Who the **Bleep!?** Am I?

Who-am-I-150x150Who the **Bleep!?** Am I?

Last weekend, during the Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Workshop, 20 courageous souls got answers to that question. They also found out what was getting in the way of knowing the truth of who they were.

This is what this workshop was all about. Coming to understand why and for what purpose we have created harsh and painful divisions within ourselves and then, once we’ve awakened, how to heal them once and for all.

Being able to see the real spiritual purpose behind what happened, for which guilt and even shame might be appropriate at the human level, was both enlightening and liberating for them. The spiritual reframe came easily once responsibility was accepted and owned.

They arrived having already done, in preparation for the workshop, our new free online program called Who the **Bleep!?** Am I? *  This proved to be great prep work for a number of exercises in the workshop.

Quite a few of them carried with them the curse of perfectionism. For them to embody the idea that our perfection lies in our imperfection was huge for them. (We have to be imperfect in order to provide opportunities for others to see and then reframe their own imperfections in the mirror we provide.)

They also learned that most of the shame-based beliefs they had about themselves were the result of having been shamed or mistreated by others to the extent that they had come to embody the idea that they were irredeemably bad.   

Since this was the case for almost everyone in this group, we decided to do a Radical Forgiveness Ceremony instead of the Projection Game. (The Ceremony enables us to forgive ourselves and everyone else in our lives in the space of just 2 hours.)

However, there  were several in the group who felt they still needed to heal one or more specific forgiveness issues in order to be free of the negative effects they were having on their lives. They decided there and then to sign up for the Miracles Workshop in May in order to take care of those issues. That’s how committed they had become to their own healing.  

(Note: Since the Miracles Workshop is limited to just 12 people, this means there are only 5 spaces left, so if you are thinking about doing it, you might need to jump in quickly.)  

Fortunately, I was relieved of having to stress the need to do the worksheets.  Dean, one of the participants let it be known in no uncertain manner how he had done hundreds of worksheets in the last couple of years, how he used them to control his anger with his employees, often doing 3 or 4 each day, and how it had changed his life and improved his business. He sold it to the group better than I ever could. I was very grateful for that.

As well as paper worksheets, each participant was given a thumb drive on which was loaded the recording of the webinar I did the week before on the combination RF/RA Worksheet. The recording of the 13 Steps to Radical Self-Forgiveness was also on it, so they had all the tools necessary to maintain the peace and high self-worth gained over the weekend.

It was a great group, and everyone bonded deeply. The level of love and support given and received was wonderful. It was a great experience for me as well as for them. I look forward to doing it again.

* This brand new online program is designed to help you discover who you are, how you show up in the world, what strategies you use to get what you want, how you handle certain life situations and so on. It is available for all to use as a vehicle for gaining self-knowledge, much of which we ordinarily keep hidden from ourselves.  Try it for yourself.  (It is available in the Free Stuff section of Colin’s Cafe. (If you aren’t already a member, registration is required.)

Remember, knowledge is power, but self-knowledge is wisdom.