Many Times Better than LSD

lsdPsychiatrist, Stanislav Grof was an early pioneer in the use of LSD to help patients access their inner landscape and heal their pain. When LSD became restricted in the 60s, he switched to doing breathwork. He never went back. Breathwork gave better results and was a whole lot safer.

His Holotropic Breathwork™ is now used universally as a method of gaining access to a non-ordinary state of consciousness for the purpose of self-exploration and healing.

It involves lying down on the floor and breathing deeply and consciously in a circular in-out fashion for about an hour. Loud and evocative music, designed to activate each of the chakras in turn, is played the whole while. The facilitators may or may not apply pressure to a certain point on the body to release any emotional energy stuck there.

‘Satori’ Breathwork is our version of this process and is always included our Miracles Workshop, which is the Radical Forgiveness healing intensive we have been giving since 1998. Let me explain why we do it every time in that workshop in particular.

As you may already know, Radical Forgiveness arises as a result of going through five Stages. These are:

1. Telling one’s victim story
2. Feeling the feelings associated with the story
3. Collapsing the Story
4. Reframing the Story
5. Integration

In a nutshell, then, Radical Forgiveness is simply a matter of transforming the person’s victim story (or perpetrator story if it’s Radical Self-Forgiveness) by changing his/her perception of what happened to come to a place of peace about it.

The story itself doesn’t change; only the context in which it lives in their mind. It is during Step 4, Reframing the Story, that a new context is given and received as a possible alternative way of looking at the story of what happened. But it is not until Step 5, that the new context is fully integrated into their consciousness and made permanent.

Using a computer analogy, the process is the equivalent of uninstalling an old and redundant program from your hard drive and installing a new one in its place.

In this case, however, the breathwork does it for you – automatically. Believe me, I know of no better process than breathwork to achieve this result.

That said, breathwork can be used simply as an emotional and spiritual tune-up, just like you would go for a massage to tune up your body. Occasionally we offer group breathwork sessions for this purpose only. It is more powerful done in a group, by the way.

However, it needs to be pointed out that since you are in a non-ordinary state of consciousness while doing it, it is not wise to do it on your own. You need to do it with a facilitator who knows how to create the necessary safe space and can support you through the process.

Scheduled in Atlanta, Georgia from 1:00pm to 6:00pm, Saturday, April 9th, we are offering a 5-hour workshop which includes a ‘Satori’ Breathwork session – but just for men this time. (Sorry ladies!)

It will be facilitated by myself and three other experienced breathworkers, all four of us joint authors of the book, Wounded Healers – Reflections on 20 Years of Tumultuous Membership of the Chiron Brotherhood – A Men’s Group for Male Healers.

For details of the workshop click here.
(Note: You get the book for free if you come to the workshop.)



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  1. Dinny Evans

    Dare I say I’m jealous???? I’d love doing a breathwork session, it is an amazing experience!

    1. Colin

      I have fond memories of doing breathwork sessions at your house whenever we did our Miracles workshop there. Sending you love,

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