What’s Scarier than Halloween?

Scary-Halloween-2012-Pumpkin-HD-Wallpaper1Is your adrenaline pumping? Heart racing? Looking fear in the face and thinking you might not make it?

Yes, it’s true, the ghosts and goblins of Halloween are harbingers of things to come: The Holidays. If you are dreading the upcoming visits with your extended family, the good news is you still have time to complete a 21-Day Radical Forgiveness Online Program.

Whatever relationship you find scariest at the holidays, we have a 21-Day Program that can help:

Breaking Free: Forgiving Your Parents Whether your are looking to avoid conflict this holiday season, or if your parents have passed and recollection of childhood traumas keep you from enjoying the festivities, this program will change your relationship and bring you healing and peace.

Moving Forward: Forgiving Your Partner The holidays can bring out the worst in even the most loving partner, but if your relationship is already strained, you can work to heal it. If a past relationship is still haunting you, this program can release you from the past so you can move forward with loving intentions.

Family Matters: Forgiving Your Siblings Still fighting with your brothers and sisters? Not looking forward to sitting around the dinner table and holding your tongue while your blood pressure rises? Get to the heart of your discord to create happier family memories this year.

Great Expectations: Forgiving Your Kids Kids of all ages can get out of control – the younger ones with excitement and sugar highs, and the older ones (especially the adult children!) with resentment and/or holiday-induced anxiety. You want your relationship with your kids to be the best it can be, at any age or stage. This program will get you there.

Harmony Works: Forgiving Your Co-Workers The year-end reports are coming out, how will you rate your work relationships? As the fiscal year winds down, office stress ramps up. Do your own year-end review and lay the groundwork for a more successful, harmonious New Year.

All of these programs are available immediately… and if you get started now, you’ll have a completely different outlook before Thanksgiving! That’s something to be truly thankful for.

P.S. For those who have lost a loved one and are facing their first holiday season alone, please consider doing the Radical Grieving Online Program. This program enables you to examine your beliefs about life and death and to shift your perception of how and why the loss occurred and what it means. You will probably conclude that our suggested alternative ways of looking at such things justifies the term ‘Radical Grieving,’ since they are quite different to how we are used to thinking of them. But hopefully not so radical and challenging that you won’t give it a shot. There’s nothing to lose but your pain, and much to gain, I can assure you.

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