Dowsing for a King

richard iiiMy dear teenage granddaughter, Rosie, delights in making fun of me for using a pendulum to get answers to questions. She thinks I’m weird.

She should have been with me yesterday when JoAnn and I visited the Richard III Exhibit in Leicester. (We live in a village quite close to that city.)

Rosie would have been shocked to learn how the remains of the king that Shakespeare immortalized in his famous play Richard III, were recently discovered deep beneath a city car park.

Richard was the last English King to die in battle. He was killed in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. He was hastily, and unceremoniously, buried by friars in a church graveyard. Over the centuries, the whereabouts of that site was completely forgotten.

A search for Richard’s body began in August 2012, initiated by the ‘Looking for Richard Project’ with the support of the Richard III Society. The archaeological excavation was led by the University of Leicester Archaeological Services.

While the exhibit gave a lot of interesting facts about him, the science and the history, there was only one reference tucked away in a corner to explain exactly how his grave was located and his body discovered.

This was the piece I found to be by far the most interesting. (You won’t find anything about if you Google the story, though! Too wu-wu for people I guess.)

A woman, whose name I don’t recall, was going on vacation and wanted a book to read on the journey. She picked up a book about Richard III and became enthralled with the story, almost to the point of obsession. She felt impelled to go to Leicester where the search was taking place.

She eventually found herself in a nondescript car park not far away from the site of the old church, now the site of Leicester Cathedral, where legend had it the friars had buried Richard.

She walked to a spot in the churchyard and said. “He’s right here.” Her body was shaking almost uncontrollably as she picked up the energy. She wasn’t using a pendulum. She didn’t need to. She was dowsing with her body.

Amazingly, the archaeologists were impressed enough to take her at her word and began digging. They found his skeleton exactly where she said he would be.

Dowsing is an amazingly helpful tool – if you can learn to trust it, that is.

As you may know, I recently had an interesting experience earlier this year in which I discovered I had rectal cancer. Since it was dangerously close to my anus, surgery was recommended + radiation and chemo.

Being interested and believing in complementary energy medicine, I was faced with a thousand choices. Which ones should I use? Should I do the allopathic treatments as well or not, and if so, which ones?

Thank goodness I had my pendulum to get the answers to those questions. It took a long time because you can only ask Yes/No questions, and you have to check by keeping on asking the question in different ways until you are sure.

You also know that the pendulum is right when you consistently get the answer you don’t want, no matter how you ask the question.

What Rosie hasn’t yet figured out is that it has nothing to do with the pendulum. It’s all about your intuition and how your body, through minute involuntary movements, uses the pendulum to magnify the body signals coming from your Higher Self.

The woman who found King Richard III simply didn’t need a pendulum to amplify the messages coming from her Higher Self. It was so strong she simply had to get her mind out of the way and follow the energy.

Getting your mind out of the way is the hardest part. However, when you do, dowsing works fine.

Postscript: As you may know if you have been following my cancer story on Facebook, I did do radiation and chemo, but refused surgery. I also did a number of alternative treatments. Two weeks ago, I had another colonoscopy, and the result showed that the cancer had disappeared completely.

So you see, it’s possible that a pendulum can save your life. There were many alternative treatments that I had thought were good that my pendulum said would, in my case, be harmful and should definitely be avoided.

Only you, deep down, know what’s good for you and what isn’t. The pendulum helps you find out.

This is why, when I reached out for people to send me healing energy, I specifically said, “Please do not send me advice.” I already had a much more reliable source for what I needed. My pendulum gave me access to it.

15 thoughts on “Dowsing for a King

  1. Ruth Duffield

    Hello Colin

    I am thrilled to hear that you are now cancer free. Congratulations for trusting your wise intuition.

    As I may have mentioned before, Leicester is my home town too.




  2. arlette

    dear colin,, ive been following you and radiating love and healing and soooo happy to read your healing is complete ,, well done,, and stay well,!!!!, blessings fun and joy to you and the team, arlette from Compiegne France

    1. Dee Corley

      Thank you for sharing this, and what you shared. It answered some questions for me regarding my pendulum. I’m so thrilled about your clean report!!

