Health Update

Health Update

As promised, I have been restricting my cancer treatment updates just to the Facebook group we created for that purpose, called Colin’s Wellness Journal. However, several people have contacted us to say they don’t have a Facebook account. So, I thought everyone might find this particular interview interesting.

My good friend and colleague Burge Smith asked if she could interview me about my healing journey and I agreed. She also interviews JoAnn. I think she did a great job. Feel free to comment on it if you feel inclined.

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  1. Simon Salisbury

    Colin I am working with prostate cancer t3, I am 53, waiting to see if surgery is possible, meanwhile chanting for my mission and doing forgiveness.
    Colin I can hear sadness and fear in your voice, it is ok to be scared and vulnerable, you live in the US it is all big , money success etc, that’s fine , but sometimes small cute is just as good. We can admit we are wrong, nothing bad in that. Spirit sends us messages to learn from we need to listen and not talk. I feel scared deep down I am thankful for your work, I am very poor so can’t afford the non free stuff. But I can’t help feeling spirit would flow if there is some way to help poor people like me access it, I know you have to make a living but living is what it is all about.
    I am waiting to see from a third Dr if it is possible to do surgery with out incontinence and dysfunction. I live in Spain do you know if the heat therapy is available here on the nhs?
    We will change this poison into medicine and learn from it the both of us.

    Love Simon Salisbury

  2. Brenda Taylor

    Love you and Jo Anne, Colin! You are certainly on an interesting healing path. I think of you often. Sending positive healing light and love. Thank you for keeping us informed. Excited for your plans to have a Radical Forgiveness Center. I look forward to visiting there.
    Hugs and love,
    Brenda Taylor

  3. margit

    Thank you for sharing. I had signed up to follow you on Facebook, but I really don’t use Facebook a lot; but I’ve been thinking about you, Colin, and sending positive energies to you.

    Your honesty about bringing this on to yourself is very impressive. It teaches me that I have to do some more work on myself to find out why I have brought on certain challenges in my life. They are not physical, but have to do with people and circumstances..

    Your idea about “Going Global” with Forgiveness is the way to go!

  4. Corinne

    KEEP ON GOING! AWESOME TRANSFORMATION, I support you in your power and magnificence – raising the vibration as a commUNITY to PEACE. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.<3 Corinne

  5. Donna Jo Bergman

    Colin, I look for “root cause” of dis-ease and defuse
    the experience.. I call the process Divine-Alchemy.
    Lise Bourbeau has a book called, Love Yourself
    that has physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
    blocks.. Most experiences are either forgotten, denied
    or blocked… I ask the body, using muscle testing
    for exact age of cause for this symptom of_____.
    Then in hypnosis, I have them go back and clear the shock,
    trauma, drama, all the pain, guilt, shame, etc..
    It is usually always a deep wound… Lise’s book is more
    detailed than Louise Hay’s book that deals with
    causes.. I feel blessed to have this way of assisting others.. Good luck to you..
    I was diagnosed with DCIS in left breast in 2004. I used these tools
    and healed myself without chemo/rad or prescriptions.
    Left Breast issues are being unloved, unnurtured as a child.. 🙂

  6. Anne

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It’s so inspiring. I’m sending you positive energy and love and I think that taking Radical Forgiveness at an international level is a great project and the way to go… The best of luck!

  7. Anne

    For the inspirational, beautiful, Healing Angels, Colin and JoAnn… love and blessings to you both. Thank you for showing how all the stories are layered in nuggets of wisdom and that it’s never too late to see things differently. Looking forward to meeting again, at your UK centre for sure… xxxxxxxx

  8. LJS

    Enjoyed the interview and am glad things are going so well. I was happy to hear you speak of humility because I think it is an important aspect of doing healing work. At the same time as I am watching the interview . I am thinking about all the people who don’t have the money to do all the supportive therapies that seem to make the whole process easier. I hope when you open your center you will be able to find a way to help people achieve some of these things in a way in which they can afford them as well as some of your own workshops. I have not had the financial resources available to come and work with you in Georgia even though I have often thought I would like to do such. If you really want to achieve more I think finding a way to reach the masses would be ideal and the masses cannot afford the prices that you charge for your workshops…not only the cost , but having to travel there, stay, etc. It adds up very, very quickly and for some of us becomes impossible with all the other responsibilities we have. I think back to some of my training where room and board was made available as part of the reasonable cost of the workshop and it was great, not only because of the costs but the opportunity to develop camaraderie outside the actual workshop.

  9. Kelly

    Thank you Colin for sharing your courage, bravery and deep honesty…this is so very, very inspiring to me!!! Peace and love dear one!!

  10. Margaret Taylor

    Lovely video!
    As I have said before, I am 82 years old, but follow your blogs, Colin, pray for you, and wish you well. Of course, it will be much cheaper to have treatment in England, having myself come from there 60 years ago to Canada!

