What’s New in 2015

What’s New in 2015

Good morningHappy-New-Year-2015-Tree or good afternoon, whichever it is for you. Actually, I’m thinking you might not be in any fit condition to read this right away. It is, after all, the day after New Year’s Eve!

But, please, DON’T DELETE IT – even if you don’t feel like bothering with it right now.

You’re gonna want to know about this, believe me.

[By the way, I hope you had a really good time. We did. We went to 2 parties, fireworks and all that. A lot of fun.]

Anyway, that said, if you do still feel a little under the weather, mark this e-mail as UNREAD.

Come back to it when you are ready to get really excited about what I’m getting ready to tell about what’s coming up NEW in 2015.

[It’s a lot. We are really going for it this coming year, like never before.]

On the other hand if you’re definitely up to it, and already salivating, read on.

I think I’d like to share our vision and goals for 2015 first.

Then I’ll come back and tell you about all the events we have scheduled that will empower your resolutions.

But, you know, while I’m on that topic I have to say this:

Speaking or writing your resolutions will whither and die unless you TAKE ACTION on them right away.

After I’ve told you my vision for 2015, I’ll show you how you might do it that.

So Here’s our Vision for 2015

As we have been doing for the last three years, we shall continue to spend the Summer months (June to November) living and working in Europe.

We have purchased a flat in England, which makes things easier.

I also get to visit my three kids and 10 grandchildren, so that’s nice.

For the last three years I have taught a 9-day ‘Spirituality in Business’ course to Swiss business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs.

So, I feel very qualified to offer my expertise in this area to businesses in the U.S. and U.K. beginning in 2015.

My specialism will be working with family businesses that are failing or in trouble because of family issues getting enmeshed with business issues.

I will use my expertise and skill with Radical Forgiveness and Reconciliation to discover the underlying issues within the family, untangle them from the business and do what I can to heal them.

The purpose is to save the company and put it back on its feet with everyone happy.

With this and other offerings I’ll explain in a second, you can see I am up leveling my game and expanding the reach of Radical Forgiveness.

All this and more is explained on my new ColinTipping .com website.

OK, Now let me share my goals for 2015 so you know what to expect to see showing up in the next few months.

  1. To complete a total makeover of the RadicalForgiveness.com website by mid-January. (In process.)
  1. To complete a makeover of the ColinTipping.com website by the end of January. (Also in the process.)
  1. To have a new book out early in January entitled “Wounded Healers.”

It’s a tell-all book written by six of the founding members of the men’s group I have been a member of for 20 years.

Each of the six, (me included), reflect on the work they did over the years on the four weekends per year that they got together and processed each other. It is VERY revealing.

  1. To write a book that delves into past lives, life, death and the afterlife.

In this book, I will pose the questions that I and others wrestle with. I’ll then ask people I know who have personal experience of such things to provide answers I can accept.

  1. To create a much needed, in-depth course entitled, Magnetic Marketing for Healers and Alternative Health Practitioners.

Most people doing this kind of work have no idea how to market themselves successfully and make money.

If you are in that line of work and you are not making a decent living doing what you love to do – watch this space.

OK. That’s what my future looks like. Now let’s consider yours.

Let’s look at how you might take immediate action on your resolutions so they actually stick.

For instance, suppose you have a New Year resolution such as, ‘To love and nurture myself more this year.’  

Well, you could empower that decision by booking a spot in one of our upcoming workshops.

Let me list the workshops for you

– First up is the NEW Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Workshop – March 13th – 15. A great way to raise your self-esteem and love yourself more. There is an Early Bird Special of $100 off if booked by February 13th.

– We have a ‘Miracles’ Workshop scheduled for May 8th – 10th. This is very powerful and is limited to 12 people. [Sorry, the January one is now fully booked.]

– The Power of Radical Forgiveness Workshop. Facilitated by Shari Claire. She has done this one many times. April 24th – 26th.

– How about gifting yourself a Healing Vacation to Lima, Peru. Besides doing a tour to special spiritual sites, you could participate in the special Magic of Radical Forgiveness Workshop JoAnn and I are doing in Lima. April 10th – 12th.

And hey, if your New Years Resolution is around making a decision on whether to stay in a relationship or leave, you should definitely plan to attend the following.

“Make It or Break It,” A ‘Couples-in-Crisis’ Clinic for between 2 and 4 couples. May 15th – 17th. with follow-up coaching sessions for 3 months. Very intense.

But by the end you will know what you have to do.

How about living your purpose? Is that a resolution on your list of dreams. Helping others?

If so, you might consider becoming a Radical Living Coach. Our online program is perfect for that.

But here’s what’s NEW and really exciting if you are ready to do something radical.

A 10-day live, intensive training to become a certified Radical Living Coach, with me teaching you in a small group setting, This will be followed up with you getting your Master Coach certification by completing the online course.

May 25th – June 4th in Atlanta and August 30th – September 8th in UK.

My personal preference is always to do a live course over home study. I’m too inclined to procrastinate and I get diverted.

I also like the personal interaction with the trainer. You too?

It costs a lot more than doing it online, but we get to work together personally and you will be in a position to earn your investment back very quickly after becoming certified.

I did this training with a group of 35 in Russia last year and plan to do the same again this coming year.

So there you have it. And this is only for the first quarter of 2015. We have lots planned for Germany, England, Switzerland and Russia over the summer and we are already looking at 2016. Hang in with us and enjoy the ride.

And best wishes for a great new year from the team: Colin, JoAnn, Shari, Karla and David.

Talk soon