and as I let my breath go, I release what does not serve the highest good and divine expression for the spirit we call Colin Tipping. I know that he and I are one, and as I know these truths for myself, I automatically know them for him.

    In this instant, knowing that only love is real, and love heals and always prevails, I know and affirm that all is well with Colin Tipping. These words are released right here and right now into the knowing field, the field of all that is and they are so, and so it is.

    Love you,

  85. Jasmine

    Hello Colin,
    I would like to wish you a speedy recovery! I sent you Ho’oponopono healing. I am sure lots of healers are sending you loving energy and you will soon find yourself happily floating on a sea filled with love and light.
    Thank you for everything you are doing for us.
    Best wishes,

  86. Glenda

    Hi Colin, Well I guess this is a new experience for you and that’s what we’re here for right? All the same, it’s not the news we want to hear is it? Consider your request taken care of with all love healing and also in support of JoAnne.
    Love Glenda

  87. Angela Wells Peterson

    Sending you and Jo Ann…Peace, Love & Healing Light! Blessings to you both♡

  88. Stephan and Desrae Gant

    Colin and JoAnn,
    Thinking of you both and sending lots of healing energy and love.
    Love Stephan and Desrae Gant cccxxxccx

  89. Michelle Wadleigh

    As a Minister and Practitioner of the Science of Mind from the Centers for Spiritual Living, you now have hundreds of faithful people, including me, knowing your health and speedy recovery. We are a potent pool of knowers of Truth.

    You are very important to us and the world. Your work has been a cornerstone of my minister both for myself and throughput my teaching/coaching. I’m sure having to go through this publicly is a nuisance but I know you have whatever it takes to navigate these choppy waters.

    I for one will know your complete return until you can know it for yourself.
    May your heart and mind find peace that calls your body to health.
    Much love and appreciation,
    Michelle Wadleigh
    Founding Spiritual Director
    Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey

  90. Frank Berman

    This is a message of light.

    This is a message of love.

    This is the power of intention, coursing from me to you.

    You don’t know me; I’m a (recently new) reader (of your blog); I bought and began reading your book Radical Forgiveness a few month ago, have embraced its sacredness and energy, and would tell you that it is absolutely changing my life.

    And now comes the story of your bump in the road.

    I was blown away by your blast email… How amazing is your outlook; your DECISION to deal with it rather than let it control you. This, in and of itself is healing in action.

    (Although) my practice of faith is different than yours (I’m Jewish), our paths of spirit are perhaps similar; at least I believe, they are headed in the same direction.

    I mention this as a precursor to a traditional Jewish bromide that I give to you – a wish – a blessing – for a “R’fuah Shelaymah”: a speedy and complete recovery of body and soul.

    I envision the tumor shrinking to disappear;

    I’ll say that again… its important. I envision the tumor shrinking to disappear… I envision your doctors examining you before surgery and silently (or, better, vociferously) exclaiming “What the fuck? Where’d it go – is this his MRI??? This tumor is gone!” How??? What???

    I envision you walking out of the hospital untouched.

    Please envision this too?

    The world needs you here now Colin Tipping

    Be here now.

    May you continue to go from strength to strength!


    Frank Berman

  91. Janet Alston Jackson

    Dearest Colin…

    I sense because you are an Angel of Light, and so many people have cancer… this experience is for you to heal so that those suffering with cancer will listen and read your NEW book on how you survived this challenge…which will help them to heal too.

    You mentioned that you created Radical Forgiveness without having gone through an incident to spur the movement. Some people, especially those with cancer, may have felt that you don’t know what it’s like to deal with really hard times. Now they know. And they will see you have healed from cancer, and they will put into practice the principles you share with them through your enlightenment recorded in your new book and speaking engagements on how you healed.

    In other words Colin…you will bring light to a whole new sector of the population. I worked on the “Anatomy of an Illness,” movie and met Norman Cousins. You know because he recovered from his illness, the world took notice of his classic book of the same title.

    I feel you too have truly been chosen to show people they can heal. .

    Stay strong JoAnn…you too have been chosen on this journey. A chapter in Colin’s new book, or a book of your own on how you overcame worry and fear dealing with a loved one with cancer, will help so many cancer patient’s families and friends..

    Much love, light and blessings to you both.

