My Ass Is On the Line Again

Hi Everyone,

You may recall, assuming you were on our list In May of 2015, that I was diagnosed with rectal cancer on May 20th of that year. With your help, sending me loads of healing energy as requested in my first “My Ass Is On the Line,” email of May 26th, 2015, I was pronounced cancer-free by the following October. Yea!

I was overcome with gratitude for all the love and healing energy you sent me. Thousands and thousands of emails day after day. Yes, I did chemo and radiation plus other therapies as well, of course, but I firmly believe that your love was the key to my healing. For those of you who wanted to follow my journey in detail, we created a special FB group called Colin’s Wellness Journal, and I gave everyone a blow by blow account of everything that occurred.

Well, surprise, surprise, my Higher Self has evidently decided that I didn’t go deep enough into my healing journey that time, so in order to support me in going further, has invited the cancer back. Same place. Same root chakra. Same issues, no doubt.

Its return was confirmed by MRI in August 2017. I wasn’t too pleased about it as you can imagine. I told my Higher Self I was pissed but soon accepted that there had to be a reason for it turning up again. So, like before, I decided to love it.

Just last week, JoAnn had an insight into what its purpose was, and from that, we discovered the emotional cause of it. I immediately got going with the tennis racquet and cushion with the intention of feeling the pain of it, which I had obviously stuffed into my root chakra. (I will share that story with you later.)

I beat the shit out of the cushion until my hands were raw. JoAnn witnessed if for me and so did Shari – from the States via Zoom. I then did an hour of Satori Breathwork to get that energy out of my body.

Anyway, to cut a long story short it had become obvious that, in addition to me doing the emotional and spiritual work, I needed surgery to remove the tumor at the physical level and that this was essential in order to be ‘cured.’

However, the MRI showed that the tumor had gone through the wall of the rectum and had migrated into the surrounding tissues and was even threatening the bottom of my spine. That’s not good.

Just removing a tumor from the rectum or colon is a routine procedure but apparently the surgery I will need is infinitely more delicate and risky and, worst case scenario, may even require the removal of two or three vertebrae right at the base of the spine.

That could have some rather unwelcome side effects that would be permanent. I will have to have a stoma for the rest of my life, but while I have come to accept that idea, I definitely don’t want any of the other side effects.

I go in for the surgery on October 18th. They say I am likely to be in hospital for 3/4 weeks. I won’t be able to travel back to the U.S. until late January or early February, but JoAnn will go back before that. I will spend Christmas with my family here in England.

I am being proactive, taking lots of immune-system-boosting supplements, including cannabis oil (yes, it is legal here in UK and, anyway, it’s not the type that gets you high), doing the hyperthermia treatment using the equipment I bought last time in Atlanta, using special Bioresonant fabric to sleep in for color therapy and going to the gym three or four times a week to get as fit as possible.

That’s beside doing the emotional/spiritual work I spoke of earlier, which includes doing the online 21-day program for forgiving parents, partners and more.

So, once again, I’m calling on you to do for me what you so kindly did last time, and that is to send me healing energy, visualizing me coming through the surgery with ease and grace and healing very quickly without any complications.

My intention is that by the time they go in to remove the tumor, I will have, with your help, caused the tumor to shrink to the point where it can be easily removed without difficulty and without any complications whatsoever.

That is what I would like you to visualize for me if you would be so kind. I will send you another email on the 17th to let you know the precise time I will go down to the operating theater the next day so you can ramp up the energy. My surgeon’s name is Mr. Simpson (surgeons are always called Mr. – never Dr.) I like him a lot and trust him, but you might put him in your prayers too visualizing angels all around him guiding his hands.

In return for your love and support, I am willing to do what I did last time and share my experience with you by posting reports on the special Facebook Group, Colin’s Wellness Journal in the hope that it will help others navigate through a cancer experience. Click here if you wish to join this Facebook group.

Last time we were inundated with e-mails – far too many to read – so if you feel moved to send a message along with the energy, rather than sending an e-mail, post a comment directly at the end of this blog or on the Facebook Group page. Thank you so much. It will be easier for me to read them all so I can feel your love.

I have posted in the Colin’s Wellness Journal the story eluded to above which describes the emotional healing that has occurred for me as a result of the cancer’s return and very likely the emotional cause of it. I hope you find it interesting. Click here to see it online.

Love and Blessings,


60 thoughts on “My Ass Is On the Line Again

    1. Suzi

      Sending you love and light. I have a permanent ileostomy, surgery to remove my entire colon was feb 28 2017
      It is life changing but you will get through this. Prayers and healing

    2. Sandra

      My heart and my prayers will be with you everyday. Have several of your books and look forward to your emails. Be well soon and know that we are all praying for you and sending that healing energy.

