Endings and Beginnings

beginningsYou’ll be pleased to know that my 28-day daily dance with chemo and radiation ended on Tuesday. Yippee! Thank you for all your love and support. It helped a great deal. The oncologist at the end said, “You’ve just breezed through this without a scratch, haven’t you.” I said, “Yes, but I’ve had a lot of help.”

The same day I ended my treatment, our brand new website was launched. A great new beginning! Have you seen it yet? I hope you like it.

Anyway, I’m feeling great and ready to begin the Brachytherapy treatment in England on the 19th. (I explain this and the other forms of treatment I’ve been doing in the Colin’s Wellness Journal Facebook Group Page. Click here to catch up with what’s been going on if you wish to know the full story.)

JoAnn left last Sunday and is now in England checking on the latest crop circles that have appeared and other esoteric stuff. I leave on Tuesday and will meet up with her on Wednesday. We’ll be there until November.

My final treatment session on Tuesday with Dr. Lee, my acupuncture guy, was also very interesting. He had studied for 10 years with a master in Korea who told him that all ailments, diseases, body issues, etc., come from the mind.

For years, Lee resisted that idea and did not believe him. But then he got liver cancer himself and realized then that the master was right. Lee was very angry with his father for abusing him as a boy and hadn’t spoken to him for 10 years. He knew that anger settled in the liver and realized his cancer was a message for him to forgive his father. He found a way to do it and cured himself completely.

Of course, I told him about Radical Forgiveness and the cancer retreats we did in the 90s, and he asked if I would do a lecture at the next annual open day.

Then he turned to me and told me what I already knew and have been teaching for years; that basically cancer is connected with beliefs about death, dying and mortality. It is the outplaying of a subconscious wish to check out, or at least to examine whether one wants to live much longer in a physical body on this plane. He thought this applied to me at some level.

I knew he was right about this for me. I had already confronted myself on this issue as those of you who have been following my FB page will know from having watched the dialog I had with “Charlie,” (my name for the cancer), since that issue was explored during the video session.

I admit that even at the conscious level I had been wondering whether having reached age 73, coming up 74, it was time to go home. I had discussed it in these terms to JoAnn, my men’s group, and other friends I trust. No doubt my subconscious mind was on this wavelength too.

Not that I was unhappy or unfulfilled. That wasn’t it. I felt I had, more or less, done what I had come in to do, changed a few lives and made a bit of a difference. Not that I couldn’t go on doing my work for a few more years, of course.

But I have gotten my business to the point where it no longer needs me to be active in it because I have trained others to do what I do. Radical Forgiveness will live on no matter if I am alive or dead.

So, I was asking myself, was there really a whole lot of point in living on if only to decline gradually in health and vitality and be not much use to anyone? I was not being morbid. I was simply thinking it through.

I don’t believe longevity for the sake of it is necessarily a good idea. Why not move on while you have the ability to make that decision and are able to move through the death experience consciously and with full awareness?

But my Higher Self had other ideas about this. I’ve tested it every which way I know, from using my trusty pendulum, muscle testing it from every possible angle, having readings from a shaman, a clairvoyant, and a channel, not to mention all the clear “signs” I get when I pay attention, but it seems I am supposed to stay for at least a couple of decades more yet.

Not just to continue doing the same work until I run out of steam, necessarily but to do something new and different. What that is, I have no idea, but I do know now that it portends an ending and a beginning. It is exciting — and all the more so for not knowing.

The other day I took some time to plot on a timeline all the moments of significant change in my life. I was staggered to discover a clear pattern of 4 all the way from birth to now. (Note: It is almost four years to the day since our last website makeover and the launch of this one.)

So I have made a conscious commitment to stay here in this body and on this physical plane for at least 3 more cycles of four years. Unless I am shown different, I see myself continuing doing Radical Forgiveness for the next 4 years, but in a different, more expanded way as you will come to see as we roll out our new programs for 2016. You might even get a sense of it from looking at the new website. What the next 4 years might look like, who knows. Life, it seems, is but a series of endings and beginnings.

21 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings

  1. fay from Israel

    Be well, be strong and of good cheer. Hope you have a really wonderful and enjoyable life in the future!
    God Bless and thank you for “radical forgiveness’ – it really improved my life and has favorably influenced my children and grandchildren!

  2. Jeanie Brosius King

    Oh Colin… Your journey of healing, discovery and decisions is so exciting and I thank you for sharing with so many. Joe and I continue to call your name for prayers of love and healing at all levels, during our daily morning prayers. How wonderful to make a conscious decision to stay on this plane for more fun and creative activities. Can’t wait to see what you and JoAnn come up with.

    Sending you love, Jeanie

  3. Bishop Arthur Jones

    Colin I have been receiving your emails and looking at your grids about forgiveness with real interest. But until this article you were anonymous to me. Dr Joseph Murphy wrote several well-crafted books on the power of the unconscious. I am surprised that his writings are not more widely know in the Church because he had reals finesse in mining the Scriptures for traces of the unconscious. Thank you for your courageous sharing. I will be 81 this year and I run the Anglican Expat Church in Manila. My biostatic age is 55 and although I don’t enter all of Deepak Chopra’s stuff I think he absolutely right on that one. I think about going forward NOW and the only home I’m interested in is with a lovely woman in Australia next year if that is to be. Wow!Thanks for your courage and honesty, but don’t feed the subconscious with premature futures when there is still much to so. Salamat from Manila Bishop Arthur Jones Go for it!