  92. Joyce

    Dear Collin,

    I love the lyrics of this song written by Joe Vitale reminding us to imagine our desires as already completed. The title is “Feel it Real”. Below are a few lines I love and send to you and JoAnn in the energy of love and light.
    (P.s. Thank you for your books/tools and passion to help others heal including me.)

    when you long for more
    when you seek new goals
    when you want the best
    give it this test
    imagine the end
    feel it so
    walk in the now
    feel the glow

    feel it real
    feel it real
    it’s done and here
    so feel it real

    feel like it’s already done
    feel all the fun
    the secret to life is to feel it real
    no need to wonder or worry
    no need to visualize or delay
    just feel what you want real
    and feel it done today
    imagine the best
    let it unfold like the rest
    smile and move forward
    feeling it real

  93. Beth Jewett

    God has created your perfect body as a self-correcting, self-healing mechanism. The truth is that the body can be and is now restored to perfect health.
    A prayer treatment for Colin Tipping: (Written in the first person to make personal)
    I AM one with the presence of God.
    God’s restoring and renewing power is at work in my life, returning me to perfect health. My body is perfect. My health is perfect. Divine energy flows freely through my body. Bringing unlimited life force energy and vitality. I AM robust, healthy, vigorous, and hearty. I AM filled with enormous strength and fitness. I AM filled with wellness, stamina, and power. I AM filled with energy, dynamism, and wholeness. I AM restored, whole, and well, and in perfect health now! Thank you, God, and SO IT IS!

  94. Valerie

    Dear Colin, I met you in Peru just a few weeks ago and was very inspired by your work.
    I send you love and healing light and I will definetely do what I can to help you heal!


  95. frankie timmers

    You are in my treatments FOR SURE!
    Complete healing…..
    A thought came to me, when i read your words….
    When I work with people who have cancer, it’s often the detox…the release of old gunk!
    And look at where it is 🙂
    YAY, you are free and healthy!!
    Lots of blessings, and love!

  96. Darlene Patterson

    Colin and JoAnn,

    I am so looking forward to your next book, “How Love Healed Me Without Me Doing Anything Other Than Being Willing to Receive It.” That will be one POWERFUL book!! Thanks, in part, to you and JoAnn via a 2013 Miracles Workshop, Jeff and I are presently healing through horses in Montana. We have recently added Reiki to our experience as well. Maybe you and JoAnn would enjoy a vacation in Montana? You are always welcome to our barn. Been extending love to mASS, (spelling intentional) every time you come to mind. Happens a lot when I’m cleaning poop out of the stalls, he, he …

    Our focus is providing concepts with the help of horses to create better relationships. And, like you, we have manifested family relationships as our teacher!! No better way experience it all, one could say!!

    More another day, Darlene Patterson

  97. Ginger Hannah

    Dear Colin I am sending you Reiki healing energy and so much love and I know that you have called this experience to yourself to prove the absolute wonderful miracle of the radical forgiveness methodology. I have helped so many people to be free of their past and resentments and their unforgiveness and live a beautiful life using your radical forgiveness worksheet. And now I see that you are beautifully and effortlessly and joyfully healing as well. Thank you for developing this technique and now for using it on yourself and I know it will not only shrink the tumor but it will completely heal you because that is the truth of your being – whole and healed and so beloved! Keep up the great work and so will I. I am enjoying your Soul Contract CD – it is so funny and meaningful! Much love and healing energy, Ginger Hannah
    P. S. I was on an airplane when I mistakenly hit the button that said report as spam! It moved this email into my spam folder and I sure hope it did nothing more than that because your emails are the furthest thing from spam I know! If it did I know you will forgive me! That’s a joke – because I know you know the truth of my being is innocent and holy! Thank you for that!

  98. Hermann Barbieri

    Dear Colin, excuse me for my bad english.
    I heart from Hina about Your tumor. Since 1 year I now that I have one too in my prostata. My thinking about it is simile Yours. It was the best year in my third lifeage, full ov love and life, I never would miss it. I am only greatful. Of course I send you light and love – and JoAnn too – again and again beginning with this letter, please feel it!

  99. Andrea Villarreal

    Dear Colin,
    I send you lots of light and lots of love to you and your tumor. You’re in my meditation tonight.

    And also love for JoAnn, that’s living with you this learning experience.

    Love for both of you,

  100. arlette

    as this moment im sending love and light to all the cells and region of this tumour,, whats this message?? coming from this tumour,,? do the ‘journey’ Brandon Bays which may shed light,, any how with all the Healing vibrations going your way ,wonderful things will unfold, love your body ,tumour, and its message Eft is good to,, blessing and light around you and every part of you!! and joanna,, keep us informed of you progress xxx arlette from France xxx

  101. Mo Hainer

    WOW Remote Healings on its way so lighten up like the Angels….I’ve been to couple 5 day “Humor & Laughter “ conferences in San Francisco using humor and laughter as healing….I love it my best to you both in another of life’s Hurdles…Love Heals……….Mo Hainer

  102. Conny Zahor

    Dear Colin,
    we are not these body – never time. You know it.
    We all are spirituals – forever – thats the joke.
    We are thinking to you in healthy – and wish you a good transformation!!!
    Thanks deeply for your love – for YOU –
    In love – Conny & Volkmar, from Allgäu 🙂

  103. Greg Tamblyn

    Hey Colin,

    I’m sorry to hear your rear is in arrears. I feel for you, amigo, and promise not to make you the butt of any jokes. Maybe you got a little behind in your love, and now you need a little love in your behind. I am sending as much as possible, my friend.