    3. Linda Neiheisel

      Thank you for sharing your journey. Sending you and Joanne healing love and envisioning success in your surgery. Gratefully with love.

    4. Kat Long

      I love you and what you do for others. I am sending you and the surgeons, spiritually and physically the most love possible.!!
      Speedy recovery to you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.!!!
      With Love,
      >^. . ^<

  1. Lauren McLaughlin

    Holding the vision of a perfect physical experience for you to match your perfect mental and emotional and Spiritual ones – with the outcome of your upcoming surgery to be exactly as you want it to be. I am also holding the vision of perfect performance by your surgeon, anesthesiologist, attending staff, nurses, lab technicians, and any others who attend you in any way. Blessings to your whole family – Radical Success is Yours – this time with no residual effects.

  2. Nancy

    Please consider fasting. I.e. The complete guide to fasting by Jason Fung. And a ketogenic diet. Best wishes and love to you

  3. Alex Kate

    Colin! I’m very sad to hear about your ass. Keep up your positive attitude. I’m sending you lots of love and healing energy. You’re an amazing person. Xoxo

  4. Tina Patel

    I am so sorry to learn of your cancer returning. I was literally just talking about your book to my niece just now. I wish you a speedy recovery from your operation. I hope you have let everythinh go from your root chakra. I am in England as my mother passed away . I have also had cancer in my rectum at age 44 and I am 53 now. I will be going for a colonoscopy as with my mums passing I believe I may have priblems again in my root chakra. Lots of Love and healing energy 🙏🏻

  5. Ana Holub

    I’m sending love and support, Colin and JoAnn! I will keep you in my prayers. Root, root, root! I hope you are getting close with Mother Earth and offering up humble prayers to our Creator. Big hugs and trust in the perfection coming your way.

  6. Karin

    Dear Colin
    I’m so sad about this news, didn’t know about before. Did you already hear about Dr. Johanna Budwig? She had a very successful method against cancer by a special food plan. I think she was the person who discovered Omega3 and once was nominated for the nobel-prise. Maybe you’ll find her in google… I send you all my healing energy
    love Karin

    1. Carol Hughey

      Yes! And, “The Truth About Cancer” is convening next werkend in Orlando on Oct 5-7!

      Perhaps, JoAnn could attend it while Colin is in England, and learn from so many other medical Professionals and cancer survivors all the healthy alternatives for beating cancer. Cancer is the result of much more than untesolved emotions. Here are the links for it for Colin & JoAnn:

  7. Ruth Duffield

    How disappointing for you and JoAnn. I am truly sorry that you have to go through this again Colin. I am remembering that you, like me, hail from Leicester. Which hospital will you be in? I have marked the date in my diary and will be praying for you every day from now on and will put you on our prayer list at the two churches I attend. I do see you not only surviving but genuinely thriving. It seems to me that those, like you Colin, who live a conscious life are tested more than most as you evolve your soul higher and higher. God bless you Colin and JoAnn. With lots of love. Ruth from Egham. xxxx

  8. Kami

    Will keep you in my healing prayers and visualize a cancer free chakra, each night before I go to sleep, sending energy and peace back to you as we all pull the bad memory/trauma/tumor from your body. Wishing you and your family healing and peace…..Kami

  9. Victoria

    Sending you lots of positive healing energy.
    Most importantly, sending you the suggestion to look into
    German New Medicine, and find a Dr. who knows about it.
    GNM is about figuring out what caused the emotional discord and
    understanding that the body is healing itself with the symptoms.
    There are Five Biological Laws and an extensive amount of
    information about your condition online at:

    Sending light and love…………

  10. Aline

    Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely be joining in your healing journey, sending you healing reiki from today.
    Love and light

  11. barb

    wishing you love, light and healing as you go thru this a second time. hopefully, you did get to the “root” of the problem with your soul searching and that this will be removed and you will completely recover. hearing your courageous journey gives me some hopefulness that i can root out more of my withholds as well.

  12. Jon-Paul

    Marcela read your email to me on our commute home from work this evening. Our love and thoughts are with you as you continue on your journey, and we look forward to following your progress again this time too. In fact, this weekend I’m putting on my first Magic of RF Workshop. I hope you don’t mind if I dedicate it to you, my teacher.
    One recommendation for you. We recently purchased a machine that converts our tap water into ionized alkaline water with a higher pH (9.5) than ordinary tap water (pH 7). Cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment. . The Enagic water purifier might be another tool for your tool box to consider. We’ve been using ours for a few months and we’re noticing differences in our bodies. If you’re interested we can help you get one. Til then, soldier on. You’re in good hands with Mr. Simpson, and lots of good hearts too, including Marcela’s and mine.


