Who’s That in My Chakra?

Your body is not only continually giving you messages about what’s going on with you physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.  Where in your physical body you have pain, discomfort or disease can be a message about who you need to forgive and for what.

Chakras are energy centers within the etheric body.  The etheric body is the energy body that exists one octave higher in vibration than the physical body (which is also an energy body, but vibrating at a sufficiently low frequency that it manifests as physical form). 

There are seven chakras in the etheric body and each one is energetically connected to specific glands and organs in the physical body.  In her book, “The Anatomy of Spirit,” Caroline Myss showed that certain unresolved emotional issues tend to settle in one or more chakras and, given time, are likely to create specific symptoms in one’s body.  This presents us with an opportunity, because once we know which type of issue settles in which chakra, then we can deduce from what’s showing up symptomatically in our bodies who we might need to forgive.  Doing the forgiveness work on those people not only will benefit us emotionally and spiritually, but the strong likelihood is that the physical symptoms will disappear as well.  Here’s how to read your body symptoms if and when they show up:

Chakra #1, the Root Chakra:
If you have problems in your body from the hip area down to the feet, including lower colon, prostate, genitals and bladder, ask yourself who has in the past made you feel unsafe or insecure.  Who is, or has been, responsible for making you feel this way and undermining your very foundation?  Problems with legs and feet may indicate a desire to run or a feeling of not being able to move forward in your life.  Another issue that gets in this first chakra is the fear of standing up for yourself when attacked, especially by a father figure or someone who assumes authority over you.  That will be someone you need to forgive.

Chakra #2, the Sacral Chakra:       
Issues we have around sex or money or creativity tend to gravitate into this chakra and will create specific physical symptoms in this area of the body.  Money issues, for example, often will show up as lower back problems.  Sexual issues will manifest, not only as pain in the lumbar region but as problems with the entire reproductive system.  Women are affected most, obviously, but men too will find themselves ‘aborting’ ideas and creating blocks to their creative energies.  Guilt, especially guilt around sex, is located in this sacral chakra.  Failure to process this emotion often shows up as excess weight around the hips and lower abdomen.  Ethical issues, especially as they relate to relationships are implicated in this chakra.   Fidelity would come into that category.  If you are having lower back problems, look at your money issues first and then your sex life.  Have you or your partner had affairs? It is interesting that the two main causes of relationship breakdown are issues around money and/or sex. Your might also check to see whether your creativity is being blocked in some way, either within the relationship (as in having babies, for example) or at work, perhaps. 

Chakra #3, the Solar Plexus Chakra:         
Problems in the area of this chakra will manifest as stomach problems, adrenals, liver and digestive issues, and mid-back pain.  If you have any of these bodily symptoms, these may well be indicating that you are dealing with issues of personal power, control and self-esteem.  So, look to see if power struggles or control issues have figured in your relationships, not only with your partner by the way, but with other people as well– especially your mother.  My experience is that mothers often tend to exert control energetically through this chakra.  Look also to see whether your partner has treated you in a way that has kept your self-esteem fairly low.  Co-dependence is also located in this chakra. 

Energies that settle in the Heart Chakra (#4) will represent issues around love, hate, jealousy, resentment, forgiveness (or lack thereof), and associated pain arising from a ‘broken heart.’   Mid to upper back problems, heart problems, pulmonary issues and problems in the breast and chest area will arise if there is energy stuck in this chakra.  Whenever I meet someone with breast cancer, I always ask, “Who broke your heart between 5 to 7 years before the onset of the cancer?”  They can come up with a name almost without thinking and a light bulb usually goes on immediately.

Chakra #5 is the Throat Chakra.  This covers the shoulders, the thyroid, neck, mouth, teeth and throat.  Problems connected to difficulties with communication and personal expression will show up here.  Not being able to speak your truth will produce symptoms in this area, especially sore throats and thyroid problems. Secrets are also highly toxic and will produce physical symptoms.   It is also the chakra that holds the energy of will and the ability to make things happen through the power of the word.  Stiff or aching shoulders can be associated with having had to ‘shoulder’ too much responsibility.  Power and control is easily achieved over one’s partner by what one says, or what one does not say, so this chakra is very important.  Silence is a powerful weapon.

Chakra #6, the Third Eye is about your own self-awareness, your intuition and your connection to truth.  The energy of this chakra affects the eyes and ears, your nervous system, the brain and the pineal gland.  If your partner is inclined to ridicule your intuitive abilities and your spiritual connection, this could be a problem.

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and is all about your life values, your faith, your trust in life, your connection to God and being able to see the big picture.  Any energetic block in this chakra shows up in the skin and muscles.

So there you have it.  Your body is a library of information.  Now that you know how to read it, go ahead and see whose energy is already showing up in your body symptomatically and focus on forgiving those people first.


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2 thoughts on “Who’s That in My Chakra?

  1. Chella Drew

    Hi Colin,

    I enjoyed your post about chakras. I became immediately clear that I must have some blocks in my sacral chakra. My lower back has been causing me increasing amounts of pain in the recent weeks and months. I have also been having medical issues involving my reproductive organs (just had surgery 9 months ago). Even though I was aware that our physical symptoms are manifestations of our thoughts/beliefs/emotions etc, it didn’t become so clear until I just read your post. How do I know whose energy is showing up in my body symptomatically? I want to immediately begin the forgiveness work and clear my blocks, I just don’t know where to start. Please help!

    With much appreciation,


    1. admin

      Hi Chella,
      First make a forgiveness list – everyone you can think of who has ever upset you for any reason. Then get a four or five color markers – red, yellow, green, sky blue and orange. Without thinking, using only your intuition and doing it very quickly, choose which color to put next to every name. Then look to see which names had the color orange. Those might be the ones whose energy is in the sacral chakra. Good luck.

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