From Russia With Love

We arrived in Moscow on my 74th birthday, September 30th, to do a free evening workshop, a two-day workshop that had attracted 190 people, and a ten day training for 32 would-be Radical Living Coaches. This we have just completed and will be on our way back to our flat in England tomorrow, tired but exhilarated.

The whole trip has been amazing. The workshop was full to the brim and ended with a standing ovation that went on and on for a long time. The training has been a great success and will, within a month – they still have a quiz to pass – have produced a whole bunch of new Radical Living Coaches for Russia and Ukraine.Colin in Russwia 2015

Upon our arrival in Moscow, we were met by German Semenyuk, our intrepid Radical Living Master Coach and organizer of all our workshops and training in Russia. (His first name is pronounced ‘geearmun,’ beginning with the hard ‘G’ as in gear or great.) I want to tell you about him. He is amazing.

In 2011, I offered, in England, a live supplementary training to the online program. It was not a full-on live training like the one coming up in January in the U.S. Nevertheless, German turned up with his own interpreter.

He had signed up for the online course but wanted to get it ‘from the horse’s mouth’ so to speak. So he came from Moscow to England to get it. That was my first intimation that this was a guy with a lot of commitment. I had yet to learn the full extent of it.

Through his interpreter he indicated he wanted to be the person to introduce Radical Forgiveness to the Russian-speaking world. Now, I’ve heard that kind of thing from a lot of people in the past and always take it with a grain of salt. However, German was for real.

In spite of being able to speak very little English, he soon passed the test with very high marks, to become fully qualified as a Radical Forgiveness Coach.

Since then, he has organized workshops for me in Moscow three years running to-date, everyone of which has pulled around 200 participants. In the last two years, he has created Live Training programs in Moscow, each one of them with 32 students enrolled. Next year it will be the same thing in St. Petersburg and 2017, Kiev the capital of Ukraine. He has founded the Radical Forgiveness Institute in Russia.

Besides all that, he has personally taken Radical Forgiveness all around Russia doing workshops and ceremonies to the point where Radical Forgiveness has become almost a household word. That is why we get so many people in the workshops and training. The Russians really do get it! Oh, and did I mention he also has a day job – 4 days a week?

He has had all the manuals, worksheets, handouts and other material for both the workshops and the training translated to the highest possible standard, so the whole training program is in Russian. I teach it in English, of course, with a live translator, but all the collateral material is provided in Russian. His organizational skills are second to none, so the workshops run like clockwork. Did I mention he is a Virgo?

But, wait. There’s more.

German Semenyuk

He has translated and produced Russian copies of the Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Online Program, the Online Money Program and the Online Weight Loss Program. He has done the same with the 21 Days for Forgiving Your Parents Online Program and the Forgiving Your Partner Online Program. He has also translated and produced a fine copy of the ‘Satori’ Radical Forgiveness Game. They are selling like hotcakes in Russia! All the coaches trained so far use them with their clients all the time.

German Semenyuk is an extraordinary guy, and I am in awe of his commitment to Radical Forgiveness.

I am so blessed, believe it or not, German is not the only person who works in this way to support me in my work in their respective countries. I have Hina and Thomas who have been doing exactly the same kind of thing in Germany and Switzerland. I had Erek in Poland who, though he has in recent years moved on, hosted me many times in that country and himself trained many RF coaches. I also have Muss Hernandez in Peru who does much the same thing, getting over 100 in my first workshop there last year. I am scheduled to do a live training there with her in April, and I know that Muss will do a fantastic job of organizing it and attracting participants. I’m grateful too for Margrit in Switzerland for organizing workshops in that beautiful land.

These I consider my ‘Angels on the Ground.’ Without them, I would not be able to do my work in those countries, and I am forever grateful to them. And the really wonderful thing about it is they are all my closest friends.

So, for all that it has been hard work here for the last 16 days, working full on for all but two of them. I am leaving Moscow feeling energized and full of good health, with fond memories and appreciation for the beautiful, wonderful people I leave behind. I have every confidence they will make terrific Radical Living Coaches.

I look forward to training another bunch just like them in January in the U.S. and being back next year in St. Petersburg working once more with my dear friend and working partner, German Semenyuk, not to mention, of course, enjoying the company of his beautiful wife, Anna. (Yes, German found time last year to actually get married. Amazing!)

But, having spent all five of my previous birthdays, including this one just past, either working or flying, I have made a promise to myself. I will not do the same on my 75th next year. I will do nothing other than celebrate and recount all the many ways I am blessed with the people I have the good fortune to count as my friends.

With love from Russia,

7 thoughts on “From Russia With Love

  1. Natalia Katushenok

    Dear Colin !
    These were 14 unforgettable days! With all my heart I thank you and Joanne for the wonderful celebration of the soul !
    May God grant you good health and many years of happy life, so that more people could get to know you and your excellent work!
    (Sorry for my poor English :))

  2. Elsa

    Firstly a belated happy birthday to you Colin and thank you for sharing a very interesting account of your trip to Russia. I have enjoyed it very much. You have awaken a thought in me to start investigating about starting here in South Africa next year.

    Enjoy the rest of your day



  3. Marie

    Colin I am so excited for you and for all those people whose hearts were touched. How lucky we are to have someone like you taking your work around the world and teaching others to become radical forgiveness coaches.

    Congratulations and a belated happy birthday fellow Libran

    Blessings Marie

  4. grace

    Thank you for being you! I can not thank you enough for doing what you are doing
    Many more happy birthdays, however you want to celebrate them
    I feel filled with energy whenever I read your letters
    All my blessings for you and all doing this work

  5. Pete

    Happy Birthday Colin!!
    Congratulations for letting your Genie out of the bottle and spreading it on our planet.

  6. Ana Holub

    Hi Colin, Thanks so much for posting this. It’s wonderful and so inspiring to read about what people are doing with your amazing work around the world. It gives me a great feeling, knowing how much our community of peacemakers is spreading worldwide!

    For all RF coaches and trainers – I recently started a facebook page with my friend, Eileen Barker called Forgiveness Teacher’s Alliance. Please check it out and join if you feel moved. Our purpose is to link people who are doing great work (counseling, teaching, films, theater, etc.) about forgiveness globally.

    Many blessings to everyone!

    love and gratitude, Ana

  7. John

    Congratulations on your suçcess in Russia and Ukraine. I’m delighted to hear about this. And of course happy birthday to you. My love and best wishes for your endeavours Colin,

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