    Colin, I’m seeing you in your highest and best self, with the Energy of Source acting in, as and through you. I claim that Truth and invite you to claim it for yourself. All is well.

  14. elke Neustadtl

    Dear Colin, sending you all the love and support all the way from Lima! I am sure the operation will be a success! I will visualizou coming very soon back to lima!
    much love

  15. Jane

    Colin surrounding you in healing love and light. Perfect healthy body love heal thank you! I see you at your healthiest and highest energy levels ever. much love

  16. susheel croft

    Colin, thank you for your courage and humility to share this journey with us. It must be hard as such a prominent person with a message to help others, with your journey. Your honesty and openness to be guided by Joanne are a great example to us all. I will be holding you and your family and medical supporters in my healing prayers.

  17. mary bourgeois

    Just read both your books for the first time last month and this one. I have had deep insights as a result and I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    Already your tumor is getting smaller and so much easier to manage.

  18. Donna

    I join this prayer circle surrounding you with love, healing thoughts, and absolute knowing that perfect health is yours. Knowing that your body knows how to recover quickly with grace and ease, and that you are well cared for by all those involved. In gratitude for the gifts you’ve shared with the world,

  19. Anastasia

    Dear Colin, Thank you for Radical Forgiveness and all the healing you have brought to me and the world!
    I highly recommend “Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay. You can look up the exact dis-ease and read the probable emotional cause.
    Until you clear the root cause – the illness will keep coming back in different forms. Words have energy, so please be careful
    when swearing! You can also read “The Emotion Code”. Love and light to you ~ Anastasia

  20. Lisa

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re having to go through this again Colin. I’m sending you so much love and healing and light, and I am already visualising you in perfect health. I really can see it! But I’ll be sending you a steady stream of white healing energy every day and bucket loads of love. You are an incredible person, and have helped so many people with your Radical Forgiveness work. You are amazing, and with all the love and healing being sent to you from all round the world, that tumour has no chance. Love Lisa (in Cardiff!) xx

  21. Nicholas Jouvanis

    Colin – I have one more suggestion. Heal yourself with your divine power. Get in touch with your power by dissolving your ego. That is best done by radically embarrassing yourself. THEN following it up with breath-work. The best way to embarrass yourself is to be naked in front of a group of people – literally naked – for about five minutes. Then put your clothes on and do pranayama. Have that group do pranayama with you DEDICATING their breathing effort to you. Chemotherapy and cancer surgery are both part of the betrayal of medicine.

  22. Sandra

    Dear Colin, now I understand, why I had a dream of you recently. That means, that we are all connected – we as children of God. So I send you everything, that I child of God needs and only that: Love. I wish, that you can know this Love.

    1. Sandra

      In my recently dream of you I called you to help me. And when I saw your mail, I saw, that you called us to help you.
      So I want to help you and in the same time you can help me.
      I’m near at that point, where I feel free from all my guilts. And that is the point, where we are ready, that God will give us himself as a present/gift for us.
      So let us be free from everything, that doesn’t exists and let us be connected with God. Okay?

  23. Bliss

    I already see you healed and experiencing joy while sharing this experience of being cancer free with us! May the results you desire rapidly move in to place and the entire process happens easily and effortlessly from this moment forward. You remain whole perfect & complete!

  24. Maria Paula Belaunde

    Hi Collin I am going to write you in spanish as it is much easier that way for me to express. Desde ya quiero decirte que te deseo todo lo mejor en tu operación y en tu vida futura ya que estoy convencida que aun te queda mucho por hacer , enseñar, guiar, etc en este mundo que está cada vez mas perdido. Eres un ser de luz, y creo que hoy en dia las personas como tu sufren mucho desgaste ya que son como baterias para el resto de personas en el mundo que seguimos sus enseñanzas. Ahora mismo te visualizo dictando cursos el proximo año en perfecto estado de salud y le pido a Dios que te de fuerzas durante la operación y después y guie la mano de tu medico. Besos

  25. Michelle Rubin

    I’m imagining a rainbow of light coming in through the top of your head and traveling down and healing/balancing all of your chakras.
    I am also imagining that I will be attending one of your workshops so that means you will be in perfect health to lead it!
    Peace, love ❤️, healing angels and guides all around you

    Love, Michelle Rubin (a fan and a Practioner that uses radical forgiveness with my clients everyday)

  26. Patty

    Colin, I shall be lifting you up in prayer as you embark upon your healing journey. May angels surround you in light and love and guide your surgeon in removing the mass. With much love and positive energy for you!

