Miracles Workshops

I apologize for not writing blogs as often as I used to, but since my little brush with cancer in 2015, I have been trying to reduce my workload and doing my best to avoid overwhelm.

I have to admit I haven’t been overly successful at this since the demand for more training programs and workshops and one-on-one VIP Days keeps the pressure up. JoAnn and I seem to be forever working late into the evening on most days just to keep up.

Can you believe this, though? I’ve scheduled three Miracles workshops to take place over the next four months.

Am I crazy or what?

Not really.

And don’t for one minute think you will be supporting me by NOT coming to a Miracles workshop whether it’s one of the two in Atlanta or the one in Peru.

The fact is doing workshops is NOT tiring for me. In fact, that’s exactly what juices me and gives me energy.

And since I’ve been doing the Miracles workshop for almost 20 years now, it’s no stress at all for me to do it.  I only take 12 people in the Miracles, so it’s not a problem. I work with each individual to resolve any longstanding or persistent problem, grievance or trauma they might have so they leave feeling restored to emotional health, freedom and self-empowerment. I find this extremely fulfilling.

It’s all the other stuff like admin, writing, marketing, updating stuff and all that kind of stuff which is draining.

I outsource what I can – thank goodness for Shari and Karla and now our newest staff member, Essence – but there is still a great deal that only I have to deal with.

So, what I am saying is, if you really want to support me in staying strong and healthy for many years to come, make a determination to support YOUR own health, wellness and happiness quotient by signing up for one of them right NOW.

That will be a win-win for both of us.

And please don’t add to my stress level by making me have to send out more e-mails persuading you to do what is absolutely in your best interest to do if you want to live a happy life free of emotional pain and suffering. It’s a no-brainer for you.

What relaxes me and makes me excited and joyful is looking at a list that shows 12 people enrolled in all three workshops.

So, check our website to see how many spots remain in the upcoming one in March and if that doesn’t work for you, sign up for the one in Peru and make a vacation out of it, or for the Atlanta one in June.



P.S. I know there are some of you who want me to join in the hubbub around Trump. But I said my piece a while ago about him being the perfect person to bring about the breakdown that must precede the breakthrough into a totally new way of being for the human race. So I am doing my best to see the perfection in the situation.

I’m waiting to see what happens and am hoping for a breakthrough sooner rather than later. I want to be around to see it.