We Did It Anyway

Well, I’m not writing this from jail. The Cancer Act of 1939 in England, states that it is a crime, punishable by fines, confiscation of materials and jail time, to advertise or talk in public about any form of alternative treatments for cancer. Someone blew the whistle and threatened to close down the Alternative Treatment for Cancer Workshop we did in London this past Sunday.We called their bluff, refused to be intimidated and went ahead, anyway. We couldn’t really tell if there were any agents in the audience but I doubt it. I think they knew it would cause more embarrassment to them if they did try to close it down, so they just didn’t show up. My hat’s off to Marcus Freudenmann, the person who organized the workshop for refusing to be intimidated.

The main focus of the workshop was how to detox the body and provide a healthy inner environment where cancer can never flourish. A great deal of discussing took place about what not to eat as well what is good to eat, and how to find out what is toxic to you as an individual. Everyone is different so it was good to learn a way to detect one’s own particular sensitivities.

My role was to talk about why it is necessary for us all to do an emotional detox on a regular basis in order to prevent cancer and to promote emotional and spiritual health. They had been listening to lectures all day so I chose to keep the lecture fairly short so I could take them through a group Radical Forgiveness process.

We did the 7-Steps Process which is the most emotionally potent of the group tools. (You will find this process to do for yourself on the Power Pack Set.) They said they liked it and felt something, but I have to say the response was cool and unemotional. There was not one tear among this English audience of about 68 people, and only one question was asked at the end. Consequently, I have no idea how they really felt about it. Stone-faced expression only.

There was a Q & A session at the end with all the speakers. Not one was directed to me. It was all about numbers and facts. All head stuff. Nothing whatsoever about emotions or the idea of Radical Forgiveness as a complementary treatment for cancer.

But that’s OK. I was approached afterwards by a few people who were in agreement with me but didn’t want to say it in the group.

I clearly have not cracked open the heart chakra of England yet, but I’ll keep on trying.

I have to say, however, that I am ashamed of how my own country suppresses free speech, using tactics not dissimilar to those used by the KGB during the cold war, and restricts information that would be beneficial to thousands of people, just to protect the interests of those companies who make billions out of cancer and think only of protecting their own financial interests.

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