What’s In A Name? or Tipping Prohibited

no tippingWhat’s In A Name? or Tipping Prohibited

I met a guy once whose name was Christmas Day. I kid you not. You have to wonder what kind of consciousness Ma and Pop Day had to name their baby that. They must have thought it was a good idea at the time, though.

Feel free to post other good examples you know of where parents have ensured a life of endless embarrassment for their kids.

Names are important, though. They connect you with something. In the case of poor old Christmas, it chained him forever to a date: the 25th of December. Surnames such as Smith, Taylor, Ferrier, Carter and countless others are linked to a trade or profession. Add ‘son’ on the end of a name and that defines the relationship between a son and father. Smithson, Johnson, Bateson, etc.

(Women don’t get the same kind of acknowledgment. Who every heard of someone called Mr. Smithdaughter?)

Sadly, I could never find much to link my name to. The first time I saw my name used in public was a sign by the side of the road that said very emphatically, “Tipping Prohibited.” I immediately felt a pang of rejection by that and the feeling was reinforced every time I drove by it, which was every day, that being my route to work. Maybe that was the origin of my core-negative belief that no-one loves me. (Just kidding.)

Only later in life did Malcolm Gladwell give me the opportunity to feel that my name might have a more positive meaning. That was when he coined the term, “the Tipping Point.” This has become part of the lexicon now and people who like to appear smart use it all the time. (A bit like the “boots-on-the-ground phrase you hear politicans use over and over rather than just say troops.)

The Tipping Point seemed to indicate a moment of great importance, so it did a lot for my self-esteem. It also connoted some kind of transformation like the shift you get with Radical Forgiveness. So, I took the hint and coined the term The Tipping Method, to describe the way we deliver Radical Forgiveness.

This name has stuck in some countries. In Germany, for instance, Radical Forgiveness is known as The Tipping Methode, and the trained Radical Forgiveness coaches are known as “Tipping Coaches.”

Since 1998, the name of my flagship workshop, the one that dissolves just about any emotional problem people are likely to have, is The Miracles Workshop. While it obviously hints of the possibility you might get a miracle, there is no mention of either the Tipping Method or Radical Forgiveness in that name. It could be some kind of magic show or something.

The name did have some merit in that it originally made a connection with the book, which at the time was entitled, Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle. So, for the people who read the book, the workshop having the name The Miracles Workshop had some meaning.

But then, in 2009, Sounds True bought the rights and became the publisher and, much to my disappointment, kept the main title as Radical Forgiveness, but changed the subtitle to: A Revolutionary Five-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger and Blame, and Find Peace in Any Situation.

True, it says a lot about Radical Forgiveness but it’s hard to remember and there is no mention of a miracle. (By the way, the ‘miracle’ is the shift in perception where you get to see the perfection in what happened.)

So, now that there is no longer any connection to anything, I am flirting with the idea of changing the name of the workshop. Instead of the Miracles workshop, I am thinking of calling it Breaking Free With Radical Forgiveness. The sub-title will be – A Workshop That Gives You a Direct Pathway to Freedom, Peace and Happiness.

What do you think? It has the merit of having Radical Forgiveness in it, which is our brand, and ‘Breaking Free’ speaks to people who feel stuck and want to be free of all their emotional baggage so they can live their life to the full again. It addresses their real problem and offers a solution.

How do you feel about this change? Are you in favor of a change or would you advise sticking to the old title? I am nervous about making the change and would welcome your thoughts.

23 thoughts on “What’s In A Name? or Tipping Prohibited

  1. Anne

    The Tipping Miracles work for me whatever they’re introduced as…thank you very much…Good luck with whatever you decide, I do not feel affected by the name change either way…the energy of the work itself is so powerfully transformative and change leads to good ultimately, doesn’t it?
    Love and blessings

  2. Claire

    How about – Breaking Free: Using Radical Forgiveness to a path of freedom, peace and happiness (another subtitle Finding the path of radical forgiveness to freedom, peace and happiness) or another Breaking Free: the miracle of Radical Forgiveness for finding freedom, peace and happiness

  3. Julia Warnking

    Dear Colin,
    to me breaking free sounds lurid. I tend to become fed up with all the promsises of “once and for all”,” forever” “solving all possible problems”,”lasting peace” and so on and the your new idea sounds to me belonging more to this ” americanized” category.
    I find the word miracle way more inclusive, precise in face of the mystery of life and revealing in regards to your own path and medicine.
    Thank you for sharing and offering your precious work!

