Wheat, Sugar and Other Addictions

Wheat, Sugar and Other Addictions

detoxDetox diets are cool right now. Gluten free, dairy free and sugar free is where it’s at, even if only exercised at a token level. Those who are serious about it say they feel better for cutting out these toxins. Maybe so.

But what about the emotional and spiritual junk you take in on a daily basis? Anger, resentment, bitterness, guilt, shame, judgments and anything else that feeds your addiction to being a victim? What does that do to your soul, do you think?

My view is that stuff like that is infinitely more toxic to you than, say, a daily intake of two pounds of sugar, or a loaf of French bread washed down with a latte any time you feel like it.

Add in a ton of beliefs like, “Life sucks for me.” “I’m not enough!” “I have to be perfect to be loved,” “Gay people are an abomination,” etc., and you have the makings of a cocktail that can kill you. Guns are much safer.

No, life doesn’t suck! You suck the energy right out of life when you play the victim card in this way. Your vibratory rate tanks and you end up feeling utterly depressed.

Why do you think that, in the UK, one in four people have been prescribed anti-depressants at some time in their lives, while the use of anti-depressants in America has skyrocketed by 400% in just two decades?

I believe it is because we are fed a diet of vitamin fortified, Fox News enriched, victim consciousness by the moronic ‘talking heads’ in the media, the government and society in general. It’s the most insidious of all our addictions and the substance of choice is fear. We can’t get enough of it.

Health used to be defined as the absence of disease. Now we are beginning to see it in terms of how freely our life-force energy flows through our body and the level at which we vibrate energetically.

Yes, sugar depresses your life force and clogs your filters and you are best off without it. But a regular diet of fear and victim consciousness will eventually have you needing to call out the Roto-Rooter guy to unblock your whole system.

In my work with cancer patients back in the 90s, I saw the effect of this kind of toxicity; repressed anger, rage, guilt, grief, you name it. Buried deep in the cesspit of the unconscious mind. But neither forgotten nor inactive. Eventually it comes out as disease.

Western medicine has been slow to accept the idea that mental and emotional factors play a part in disease.

However, even though they concede that stress kills, they seldom proscribe forgiveness as the best and most efficient way to reduce stress and cure depression, not to mention getting rid of a whole bunch of physical symptoms and diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

OK, so if you find that cutting out wheat, dairy and sugar helps you feel better, then all well and good. But don’t imagine you are fine and dandy if that’s all you have done.

Pay attention to the emotional and spiritual toxins you have stored in your body from way back when, and use the tools of Radical Forgiveness to deal with them. Heal all those childhood wounds. Forgive your parents, your siblings, your partners and all others who hurt you.

Once you have cleared out all that junk, make a determination to stay on the best and only diet there is: LOVE.

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9 thoughts on “Wheat, Sugar and Other Addictions

  1. Jean

    Hello Collin,
    in my experience as a compulsive overeater I have found that I have pushed emotions
    down with food, usually sugar based which caused short term comfort and sedation, but ultimately depression, lethargy and obesity.
    Yes, anger etc. is definitely not good for us unless expressed and dealt with in a healthy way eg. 12 Steps of AA, but it is when we are supressed because of fear, trauma/s of some description when it is unsafe to talk about or express our feelings that we find another way of subduing them be it alcohol, drugs, food whatever, but some foods are addictive and sugar is one of them. best of wishes, Jean XX

  2. Jocelyne

    How true! But unless we are aware of how toxic being a victim can be to us, we will perpetuate it. Judging by how we are only just becoming aware if how our duets can hurt us, we have a long way to go before we accept the effects our attitudes can also play. I believe that those of us who are opening our minds to this process need to spread the word and share our thoughts so as to educate others and inspire them to take a leap if faith and learn to radically forgive.

  3. Tom Stephens

    You have it mostly right, Colin, but what about CNN, MSNBC, and all of the other news programs that we are all so addicted to. Singling out only Fox would seem to suggest that you might have some work to do in that area.

  4. David T

    Thanks Colin for reminding me that I need emotional/spiritual healing on a deep level. I know that my addictions (or addictive tendencies) whatever they manifest as are driven by this “junk” deep inside me. I know God can clear it out – but I have to be the willing patient – that’s starting to happen. Love is the best diet for sure.
    I see this stuff in people I know – and they tend to blame other factors like foods, EMF, TV, people, ect. They forget (or don’t know) that first we have to own our own crap and admit we have it before the healing can begin. I’m an AA too. Namaste’

  5. Ilse-Lore Trunk

    This share is so timely for me, just what I needed today for the helpful hand on naming the deeper truth, namely that food alone will not do it, you need always to equally include your emotional “body” or status. Thanks, Colin, for always being there at the right time. Gratefully always, Ilse.

  6. Rhonda Mayfield

    Colin, I have always respected that you do not pull punches! You cite more truth from a radical forgiveness perspective! I thank God for radical forgiveness! The longer I use the tools, the more finally tuned is my perspective on everything! Great article! I’m finding that those so-called “addictions” I work so hard to overcome are simply a manifestation of an internal toxic belief. I have found no better tool to clean these up than radical forgiveness.
    Greatest Regards,
    Rhonda Mayfield

  7. BeAnne

    I was in an emotionally abusive relationship which I left.
    For months now I have used Radical Forgiveness process to forgive him. I was in Victim mode. In reality this man just bought up a lot of father issues for me which I am grateful for.
    I have I stopped blaming my ex and realized I was a volunteer, my choice to be there and stay as long as I did.
    And I realized what was holding me back from completely forgiving him was the belief that I had to “Forgive and Forget”. Yes I wanted to forgive but didn’t want to forget because I was AFRAID I would want to “go back” with him. There was good times too.
    So that FEAR was kept me in victim mode.
    I have come to accept that I can forgive and not forget on the human level.
    I call that Self care.

  8. The Possibility Coaches

    Spot on Colin! Another great article. It is so important that taking responsibility for our health also includes our mindset and our emotional well-being. Every cell in our body reacts to the way we think & feel. So if we condemn ourself for eating an ice cream cone with words/thoughts/feelings of: I shouldn’t, I’ll get too fat, why can’t I control myself, what’s wrong with me, etc … we are causing more harm to us than eating and enjoying the ice cream cone. Now, we’re not saying that you can eat everything and anything, however, you want to be mindful of why you eat what you eat and your ‘self talk’ while you are doing it. ~Jon and Chris

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