Yes, I arrived back home from the UK on Thursday, Dec 28th and am just about over the jet lag as of today I think. We had a heavy snow storm that day in England that threatened to put a crimp in my travel plan, but we did get away OK without any delays. I’d spent Christmas with my eldest daughter and family which was wonderful, but I wanted to be back in Atlanta for New Year. Speaking of which, my main purpose in writing this is to wish you all the very best for 2018.

As you know, I had delayed my return to Atlanta on the expectation that I would be in hospital for an extended stay which would have meant me not being able to get back home until late January, early February. But having refused surgery I was free to fly whenever I could get a seat, so I took the opportunity to stay over Christmas and be with family for the first time in over 30 years. JoAnn meanwhile had to go back in November because she only has a visitor’s visa and that last only 6 months. So we exchanged gifts last night in front of the fire. It was lovely.

I am feeling great and am looking forward to doing some exciting things this year again. Two brand new workshops, the usual Miracles workshop, a live training and lots of VIP Days in between. I’m already booked for two retreats in Switzerland and a workshop in Ukraine for the latter half of the year, so we are all jazzed up and ready to boogie.

I won’t burden you with all that right now, but I’ll give you all the details once all the New Year festivities are over and you are in the mood to think about what you might want to treat yourself to in 2018. I look forward to seeing you.

Once again, Happy New Year and may you be truly blessed in every way as the year unfolds.

Love and blessings,

52 thoughts on “I’M HOME

  1. Colleen McAllister

    Peace and blessings to you and yours. Your work has brought peace and joy to many of us, for which we – and you – are grateful and humbled.

    1. Jane Fellman

      Hi Colin, I am no better at figuring out how to leave a message, etc than before.

      Hardly a day passes that I do not think about what you have taught me and the multitudes of others—-even more than once a day, now especially, given this seeming “coup.” I have tried a few times to suggest to others the “gift” that Harvey Weinstein, following Trump’s admissions, has given us. A little hard for many to appreciate at first thought and easier for those vibrating with Radical Forgiveness inclinations. More direct sorrow about Al Franken. Have read articles about his milieu in which both the men and woman in this certain professional, entertainment venues interacted, joked and teased one another, the two in which he was involved. His first public accuser struck others with whom I chatted and me as perhaps unauthentic,. I do not mean to excuse him, or not excuse him but to face some of the complexities and pain existing on the “human” plane as we hope we pray that l we can make productive changes. Tragic and flawed heroes and heroines as Shakespear and others write. Miss you Colin and pray for your on-going healing, satisfaction and joyfulness. Recalling some our sessions doing interpretations through our artwork as well. Love to you both and your families.

      1. Johannah

        Welcome Home Colin. Wishing all the best for you and your family for the coming year. Looking forward to hearing more good new in the near future.

      2. Maria Gomez

        Hi Colin, I am so glad about your plans, I wish you the best in both challenges, the training seminars and the health issues. Best regards and all love and support from Cali Colombia for you and your wife. Happy New Year!

    2. Carol Rossio

      Hi Colin –
      I am so happy to know that you are LIVING with gusto! An inspiration to me and to us all I suppose. Thanks for being such a role model for health. Best to you and your family in 2018!

    3. Yukari drucker

      Wonderful to know you are doing well. May the new year bring you health beyond belief and joy of life for you and your family.

  2. Eileen Knoud

    You’re an inspiration to all of us, Colin. You remind me that all’s right in God’s world, and that I only have to listen to know serenity. Blessings on you and yours today and always.

  3. Fay

    God Bless you and return you to good health so you can continue to help all of us get rid of the burdens we carry – which are not good for us!
    Happy New Year to you and all your family and Many MORE happy and healthy NEW YEARS

  4. Ruth Duffield

    Thank you for your welcome update Colin.

    It is wonderful to know that you have recovered without the need for surgery.

    You remain an inspiration to me.

    Happy New Year to you and JoAnn.


    from England


  5. Rev. Jeanette Bohnen

    I am so blessed by your program and being a new Radical Forgiveness coach. I believe your program is the only way to find peace through radical forgiveness. Thank you for all you have and are doing for everyone.

  6. Ekaterina Seletckaia

    Thank you Colin! I hope you feel better and I wish you a great new year, wonderful time and lots joy, happiness, peace and love! Stay healthy and be strong! You open for people amazing view of the world – thank you!
    God bless you!🙏🏻👼🏼🎄🎉

  7. Linda L. Millek

    What Divine Timing to receive this email in my inbox as I opened my eyes from a profound gratitude meditation. I find myself in Atlanta this weekend with musician David Young and an invitation to a New Year’s Eve party where I hear you Colin, will be attending and so looking forward to meeting you in person. Your book Radical Forgiveness is one of my favorites to share with clients, friends and therapists for their clients having reread it just a few months ago and adding it to my Recommended Reading List for others as I prepare to publish in the coming year.