  27. Maja

    Dear Colin, are you taking Pao D’Arco? It can keep tumors from metastasizing. Dr. Axe’s website is also very useful for natural cancer treatments. And do you know Matt Kahn’s book “Whatever arises, love that”? It is very, very helpful. When you cannot love your pain or emotion or illness, you can say “I love the one who cannot love the one who feels this” or “I don’t know how to love the one who feels XY”. The latter gives the message to the universe that you DO want to love the part of yourself that has the emotion/pain XY, but that you need help with it. Much love and good luck!

  28. Correana White

    Hi Colin, sorry to hear that your ass is on the line again. How useful would it be to have a chat with my mentor Emma Lane ND? She has had personal experience with cancer, the first time she went down the allopathic route and it came back, the second time she used a more natural holistic route and has been cancer free for many many years. She knows who you are as your Radical Forgiveness book is something that she recommends her clients to read. Her website is she is in the UK with practices in London and Wakefield.
    Sending you love, happiness, health and vitality

  29. Jenny

    Thank you for ALL you do and have done for us and others. Intently and completely sending high level healing vibrations to you on this. You WILL get through this time; you have already moved so much on it.

  30. deb

    Hi Colin, have you heard of Sukyo Mahikari? It’s a spiritual practice which purifies the spirit, mind and body. Our life and what happens to us occurs according to the condition of our Soul.

    Just like the roots of a tree, it’s what’s happening in the unseen realm of the Spirit that has clout in our life.

    I’ve been a member of Sukyo Mahikari for 40 years and I can’t begin to tell you how powerful this purifying energy is. I have witnessed many miracles. Many episodes of cancer cured.

    If you are interested, this is the number for the centre in London: +44 20 8771 7417

    And this is the website for the European region:

    I believe there are no accidents in life Colin and everything that happens to us is for our spiritual growth and elevation. Your practice of gratitude and acceptance are fantastic. It’s not easy, what you’re going through, but keep practicing and trust that whatever’s happening, it’s the best arrangement for you at this time in your evolution.

    God bless, Deb

  31. Rich Fletcher

    Colin, JD and I send love and light to you and JoAnn. You’ve been so great about sharing your story, and allowing others in so that we might ask ourselves the very same difficult questions you’ve asked yourself…..what am I holding on to, what do I refuse to release, who have I not forgiven? Compassion for self is that very last piece of the puzzle, and it was that piece of the puzzle you helped me find via Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self-Forgiveness…..many of us struggle at times with self-acceptance, self-love, and self-care …you are such a loving, gentle, good soul – I hope you know that you are deeply loved and valued by many, including these two old gay boys….let yourself feel that love! God Bless You!

  32. Judy

    Dearest Colin, RF has changed everything for me. I will be forever grateful. I am sending love and strength to you and JoAnn.

  33. Gita

    I echo the sentiments expressed by everyone and I am also applying all my energy tools for your quick and complete recovery, knowing that our collective consciousness will bring ultimate healing to you.

    As we know, everything is energy … as is this unwelcome visitor which got stuck while passing through. So let us acknowledge it (which they say is necessary) with a brief “Hello” followed by a firm “Goodbye.” We don’t want to make it too comfortable or give it any power by pandering to it or focusing on it.

    Have you used Dr David R Hamilton’s visualisation process to regenerate the master cell? If you haven’t, his CD “Quantum Field Healing” includes the guided visualisation.

    Here’s looking at you Colin, as the 100% healthy YOU!
    Thank you for all that you do.
    Infinite blessings

  34. Linda Neiheisel

    Sending you healing love and energy. Gratitude strength and courage. Praying for angelic assistance during your surgery.

  35. Mariana Castillo

    Colin al my love and puré energy for you. I see you very well and I feel you extremedaly well. I am sure of that. LOVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU. Mariana

  36. Stephanie Parish

    Dearest Colin,
    You are in my thoughts and my healing prayers as I hold the space for you to release this cancer. Thank you for being a light in the world.

  37. Dulce Bell-Bulley

    Dear Colin, my love and thoughts are with you and JoAnn. So sorry you have to go through this again. I’m sending good healing vibes that all may work well in your body/mind. Thank you so much for developing RF and teaching it to me. It’s made ALL the difference in my work as a healer and in my own life.
    Love, love, love!

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