Cancer and My Legacy

My LegacyIt is almost a year to the day that I was pronounced cancer free. For that, I am still feeling extreme gratitude, especially to those of you who sent me all that healing energy.

Because of you, it went from Stage 3 rectal cancer to nothing in just 4 months. You were great.

Business wise, we hardly missed a beat because of it.

I had just come back from giving a 10-day live Radical Living Master Coach training in Peru in April when I received the diagnosis in May. And I only had to cancel one Miracles workshop in June in Switzerland.

Other than that, we did everything else we had planned to do including, in October, a workshop in Moscow, for the 4th year running, for 190 people, and the second live training there with 32 students, just as we had done the year before. It went really well.

I came back to the States in December and did a 10-day live Radical Living Master Coach training in Atlanta in January with 17 students enrolled. That was great, too.

And I’m doing the same thing here in England this coming November and have another 10-day live training scheduled again in Atlanta in January, 2017.

As you probably know, we’ve had all our training online for many years, and it has been very successful. We’ve trained a lot of people that way.

So doing live training is one of a number of things I have started doing lately that you probably weren’t aware of. So what prompted the changes?

Cancer always arrives with a message. It took me a while to figure mine out, but I knew it wasn’t about giving up work, nor even doing less. I love my work, and it feeds my soul, so that wasn’t it.

What I eventually got was that it was about building my legacy. The work has to go on even after I am gone.

With the time I have left, whether it’s 2 or 20 years, I need to do more to train more people to carry on the message of Radical Forgiveness. That was it!

So this is why I am now very focused on giving as many people as possible the opportunity to learn directly from me, during a 10-day live program, with a lot of online support, how to do this work.

The live training is for people who don’t do well with self-study and want to get it done quickly and receive it directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. And apparently, there’s a lot who do.  Click here for more information.

Of course, I’m still doing the great Miracles workshop for people who need to work on a specific issue in a small group setting with up to 12 people, but I also have a brand new workshop now, for as many as I can put in a room.

Even this I have designed with an eye to my legacy, because it appeals to a fairly broad cross-section of the population who might, up to this point, have never heard of Radical Forgiveness but are nevertheless searching. They would love it if only they knew what it offered. It is so much more than mere forgiveness.

The workshop is called The Radical Forgiveness Solution. As the name implies, it shows people how to apply the technology of Radical Forgiveness to more or less any challenge they have in their lives, whether that be about health, weight, money, relationships, divorce, etc.

You name it; Radical Forgiveness can resolve it. It’s a very practical workshop and covers all four of the Radical Living Strategies.

I like to do The Radical Forgiveness Solution workshop the weekend just prior to the beginning of the training so it can become part of the training. It can also serve as a way for those who are not quite certain the training is for them, to confirm it one way or the other. You can find out more information by clicking on this link.

Another innovation for me is that I now offer special VIP Days where I work with individuals or couples for a whole day, on their own and in a nice hotel setting, teaching them the Radical Forgiveness technology and working intensively, one-on-one, resolving some specific issue they have been struggling with in their life.

It is much better than doing it session by session over time, and the results are immediate. When you are in pain, you want results NOW. Call Shari at 972-202-9926 or email her by clicking this link if you want more information about attending a VIP Day with me.

Well, that’s my update on how I listened to the message my cancer was giving me about building my legacy and the changes I have made so far.

Originally it was my ass that was on the line; now it’s Radical Forgiveness that’s on the line. It has to survive long after I’ve gone.

7 thoughts on “Cancer and My Legacy

  1. Sheila Leonard

    Thank you for your example and modelling … and the inspiration to listen more closely to the invitations our lives offer us whatever the circumstance …
    Continued blessings for each new day’s unfolding …

    1. Tessa Adler

      So grateful you are alive and thriving . I took one of your Radical Forgiveness Training weekends with you and it was powerful and life changing at Agape. There is nothing like experiencing you live. I remember our walking across the room symbolizing our letting go of the past and the anger and changing our direction.

      What treatment plan did you use for curing your cancer? Was it strictly energy work ? I am sure you heard Rev Nirvana Gayle passed away after a 9 month battle with bladder cancer doing chemo . I currently have a friend with thyroid cancer who had skin cancer in January and is choosing to do no chemo or surgery but live her life fully til she can’t. I am praying for her and sending energy from LA to SF. What would you recommend for her that is natural.? I don’t want to lose her we have been friend for 42 yrs.

      Tessa Adler

  2. Pete Forman

    Wonderful message, Colin! I just hit age 70 and have been asking the same questions. My search stems from an illness last year. It is true: when life hands us a trial, we must look for the lessons it is trying to teach. Your message now motivates me to move on with greater purpose in my later years! Thank you!

  3. Kathryn Morgan

    Nothing beats face-to-face and nothing ever will. Technology is cold and cannot relate to you. Colin, you are one of the warmest people I know and being in the energy of your live, transformational coaching made memories I recall clearly to this day. Thank you.

  4. Claudia Underwood

    Dear Colin, so glad you’re still on the planet! Also glad you’re doing the work you know you were meant to do, very clear. I will always cherish the energy you have provided the world. I cherish it now and forever. As by your methods and teaching, (as well as other greats) I am enjoying a more peaceful life, for having experienced and participated with your ideas and workshop. Even though it was many years ago that I did the worksheet, it became part of my life and we evolved together. THANK YOU.
    P.S. I have no worries for you. Energy never dies.

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