  3. Sharon Paquette

    As a theatre artist, professor, and Reiki Master who uses dousing all of the time I loved reading this article. I was lucky to play Elizabeth in Richard III a couple of years ago. I love the story that surrounds this man. I’m also so happy for you Colin that the cancer is in remission and you are back in fine health. May you have a joyous and prosperous holiday season. Best, Sharon Paquette

  4. Morgan Alexander

    Dear Colin,
    I am so happy to hear that your cancer challenge has ended. I am all too familiar with the path that you traveled. I was diagnosed with anal cancer. I also choose chemo and radiation, no surgery. I have been cancer free for four years. I enjoy reading your blogs and have facilitated a forgiveness workshop at my church based on your book. I am hoping to take your classes to become a certified facilitator in the near future. Much love and a peaceful and healthy journey.

  5. Aline Boundy

    You’re absolutely right Colin, I had not heard that detail of how Richard lll’s grave was located. Thank you for sharing. I have been dowsing for a few years now and I love its simplicity. It takes a bit of practice to get into the habit of asking clear question, but it is worth it.
    I’d be interested to know if you do any kind of process to ensure your conscious mind is not influencing your pendulum. This is a concern to me and I had come across a “primary program” whose intention was to make sure the pendulum was not “misled” by any negative forces or thoughts.
    Thank you, and it’s very good to hear you are clear of cancer.


  6. Pat Hanson, Ph.D

    Trust thy SELF … as well as thy dowser. Drilled for water in a house I bought in upstate New York and as the dowser predicted I got 10 gallons a minute at 175 feet years ago. Glad you trusted yours and am thrilled with your future. Life is precious and I’m glad you’re in it!

  7. Pat Marrone

    This is one of the best of your columns ever, thank you so much. I have been using the pendulum for many years and have a friend who is a master dowser. I frequently recommend him to clients (I am real estate broker and ) and many times there is energy clearing that must be done. It works, thanks so much for this sharing. Pat

  8. Eugenia Terry

    Thank you for sharing this amazing story about the finding of King Richard’s body. And blessings on you for your wonderful healing!

  9. Trinity

    Two years ago, I began asking the pendulum concerning the amount of insulin to give my husband. In trying to ask my higher self, my mind kept getting in the way, so I started using the pendulum. And as you said above, I knew I was getting answers, especially when it went against what i thought it would be. Since using the pendulum, his blood sugar count is consistently lower AND he is using less insulin. Now I intuit what I think I should give him, then a I check with the pendulum. Ninety percent of the time, my intuition agrees with the pendulum. As a side note–I once asked the pendulum, if I would win, if I played video lottery that day– it said “Yes!” I then asked if I would win more money than I spent–it said “No”. A lesson that we do have to be specific. 🙂

  10. Regina Seoane

    Soooo happy your pendulum worked. You listened to your iner self and it worked.
    Good vibes from Peru.

  11. Ann Hampton

    Hi Colon, glad to see your getting back to ur old self – perfect and complete. And Colin, I loved your story about King Richard III and your pendulum. Sounds like we just might be connected with a Power that knows truth. All we have to do is let our mind get out of the way….sounds like we might need a little radical forgiveness. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Erina

    I loved your article ‘Dowsing for a King’…and am happy that more of these conversations are emerging as collective consciousness is waking up from our long slumber. Congrats on healing your body and following your inner guidance to assist you! A ‘heads-up’ on the dowsing…you can achieve much quicker answers through making charts for anything you are inquiring about (rather than just yes and no answers). You can also use dowsing to powerfully help in healing… through creating a vortex with pendulum that acts as a powerful carrier for intention and creates phase shifts in energy patterns of any kind. My husband and I teach people this and have found it to be a wonderful tool especially to grow awareness of ‘what is real’ and ‘what’s not’. It goes hand in hand with forgiveness, letting go of illusory perceptions and getting to what’s real…our eternal being. Thank you for your work.

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