    You would do well here in Canada. We have excellent expert cancer treatments, and ‘new age’ people too. Never mind, you will go back to the ‘old country’ and sort of retire with your wonderful Radical Forgiveness etc., philosophy, sharing what you know with us all.

    Best of luck, and know you have lots of support and prayers…

    Gratitude that you are in the world.

    Margaret Taylor.

  11. denise buster

    Dear Colin,
    I am so grateful for being given the gift of radical forgiveness it has given me a new life, I wish i would of found it before i was 45 years old lol but it is a gift from God. Your sure not done here in the world much more to teach us ….

    thankyou for being you
    Many blessings to you ,

  12. Sharon Honerlah

    Your wife is enchanting and holds a beautiful space to received love. Colin, OMG, you certainly have been on a beautiful trail of waking. I do wish to say ” you” did not create this on the level Burge is insisting you did and wanting you to come forth with the “why”. That is just a weird question she asked!! You are pure energy and of the light. All else is man-made poop. You have done nothing wrong. You are spirit, go for that feeling and allow yourself to received all that is within you already. Is there really anything to forgive except yourself for forgetting who YOU are. Shine sweet man!

  13. Sabine

    Wow, Colin, I looove the vision you shared here about the Radical Forgiveness Center! What a great idea and for sure a very good reason to hang out here with us a while longer. It is fantastic how this health challenge leads to you becoming clear on what you want to accomplish. Thanks for showing us that everything happens for a reason. I wish you all the best for your healing and thriving process. Love and blessings 😡 Sabine

  14. Sabine

    Sorry for the angry smiley. It was meant to be a heart to show love. For some reason it turned out to be the contrary. It was not intended.

  15. Althea

    Thank you for being so honest and vulnerable, Colin. You and JoAnn are a strong team and your love and support for each other is truly palpable in this video.

    Watching you talk about your feelings prior to this ‘event’, I was reminded of the work of Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer. He researched emotional triggers of patients with different types of cancers and found a correlation between rectal cancer and, as he puts it, a ‘fear of being useless’. This would seem to line up with your own line of thinking. Just found that interesting.

    Hopefully, this whole thing has been the ‘kick up the arse’ (pun intended) that you needed to realise how valued, appreciated and loved you are. That the work you are doing is extremely valuable and that you have a lot more to offer the world yet!
    Excited to hear about your dreams for a Radical Forgiveness Centre (especially as I’m UK based).
    Much love to you all, and here’s to a happy return to England!


  16. Regina Seoane

    dear Collin
    Nice to hear things aré flowing in the best way possible.
    Keep it up an keep us informed.
    Lima, Perú

  17. Ayana Mishelle Hendricks

    I just watched the video it was so good to see you and Joann. Sending you much love and keeping you my prayers. Love you both so much. Hope to see you soon.

  18. Ana Holub

    Thanks for this video – it’s so great to connect with you, Colin and JoAnn! I continue to keep you both in my heart and I’m so glad you are doing so well. I love the vision of creating a center in England. All the very best to you and all of our FB team.

    While I was watching you, I thought of the video of Peter Van Dyk that was taken of him a little over a year ago, in which he speaks of his total surrender to God. I know how much he loves and supports you as well.

    xoxo Ana

    Audio of Pete talking about surrender while he had cancer, with silent video clips from the past few years:

  19. Dinny Evans

    What a lovely interview with you both! It was so wonderful to see how sweet, vulnerable, honest and true Colin you and JoAnn both are! Inspirational is what I keep saying over and over again! And I love JoAnn’s reference to Karen Taylor Good’s song, a great reminder for all of us. Hugs and kisses to you both!! and also Burg Smith for a great presence from her! xoxoxox

  20. arlette

    just listening to you and i got this flash,,, as were all one and Connected (ACIM) why not do several webinars with all of us on your newsletter all of us together doing the Sartori breathing exercise all us you we,, working and releasinf all the tensions or illness all ‘mal-etre’ all together how powerful would /could that be for all…. can you imagine the releaseing of energy and making room for Healing and miracles,, ,,, why not ,,, lets do it blessings all one alltogether blessings YES YES love love love to all
    arlette xxx

    1. arlette

      forgot to mention that this could uplift the consciouseness of the world so bonuses all round ,, 🙂

  21. Iiris Bjornberg

    Rakas Colin,
    I wish you strenght and courage on your journey!
    And I send you love and bright healing light from Suomi-Finland!
    With many blessings,
    Iiris in Helsinki

  22. Randy Peyser

    Having gone through breast cancer, chemo and radiation, I understand the incessant fear that can take over one’s life. The only thing that helped me with the fear piece, (and I was quite surprised by this, because I had no belief or understanding of it prior to my experience of it), was Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). There are plenty of free videos on YouTube about it. Maybe you already do it or know about it. It’s the only thing that brought me peace. I send love, strength, and support to you, Colin. Love, Randy Peyser

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