Inner Critic Eviction Notice

evictionRadical Forgiveness is the unconditional acceptance of what is, as is; because that is exactly how it is meant to be. When we apply this to ourselves, we can say that Radical Self-Forgiveness is accepting the consequences of being ourselves. We are who we are because that’s exactly who we are meant to be.  

That said, most people would agree that finding love, forgiveness and acceptance for others is much easier than finding it for ourselves. Sometimes, our own self-hatred is so deep that it is very hard for us to rise above it and touch the essence of who we really are, which is Love.

Some say our self-hatred is rooted in our shame for having chosen to separate from God against His will… the original sin. I don’t believe this at all. On the contrary, I would venture to say that our self-hatred is the result of organized religion having drummed into us that we are sinners and in need of being saved by someone or something else. How dis-empowering and shaming is that? No wonder we hate ourselves.

The result is that we have become deeply divided within and have split ourselves into multiple personalities or archetypes. Herein lies the problem with self-forgiveness. We are not a singular self but a whole community of selves, all of whom have different ideas about who we are and how we should show up in the world. Included among this rabble are myriad inner voices: judge, lover, clown, parent, child, professor, prostitute, critic, saboteur, and probably several more unique to each person.

It’s not surprising we have trouble accepting ourselves just the way we are, with such an incredible cast of characters inside our heads. They are a noisy, argumentative lot, filling us with conflicting stories about ourselves. It all gets to be very confusing.

The two that create the most problems are the inner judge and the inner critic. The inner parent can be troublesome too, so make that three. Unfortunately they are the noisiest members of the community, so it is often their voices we hear in our heads telling us we are not OK and that we have to be different to the way we are. When we appeal to them for self-forgiveness, they always say NO! They love to make us feel guilty and unloved.

Knowing what we know about Radical Forgiveness, the solution is obvious: We do an end run around our collective human self (Our Ego), and make a direct appeal for self-forgiveness to the one true self that recognizes the perfection of who we are just the way we are – our Higher Self. This is the part of us that loves us unconditionally just the way we are. As soon as we connect to this only true part of us, the rabble inside our head goes quiet. They realize they have no power left over us now.  Forgiveness is always given by your Higher Self, because it knows the Truth.

In the same way Radical Forgiveness tools give us a way to get direct access to our Higher Self, the Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance worksheet is available to circumvent the self-loathing that nasty rabble keeps chattering about to your ego. You may download a copy of it by clicking this link: Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Worksheet

My book, Radical Self-Forgiveness, The Direct Path to True Self-Acceptance, is also available to people who want to dig a little deeper and really get to the heart of the matter.

Regardless of which tool you choose, it’s time to give that quarrelsome rabble the boot and start truly loving yourself.

6 thoughts on “Inner Critic Eviction Notice

  1. Bridgette

    Thanks for such an interesting blog. I especially loved the very first paragraph which encourages us to accept who we are and where we are now, as it is where we are meant to be. For me, that means being here now with the lesson-opportunity in front of us. Trying to figure it all out on the ego level may be highly attractive at times, but ultimately, counter productive to the real goal. Whether you believe your current situation is due to a hereditary disposition, bad karma, “original sin” , bad luck or just bad choices–assigning the “reason” doesn’t change the situation you feel you are in, but does divert and delay you from making peace with it. Radical forgiveness allows you to get to the heart of the matter on the level where you can accept and move on- on the level of your higher self.

  2. Angela Bardon

    Sin means to miss the mark. The word sin is actually an ancient archery term, which meant to miss the mark. To love unconditionally is not to sin, every time we judge another instead of loving them unconditionally we are sinning. Everytime we judge ourselves and hate ourselves good or bad, or our thoughts, behavior or feelings we are sinning. Sin is not about sex it is about our ability to love all of creation good or bad unconditionally. If we read the love laws in the bible, to judge another is a sin, when we judge and criticise others we incarnate into another life time so that we can walk a path in another mans shoes so that we can come to a place of understanding and non judgement. Spiritual learning is eternal/ infinite. The serpent read from a Jewish or Gnostic perspective symbolizes wisdom, to grow in wisdom we have to face many difficult spiritual tests and challenges. To sit in a state of non-judgement means one is an ancient soul that has journeyed throughout many life times experiencing both their own light and the darker side of their nature and hence have learnt to love and understand the necessity for both the light and the darkness in the universe. You can’t say that you love God if you don’t love and see the divine source operating in everything in creation, good and bad. So don’t just see God as good because God is everything and nothing. By the way if you have read the Book of Job properly you would know that Satan is a servant of God, not God’s enemy. I have been spiritually cleansed and purified in this life. As apart of my own spiritual cleansing and purification I had to look at the darkest aspects of myself and learn to love and understand these aspects of myself and their purpose in the whole of creation. It is through doing many years of spiritual healing work that I have come to love creation and accept creation just as it is and I no longer carry any guilt in my consciousness. To sin means not to love unconditionally, if you judge anything in creation you are judging God manifesting into physical existence in order to come to perceive and know God. Theologians on the whole don’t understand how the universe works because they are not working esoterically (within themselves) to understand how the universe works, they study exoterically which there is nothing wrong with studying exoterically. However we really start to understand the universe when we move onto the esoteric or feminine path and learn from within. Jesus did say God exists within everything as well as within ourselves. Hence everything we need to know about how the universe works exists within ourselves. It is actually through the feminine (intuition, insight, and altered states of consciousness) not the masculine that we connect with our higher-self, the void or nothingness or dazzling darkness, that’s what the Christian mystics call the divine source. I have studied theology and walk an esoteric path. I found theology to be lacking because to understand scripture one has to read it esoterically. Anyway the main thing here is that everyone seems to have the definition of sin mixed up. But I do understand that everyone including myself are simply speaking from our own level of spiritual evolutionary growth and learning, so nothing I say is going to change what anyone else thinks. By the way you have to fall and have the human experience to grow with wisdom, you can’t find the light without walking through the darkness. Blessings All.

    1. Christina Bella


      What a perfect name for you. Your response of wisdom and heart was exactly what I needed at this point in time, particularly accepting the dark side of ourselves with love and understanding (my interpretation). I will contemplate your response deeply. It is brilliant (where I am at for sure).

      With all my heart and LOVE,
      Christina Bella

      1. Christina Bella

        Oops, wasn’t sure if the reply was to responders (like Angela) or Colin. Anyhow, to the moderator, I get it if you do not post my response to Angela’s post. The universe knows all. Feeling the love regardless. Thank you Colin for sharing your journey and being authentic. This too will help many. Have been using your worksheets for years, bless you and your family, bless us all. Ultimately, may be get to that place of Forgiveness is, with total Self acceptance and unconditional love.

  3. Fay

    How true your words are Colin. I have often felt guilty about doing something to somebody only to understand years later that they have completely forgotten all about it and didn’t worry about it as I had done. I have been working with Radical Forgiveness tools and I bless you ( not referring to any specific god but to goodness in general!)
    for creating these tools and teaching those who want to learn about making one’s life better by just ignoring the self-critic, the inner judge and the “parent”. It is not yet quite as automatic as I would wish it to be – but I am getting there.

    May your return to perfect health ASAP!
    with love and best wishes

  4. Anne Jennings

    Radical Forgiveness literally changed my life and very possibly SAVED my life too. For the first time I was truly to accept past issues which had haunted me for years. I was finally able to understand that everything is perfect in its own way. It’s a very hard concept at first, but once truly understood it is life changing and life can move on. I wish I’d had this book years ago. I will always feel hugely indebted to Colin. I wish him all the very best in his present predicament. He is getting through it. We need you Colin!

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