Better Than Botox

botoxLast week I wrote that doing breathwork is many times better than LSD. Thank goodness! We could never have legally dispensed LSD at all our Miracles workshops.

No worries, though. A ‘Satori’ Breathwork session is included in every one of those workshops, and I have no doubt we get the same result as we would have with LSD.

When you use Radical Forgiveness to dump all your emotional baggage that has weighed so heavily upon you, you come out looking a whole lot lighter and 20 years younger. That’s why we say it’s better than Botox.

So, women, if you were feeling jealous because our upcoming breathwork session on April 9th, was for men only, don’t fret any longer. We have a Miracles Workshop coming up June 3rd – 5th. Come to that one and breathe yourself into good health, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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But what is good health? We used to define it as the absence of disease. But now we see it a function of how well our life-force energy moves throughout our bodies.

And not just the physical body either. The other more subtle bodies, too. The etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body are extremely sensitive to energy flow. When the energy is blocked in any one of them, it affects all the others.

So what causes the blockages that eventually show up as ill-health? Unhealed childhood wounds for sure; victim stories most certainly and traumas that are never processed, of course. And so on. You name it.

The remnants of broken relationships, abandonments, betrayals, etc., can remain in the emotional body for years. This is why we have a special clinic for ‘Couples in Crisis.’ If we can shine a light on what is blocking the love, the decision whether to go or stay becomes a lot clearer and much easier to make, no matter which way it needs to go.

Without intervention, repressed toxic energy – i.e. pain – will always make its way down from the most subtle body down to the most dense, whereupon it shows up as ill-health and more failed relationships.

Clearly then, the reason Radical Forgiveness works so quickly, easily and without the need for therapy, is that it works simply by dissolving the energy block. This occurs, not primarily at the level of the mental body which is where most psychotherapy operates, nor even at the emotional level, but at the spiritual level.

The higher the level at which you intervene to break up the energy block the faster the healing. And if it hasn’t yet reached the physical body it counts as a disease prevention process. Even diseases like cancer are prevented by doing Radical Forgiveness.

Your Spiritual Intelligence is located in your spiritual body, and it’s that form of intelligence you use when you do a simple process like writing up a Radical Forgiveness worksheet.

The energy is so fine at that level it can respond instantly to your willingness to let go of whatever blocks your highest good, which is what you write on the worksheet. You don’t even have to know what the block is. It works anyway.

It’s all just energy and at this level energy is not subject to the limitations of time and space. That’s why it not only helps the person doing the worksheet but will often dissolve the very situation causing the upset in the first place.

If you could only see your spiritual body after doing this work, you would probably say it looks so happy and bright that it proves Radical Forgiveness is, without a doubt, a whole lot better than Botox. Try it for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Better Than Botox

  1. Regina

    Ihave no experience with LSD or botox but I have experienced two Satori Breathwork sessions and can vouch for the powerful, delightful, surprising high energy sensation of the sessions. Energy blocks and beliefs that weighed heavy in my life were dissolved and replaced with a surprisingly happy view and permanent physical release. Laughing, flying, singing all in safety and freedom!

  2. lucy

    I lnow this is true. The more I forgive the better I feel and look. Colin said something on a Q&A that finally helped me to forgive my mom for mental physical and even sexual abuse and that was ” Your Soul chose her.. Wow. What an extraordinary way to look at it!!! As soon as you said it , it rang so true as I am an Alternative Medicine practioner and hollistic healer. It was all part of a greater plan beyond little poor me.. I feel like it took 10 years off my life.
    With deepest gratitude and love

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