You Can Heal the World

butterfly on globeToday is the day when Americans celebrate their independence as a nation. On this day, I would like to offer all the world’s citizens a different way to celebrate: Radical Transformation.

Of all the Radical Living Strategies we offer under that heading, the least understood and for that reason, probably the least used is Radical Transformation. This is where we apply the strategy of Radical Forgiveness to world events.

We have had many opportunities to apply this strategy this year In fact, most recently, I wrote a blog about how we might make a difference to the Boston bombing event in April by doing a Radical Transformation Worksheet. I even did one myself and posted it the following week. I was probably only one of a tiny few who did.

The problem most of us have with this strategy is that we find it very difficult to believe that just doing a worksheet on something beyond ourselves can possibly make a difference, especially if the situation is large scale and the suffering so bad as to be beyond our imagination. The most recent example would be the collapse of the building that killed more than a thousand workers in Bangladesh.

If you really believed that doing a worksheet would make a difference I know you would do it. So, this week, let me try to show you how so simple and subtle as a worksheet can change a situation dramatically. Then you might do one the next time something occurs. You can find a blank one by registering for the Free Stuff on the menu above.

If I were a quantum physicist I would try to explain it to you in great detail using, among other things, Bell’s Theorem and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. But I’m not one of those, so I’ll do my best to use analogies to explain it well enough for you to be able to develop the conviction that, by spending a few moments doing a worksheet, you can ease the pain of those who are suffering.

What the following analogies illustrate is how something seemingly small and insignificant can have huge effects. You may have heard of the Butterfly Effect. This comes from Chaos Theory. In saying that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in South America can affect the weather in Texas, the implication is that the tiniest influence on one part of a system can have a huge effect on another part.

Applying this to our situation, when you shift your energy around what is happening out there by expressing a willingness to see the hand of God in the situation, the effect is immediate and magnified many times over. That’s because energy is not subject to the limitations of time or space, and it’s magnification is a consequence of your level of consciousness around the situation. The more you are able to hold the higher vibration, the more potent the effect.

I also like the analogy of the hologram and the idea that we live in a holographic universe. The principle of the hologram is that any part of it, no matter how small, contains the whole. If you take a holographic image and you snip off a tiny piece of it, when you shine the laser through the tiny little snippet it projects an image of the entire hologram from which it comes. It doesn’t matter how many times you cut it up, every little piece contains the whole. In our holographic universe each one of us is intimately connected to the entire system and each one of us is capable of creating big changes in that system by inserting our energies into it — for good OR bad, I hasten to add. That’s why it is important that we send positive, love based energy into such situations rather than blame, anger and other negative energies.

Homeopathy is another system that provides the same kind of illustration of how energy works. A homeopathic remedy is made by putting into a very large amount of pure water a minute drop of the substance that might have upset you in the first place, the principle being that ‘like heals like.’ Then a tiny amount of that water is taken out and put into another very large batch of pure water. This is repeated over and over, the idea being to dilute the mixture to the point where, if you put it under the microscope, there would be absolutely no trace of the rogue substance present. Paradoxically, the more diluted it is the more potent it is. What remains is the subtle but coherent energetic imprint of the original substance. The body recognizes the energetic pattern and uses that information to balance itself naturally. This is clearly a very subtle but extremely potent process. Imagine the healing if, every time there was an event like a bombing or 9/11, a few thousand people did a Radical Transformation worksheet immediately afterwards. What a meaningful way to demonstrate our Oneness as citizens of the world.

Just as a skeptic would say that, since nothing can be found in the water, a homeopathic remedy is simply a hoax, so would a skeptic say that it is simply ridiculous to claim that something so simple and so seemingly insignificant as one Radical Transformation worksheet could ease the suffering of those involved and perhaps bring positive change to the situation itself. Yet, homeopathic medicine has been around for more than 5,000 years. If it had been ineffective it would have disappeared along time ago, along with leeches. Just because something is subtle, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have potency.

In this case, then, you can think of the sick body as representing the tragedy in the world and the tiny little energetic imprint in the water as being you doing the worksheet, and I think you will understand how potent your consciousness might be if applied in this way.

Obviously, Radical Transformation requires little of the person doing it — just a tiny amount of willingness to entertain the possibility that even in that situation everything is purposeful. It requires no special training, no special knowledge and no discipline other than to make the effort to spend a few moments doing a worksheet, meditating on the love vibration or praying. That means that virtually anyone can do it. Imagine what a healed world we would have if every time there was an event like a bombing or 9/11, a few thousand people did a Radical Transformation worksheet immediately afterwards.

You can find the Radical Transformation Worksheet by registering for the Free Stuff on the menu above.

6 thoughts on “You Can Heal the World

  1. Nancy

    Thank you, Colin. I will commit to doing a worksheet when world events trouble me. I’m sure there can easily be 1000 who do. We all are powerful creators. With encouragement like you present here, we can change the world.

  2. Tara Lila Rose

    Thank you so much for writing and posting this simple, clear and concise communication. It’s not really radical if not for the fact that the majority of humanity is stuck in third dimensional reality of insanity. It is time for us to be the evolutionary leaders that we came here to be and step forward the way that Yeshua (Jesus) exemplified by his actions and simple statement: “Be in the world but not of it”! Thank you Colin for being a strong and loving Voice for Truth and Real Freedom which I believe is what we all really want, whether or not we’re aware of it or not. It’s such a blessing that we who be the change and bridge can be and stay connected in this way. It is time for humanity to truly embrace its true nature and shift out of its insanity and into the high

  3. Tara Lila Rose

    Oops….the higher dimensional frequencies of love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and compassion for ourselves and each other.
    Once, when I was a very young girl I was taken out of my classroom by a school psychologist because my teacher was bemused as to why I wasn’t paying attention and seemed to be daydreaming too much. He asked me if I found a magic genie bottle and a genie emerged granting me three wishes what would I ask for. My response was: peace in the world. He thought it was amazing that a little girl would respond that was and persisted. Well, he said, that’s very generous of you but wouldn’t you want to wish for something for yourself? I pondered that and replied, “ok….a big mansion and a pool”. Little did he know that that meant to be in the home of God and swimming in divine waters, symbolic of being One in Spirit! That to me is true freedom and libetation. Have a happy 4th my divine brothers and sistas!

  4. joyce miles

    Thank you for this Colin. Really is something I will do. I can tell someone and they can tell someone and so on.

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