ISIS Prayer Vigil…A Gift For You

ISIS is creating a lot of anxiety around the world and Heads of States everywhere are wringing their hands about what to do. Thousands of tons of smart bombs have been dropped on them but everyone knows that bombing will change little. It has been shown in the past that prayer does work, so I am enthusiastic in my support of my good friend James Twyman, also known as the Peace Troubador, in spreading the word about his Syrian Peace vigil, inviting you to join him in sending prayers for peace in the Middle East, as well as participating in his peace concert. The power of prayer is well known, but it is also a fact that the more people there are participating at the same time, the greater the effect. So, your prayers WILL make a difference. Details are below.



James Tyman


In Gratitude for your support…

I have a special present for you

I cannot express my gratitude for your support with the Syrian Peace Vigil. The response has been overwhelming. Today I did three different television interviews because the excitement is spreading so fast. HERE are two of them (both on the same page) for you to watch. It shows how happy people are getting about sending positive energy to a very tragic situation.

Why am I doing this crazy thing?

So many people have asked me that question, and the only answer I can give is that I feel called by Spirit to bear witness to the reality of peace. We need people who are courageous enough to make a stand for compassion and love, and this is the way for me. I want to demonstrate the power of prayer, and having millions of people focusing their energy and prayers on ISIS is what we need today, I truly believe. You clearly agree or you would not have joined this vigil. Together we can demonstrate that focused, affirmative prayer is not only powerful, but is THE most powerful force in the universe.

I Want To Share a Special Gift With You

Several years ago I led a group of 40 people on a 110 mile walk to Assisi, Italy to pray the 12 peace prayers, the same ones I will be singing in Syria. We shot a full length movie during the walk and concert in Assisi, and today I uploaded it onto YouTube to share with all of you. It will give you an idea of how powerful these prayers are, and why it’s important for us to join together for this holy purpose. Watch it and share with everyone who believes in the power of Affirmative Prayer. CLICK HERE to watch The Camino of Saint Francis.

Most Importantly…

Please continue to share this vigil with everyone you know. We already have thousands of people who have registered. We will send out an email one day before the concert with the exact time of the vigil, and where James will share the peace prayers. Please forward this email to others so they can watch the news clips and The Camino of Saint Francis, and encourage them to join us for the prayer vigil. To Join The Vigil CLICK HERE.

Peace and Good,
James Twyman

James Twyman

4 thoughts on “ISIS Prayer Vigil…A Gift For You

  1. Marilyn

    Thank you for your generous dedication to being a peace pilgrim for this on so desperate situation. I and my friends will be joining you in prayer. Blessings and the light of our Divine Father-Mother God enfold you as you pilgrim. Through Syria. Marilyn

  2. Gabriele

    IS Prayer Vigil – A Gift For You

    Dear Colin, dear James,

    thank you for all you do to make the world a brighter and more loving place!
    And thank you for spreading the info about this mind-boggling project.

    Here’s an additional step everyone who reads this can take:

    1. Start calling the daesh/ ISIL/ IS/ so-called IS by any other name than that of the Egyptian Mother Goddess!

    This term and its frequent use in the US media is causing major problems online & IRL for girls, women & spiritual organizations* named for Her, the Goddess With A Thousand Names.

    This change in language would also be an expression of religious respect towards those who believe in, love & work with & for the Goddess Isis.

    2. Contact your local & national news organizations to make them change their policy. [In Germany e.g., they consistently use the term “so-called Islamic State”.]

    In Peace & Light


    * such as the New Age-bookstore which was attacked before Christmas

    P.S.: There is at least one online-petition on on this subject.

  3. Ruthe Barnudy

    For years I have shared in the New Years Eve Worldwide Healing Meditation program initiated by John Randolf Price and am pleased to participate and share this with others for I Know It does make a difference.

  4. mary murphy

    Thank you for your calling and your invitation. I have invited a huge number of friends and colleagues. I hope this vigil turns into something “regular”: such as a monthly day or a weekly day of prayer and fasting for peace. In peace and delight our true nature/s abide.

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