Who’s on your Radical Forgiveness bucket list?

bucket-list-picWho’s on your Radical Forgiveness bucket list?

Lack of forgiveness is known to be very bad for your health. It is not so well acknowledged that it is also very bad for your death.

I don’t wish to be morbid, but this is worth considering, no matter how far away death might seem to you. After all, anyone with any sense makes a will, so why not a bucket list of those you need to forgive before you die?

Think about it.

Not only will death come more peacefully when you have forgiven everyone in your life before you die, but if you make the transition while still holding anger and resentment, you will take it with you.You will not be free of it. You will have to deal with it on the other side, and there’s no guarantee it will be any easier.

Not only will you be burdened by the crappy energy you take with you, so will the person you haven’t forgiven, assuming it mattered to them. Any amends they might have made while you were alive are now impossible. It becomes unfinished business, and that makes it even more toxic that it was before.

So, if you want your death to be as easy and pain-free as possible, why not start the Radical Forgiveness process now and get all that toxic energy out of your body while you can? It doesn’t matter how old you are. Do it while you still have breath in your body and the mental capacity to remember who it is you need to forgive and why.

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There’s much to be gained by doing all the forgiveness work you can on those who are still alive, as well as on those who are already dead. Not to mention that it is good for your health and may prevent cancer from arising in your body.

One place to start would be with your parents. I doubt whether there is a person on the planet that does not have some reason to forgive their parents, and this is no less true if they are already dead. After all, the parent/child relationship is characterized by conflict and that conflict continues to shape us long after we’ve left our parents’ house.

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Remember, we chose our parents to give us our first and most intense experience of separation. If they are dead, do a worksheet on them. If they are still alive, do a worksheet on them. Clear as much remaining negative energy as you can.

If you are a parent yourself, you may need to forgive your kids for some things as well, like their rebellion as teenagers, resistance to your rules, drug use, moving away and depriving you of access to your grandchildren, and so on. We don’t often talk about forgiving our own children, but in my experience the pain they can cause can be every bit as hurtful as the abuse children suffer from parents.

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Then there are our siblings. There are often reasons to forgive them for how it was growing up with them, and for how things have turned out since.

It is not surprising, therefore, that as we move into the holiday season, we find ourselves becoming tense and anxious about being together. The holidays are great for reflecting all of our non-forgiveness for us… both those we’ve not forgiven, and those who have not forgiven us. We also have floods of memories of those who have passed where some forgiveness is still required.

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The key to making family re-unions like Thanksgiving enjoyable as well as healing, is to do all the forgiveness work you can before you go. You will be amazed at the difference it makes. Don’t leave it to yet another holiday season that you will find yourself simply enduring, rather than enjoying, because of all the toxicity that still needs to be healed.

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  1. Yogi Big Love

    Thanks for this tip. Never really thought about the fact that we take all that resentment and bitterness with us to the grave. Although I do find comfort in forgiving those who are no longer with us.

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