    Love heals, love is magical, love is wonderful.

    And so is laughter. 🙂


  104. Rob LeBaron

    You will be fine Colin! The tumor does not want to be part of your ass. It is only paying you a visit. I see you hole and healed! Other than that, I hope all is wonderful for you and Joanne. I miss speaking with you! Love your friend, Rob

  105. mary

    Am sending much love and healing energy to you. I trust you will learn much through this experience to share with the rest of us.

  106. Anthea Copleston

    Dear Colin

    Your positive attitude and total lack of victim mentality go a long way towards your recovery. However, as you have said yourself, the collective love and good thoughts and wishes of many are very powerful. I send you and JoAnn all my very best wishes. I am a spiritual healer, and I have sent you healing this morning, and will continue to do so for as long as it takes for you to be fully recovered.

    I am also doing the visualisation that you have asked us all to do, so I am adding my bit of positive energy to all the rest going out to you right now.

    Love, peace and light


  107. Nancy Fredenburg

    I’m honored to send all my positive energy the way you have have always led me. I’m not just seeing the tumor shrinking but totally gone. I believe in miracles and am working on language dispelling all negative things in my body.

    God has put His healing hands on me many times and He will put His healing hands on you.

    In prayer today and every day.


  108. Rich Angelos

    Now that I’ve moved I won’t be running into y’all at Whole Foods anytime soon, however I am looking forward to seeing you at Burge’s New Years Eve party this year and every year for the next couple of decades.

    Love you both and so thankful I got to experience Radical Forgiveness so many years ago.

    Sending you God’s Love and Light

    Have a Blessed year

  109. Loehrlein Ulrike

    Hello Colin,

    i send you light and love. All is well. Cancer gives us a loving message. Your sense of humor is so admirable.I love it. Thank you.
    Much love, light and blessings to you and JoAnn

  110. Kathrin Stamm

    Dear Colin, thanks to your openess and the kind you handle your challenge. May be you remember yourself supporting me in mine years ago. You an JoAnn gave all your love and presence in that moments. And you did that for so many people! So now I like to give you al little bit back as far as possible.
    I send you grattitude, love and compassion. I include you in my prayers and visualize you healthy and lucky old 🙂
    All the best for you and your beloved ones from heart to heart…
    Kathrin (Germany), Tipping-Coach

  111. Susheel croft

    Love and prayers going your way
    This is a very interesting time of changing the equilibrium of our lives
    to get deeper insights for our healing and of the planet .
    Susheel croft ( from Australia at present on a Bahai pilgrimage in Israel)

  112. Karen Taylor Good

    Dearest Colin,
    Sending you and your beautiful colon all the love in the world. Interesting enough, my
    new partner in rhyme, Stowe, is a rectal cancer survivor. She shares that now that she’s a spokesperson for the Bag Ladies of America, she is grateful to no longer be Anal Retentive! Big hugs to you and to JoAnn. I adore you both. Xxxxxxx

  113. Laurie Brown

    Dear Colin,

    You are a gift in your desire to teach even during the challenge of your own health event. Thank you for having such passion to make a difference in the world. I have a friend who had this very cancer and is doing beautifully, alive and cancer free.

    I will say a prayer for you and wish you many blessings on your journey to optimal health. Hugs to you and JoAnn. Your friend, Laurie from Wyoming

  114. Mary Fleming

    Much good healing energy is coming your way especially today. And I’m going to go for that colonoscopy I’ve been putting off. Healing wishes!

  115. Valerie Deane

    Dear Colin and JoAnna,

    I was in place of shock too, a long story too,
    But I was shown the way out by Divine Intervention, and it worked,
    Very like the work you do,
    That,s why I was drawn to your workshops,

    This will work for you too,
    I have no doubt in my mind,

    Love valerie

  116. Bill Arrott

    Dear Colin and JoAnna,

    Elizabeth and I well remember the enjoyable dinner we shared in Chicago. For you Colin we see a colossally cleansing bowel movement that completely removes from your consciousness anything that is not for your highest good. For you JoAnna we see unbridled joy, rejuvenating relief . . . and peace of mind.

    Bill Arrott

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