Worksheets Rock!

worksheets rockDid you miss the webinar last Thursday? And the replay? Pity. You would have enjoyed it. Along with all the others, it is now in the archives of Colin’s Cafe, our membership site.

The webinar was on how to tap into the full power of the combined Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Worksheet.  

The response was phenomenal. We could have gone on all night with the Q&A session.

Of the 1,133 initial registrants for the webinar, 258 were on the call live and another 278 listened to the replay. This is much better than average take-up, so the interest in the topic was high.

We also noticed there was a lot of people on the call who were not already on our list. If you were one of them, I would like to welcome you personally. I trust you found it inspiring and helpful.

With this webinar, we have now covered all four of the worksheets associated with the four strategies for Radical Living:

  1. Radical Forgiveness,
  2. Radical Self-Empowerment (includes Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance),
  3. Radical Transformation, and
  4. Radical Manifestation.

These worksheets really do rock. Our success in finding peace in any situation within minutes of doing them, or manifesting what we want in our lives, depends on them. If we try to do the work in our heads, our intellect gets in the way. These worksheets bypass the mind and use our Spiritual Intelligence instead.

As we go through the process of doing a worksheet, we invoke energies of a very subtle nature. The speed with which change comes about through their use proves that subtle energy is infinitely more powerful than egoic force, struggle and effort. I call the process of doing the worksheet secular prayer.

Having proven this Tipping Method worksheet technology to be so effective, we are very keen to share it with as many people as possible, so we make them all available for free from our website. Sign up at  

For a very small, one-time price, we also have a whole set of online interactive worksheet programs for those who like to do them online and want to have them available for lifetime use.

These worksheets also form the basis for our first level of professional training. Our Radical Living Coaches are trained to instruct people how to use the worksheets associated with the four Radical Living Strategies, and how to apply the strategies to all manner of problems and challenges of everyday life.

We hope you get as much out of them as we do in making them available.