    Many Blessings of Love, good health and Grace to All for the coming New Year.
    Linda L. Millek

  8. Lucy

    I hope you have a great 2018. Thank you for your inspiration. I am seriously considering booking your UK workshop next September

  9. Doris Moreau

    It is with heartfelt thanks that I say, “May the loving spirit of 2018 continue to bless you and your family in every way.”

  10. Pauline Berry

    So pleased to hear that you had a lovely Christmas with your family in my country of birth and that you are now safetly back in your home with Joanne. Wishing you everything you wish for yourself in 2018. 🙂

  11. Elke

    Dear Collin so nice to hear feom you ando to now that you are doing great, I wish you and Joann a wonderfull 2018! Plenty joy and laughter! Wish to see you soon in Perú!
    Lots of love!

  12. Wolfgang

    Thank you Colin for all your contributions to so many and of course also to me.
    May 2018 be a fulfilling, inspiring and healing year for you and your beloved ones.
    Love and blessings, Wolfgang

  13. Dwight

    Hi Colin, glad to hear you have had a great xmas, and more importantly got to spend time and make memories for you and yours that will last for decades to come. Wishing you the best of luck with your health journey and will be thinking happy thoughts for you.

  14. Cathy

    How wonderful to hear from you!
    Happy New Year to you and JoAnn.
    Sending my continued love and light your way.

  15. Katherine

    Happy New Year! Let’s all fill the year with love, understanding and patience…enjoy all your celebrations, be safe and be silly! And remember to be forgiving to those who aren’t quite ready to spread the love. Namaste.
    Love and light to all!

  16. Trypheyna

    Sending you much love and light Colin. Your ripples are continually spreading across the world. I share your wonderful forgiveness work with my students here in Australia who study, with me, about the Intimacy of Death and Dying .

  17. Reena

    Dear Colin, wish you and Joann a wonderful 2018 filled with joy and peace.
    Grateful for the insights I have had through Radical Forgiveness. It’s changed my perspective of life and forgiveness entirely.
    Love Always

  18. Kathryn Morgan

    YAY! Colin, so happy to hear of all your good news, healing, and health! Have a blessed and blissful 2018! With love, Kathryn

  19. Carolyn Carroll

    Dear Colin,
    Thank you so very much for your recent letters which, I know, come from your heart. Colin, you are a “way show-er” . Having read your book a number of years ago, the times are countless that I have both used and shared your concepts! Thank you. You are a courageous individual and an inspiration to myself and many others! May you know many blessings and much love in 2018 and years beyond. “Radical Forgiveness” works, it really works! Thank you for sharing, I am very grateful for your generous spirit! Carolyn

  20. Arlette

    Super To hear the great news👍
    feel your bubbling contagious energy .. radiating love and light for a great healthy peaceful loving year to ye and all your readers
    Bless our planet xxxxx a

  21. Katie Klein

    Happy New Year Colin and JoAnn! Happy all is well and you were able to spend Christmas with your family Colin.
    I just finished my Radical Living Coach training. Thank you for all of the healing, support and blessings you, Joann, Shari and Karla have brought into my life. You are all amazing people. I look forward to being able to help pass on and share those blessings with others. Much love to you all and I look forward to learning about all of the new tools you are learning through the continuation of your own healing journey. ❤️

  22. Joyce Spackman

    We are so glad that your Christmas was so good and so glad that you are home safe and well with JoAnn.happy new year to you both until we meet again next year.
    Love from one of your oldest friends. Joyce & Tony xxx

  23. Michele

    Hello! I used your time away to be a non-self sabotaging time of dedicating to my RL training.. my alter with your photo and one from a coach training weekend has been a space of energy.
    I’m thankful for your presence and this year of transformation, fueled by you.
    That being said..
    Your health and energy are priority.
    Be illuminated with healing sent from all of us and Spirit.
    We love you.

  24. Maire-Ros O'Rahilly

    Such good news Colin. Delighted for you. Sending love blessings and magic in 2018. Big love Maire-Ros

  25. Adrian Richie

    Happy New Year my friend! Glad to know you are doing well. Hope to see you somewhere again this year!

  26. Thomas McDow

    Colin, so happy for you! Happy New Year! I am glad you made it home!
    Thank you for being an inspiration!
    Thomas McDow

  27. Dinny Evans

    Happy New Year Colin and JoAnn!! It was great to hear from you. I know 2018 is going to be great and busy for us all as we have lots of reframing to do with our leader and chief (sic)! I always look forward to messages from you and send you love and hugs!

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