  4. Jim Goeke

    Thank you for sharing your healing journey with us. Your lessons are valuable to me in healing my own life.
    Feel Better and come back soon.


  5. emma

    Thank you so much for your post. My mum is going through chemotherapy now, & even though I know she’ll be alright, its been such a shock. I think there is truth in your theories about cancer.
    I’m so glad you have decided to stay & share your knowledge of forgiveness.

  6. Cheryl

    I like your knew website. Much easier to look at. And congratulations on your healing process.
    God speed to you.

  7. Anne JENNINGS

    That is such good news about your Cancer (Charlie!) Colin. May you continue in good health and continue spreading the word about forgiveness. You have helped so many, including me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    All the very best for your future xx

  8. Teresa

    Thank you, Colin. Thank you. My words cannot express how important and necessary and meaningful and life-changing, even life-saving just your most recent posting has been, let alone your whole life. Thank you for your willingness. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for giving everything you’ve got and more to all of the world. Thank you. Thank you. I love you. Thank you.

  9. Jane Lovas


    Radical Forgiveness is so important. Thanks for sharing it. I’m glad your sticking around for a few more cycles. We all tend to limit ourselves, when spirit has so much more for us.

  10. Linda Robida Reynolds

    Dearest Colin, Your radical approach to a nebulous topic ( manifestation) enriched my life in exponential ways. I applied your Radical Manifestation worksheet process 11 months ago with the crystal clear intention of selling my house in a trickling market. Specifics were recorded, I read it aloud 2X per week, and BELIEVED on all levels. I have been clearing layers for a decade using Radical Forgiveness techniques with smashing success, so I knew this would be fun!
    Lo and behold, exactly in sync with my timeline on the worksheet a cash buyer waltzed into my driveway with an offer that exceeded my specs. Now the community is all abuzz re: my miracle manifestation during a seemingly slumped market. I BELIEVE ~ I BELIEVE ~ I BELIEVE!!!! Appreciation for a formula that delivers. Blessed to know you, Clever Co~creator Colin!!!!

  11. Fred T^aylor

    I have been touched by your awareness and not giving in
    keep it up for me so I can find the light as well

  12. Pat Marrone

    Thank you so much for your sharing, Colin. I certainly value all of the healing remedies you speak of and I’m reminded of the teaching of Ernest Holmes, who says we are perfect, whole and complete . We simply have to remember that. And to share with you, I also have used the Power of The Subconscious Mind for over 40 years and just today on one of my annual exams there were no ovarian cysts (which my Ob Gyn) has wanted to remove for years. Gone!!Blessings to you and allowing me to share. You still have a lot of good to offer humankind, YEA!!! Pat

  13. Darcy

    Colin – thank you so much for allowing yourself to be vulnerable in your sharing. You have given me much to ponder for myself. It is deeply appreciated and you continue to be in my prayers.

  14. Susanne

    what a new view of life, and how you can look behind all challenges – and accept them – Colin – I just want to say thank you for your way to go your own path an show us how to master that all.
    send you energy, light and love

  15. Hollie Hollie

    Dear Colin I am a bit of a random lob in to your site so had no idea you were in fear of your life. Thank-you for your frank account and wishing you well in new spheres of growth and connection.
    Hollie x x

  16. Yvette

    Dear Colin,
    I Am very happy for your recovery and great state of mind… Just to remind you, average age for humans is 140 years, you might have looong way to go with your contribution to the world. I bless you and bless your work, love you and thank you.

    Yvette xxx

  17. Nancy Fredenburg

    I have followed you for a long time and totally believe in self help with the help of God and friends. Your newsletter is extremely poignant and hit me where my more healing is needed, my liver. My bile doesn’t break down the stones an I have tried to forgive myself and almost convinced myself. I am delighted that I get to learn so much more from you. Prayers and gratitude.

  18. Margaret Palagye

    Dear Colin,
    You are such a clear inspiration, a person that truly applies spiritual truths and lives them in integrity. I studied with you over 12 years ago and am still teaching RF from your book. Blessings of healing and thank you so very much for keeping your fans and friends updated.

    Much Love,
    Margaret Palagye

  19. Ann Harris

    Found this article very interesting as am experiencing similar thoughts and symptoms. My 96 year old, Mother who lives in assisted living, also questions why she is still here as she finds her life boring, predictable and not of service.

  20. Judy

    Colin, I love your new website and its meaning for the healing you are doing.Thank you for sharing and I am so happy for your new direction and inspiring work. You have given me so much insight as I too heal from cancer. I feel we are blessed that you going on with this and can’t wait to see what comes next!
    Love to you and JoAn!

  21. Marie

    Thank you Colin for sharing your very personal journey – it means a lot to me. I Recently I went through a serious time of wondering if my time was up. I chose to stay because I knew there was more for me to do. I do think that sometimes when I think about dying I wonder how much of it is the old dying, making way for the new to come through. Right now I feel as if I am about to be launched into a new life here on earth.
    I pray for your full recovery and a brand new exciting couple of decades to go. You are still an important part of this puzzle and we need you to transform the puzzle into a completed picture. Love and blessings Marie

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