  4. Genia

    I like the idea of using the tipping point phrase in order to brand all of your work. What about The miracles workshop… How to reach your tipping point and radically forgive in order to heal your life

  5. Maria

    I like “Miracle workshop” – the other one sounds a bit boring, technical, like a lot of work to do, efforting – the definition includes things you do not really want and turns me off.
    Miracle Workshop sounds exciting, promising, it implies a magical time, and the discovery of new possibilities, also when you do not have problems to solve.

  6. Alex Beliakou

    There are some things to consider when selecting the right name for the workshop:
    – relation to Radical Forgiveness;
    – using the word “Miracle” in it;
    – add some other words about the process.
    For example, “Radical Forgiveness, When the Miracle Comes True”, “Radical Forgiveness, the Miracle Pathway to Freedom, Peace and Happiness”, etc.
    Leaving the workshop name just “Miracle” does not provide any info about the actual subject. “Miracle” can be anything, like magic, extraordinary events, etc.

  7. Kathleen

    Colin, I think the new name is too long and complicated though I understand your desire to link to your brand. Why not keep the Miracles workshop name and either add Radical Forgiveness or Colin Tipping’s (Method) Miracles Workshop? You could leave Method in or out, but then it gets connected to you/your name and doesn’t matter what it is called. All these name changes are confusing. I like to keep it simple for myself and when i refer to your work.

  8. lyn

    There is nothing for us to break free from.
    There is only a understanding of the tools you already have to see the divine all around you.
    With that said…..let the divine give you the perfect title, think about how radical forgiveness can enable clarity of what you already have. …it is done.

  9. Dulce Bell-Bulley

    Hi Colin,

    Having taken the Miracles Workshop with you I can truthfully claim a miracle occurred. I have also studied directly with you as a coach in training and the word miracle applies to all your techniques.

    My two cents worth – keep it simple and keep Miracle. Thanks for all your wonderful work.

    I love you and JoAnn.

  10. Sandra

    Dear Colin
    I am one of the “Die(=the in German) Tipping Methode” from Switzerland. With the funny english Translation “die tipping method”….
    I personally don’t like the word forgiving/Forgivness in German. In it’s meaning I can hear to much accusation.
    Did you ever try to play with your name Colin!
    Colin “Call in….”
    Tippin ” the tip” “tipping”
    “How to call in your tipping”
    How ever I am for a change… but don’t be surprised if german speakers will change the meaning properly!
    Love Sandra

  11. Jamie A. Colangelo

    I think it is an awesome title. Everyone wants to know what they are going to get out of something. So I think renaming it “Breaking Free with Radical Forgiveness” will cause people to pick up the book and open hearts in the process. This is what we want…for hearts to be opened in order to be healed. Love it!

    Thank you and God bless,

    Jamie Ann

  12. Kellie

    Breaking Free With Radical Forgiveness. The sub-title will be – A Workshop That Gives You a Direct Pathway to Freedom, Peace and Happiness.

    (By the way, the ‘miracle’ is the shift in perception where you get to see the perfection in what happened.)

    Love this it tells the truth…

  13. Lynette

    I prefer “Freedom with Radical Forgiveness” instead of using the word “breaking”… breaking is tearing apart, dissociating with something, destructing, if you will, rather than constructing. It has a totally different energy when using the word “Breaking”…anything.
    Blessings to all,

    1. Sarah Veronique Blanchard

      Good point, Lynette. I don’t like “breaking” either, for the very same reasons.
      Though I understand that we need to keep the ideas of efficiency and strength and move, I personally prefer the notion of softness, sweetness, kindness etc…

  14. Tom McDonald

    I prefer Claire’s recommendation. I feel that the sub-title you’ve chosen “promises” results–sort of an oversell. If kept, you might want to change it to “A Workshop That Can Give You…etc.

  15. Malvina

    Colin: I won’t miss the word radical at all, nor forgiveness, though since I read you forgiveness is in my chip. I like your name, no need for heavy words, it could sound lighter, idea: Tipping towards Happiness Workshop. Thank you, you are wonderful for influencing our lives in such a positive way. XXMALVINA

  16. Tami

    Dear Colin,
    I think the name change is great. It gives the idea that it is an action oriented/results oriented workshop and that’s what we need.

  17. arlette

    colin ,, i like the word forgiveness cos your DVD and books helped me soo much i associated the word forgiveness with Freedom

    Magical (or) ( Lasting )Freedom with Radical Forgiveness ,,,
    and (to) create your own miracles
    thanks for all and blessings
    arlette Berche

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