I have a couple of bits of news to share, one part of which concerns my cancer journey and the other one is about a dramatic decision we have made about our future.

First, I am pleased to say I am feeling well and that subsequent to using the CellSonic machine I am completely free of any discomfort in my abdomen and feel very confident that it has done its job. However, the problem I have is that there is no easy way to know if it has or not, other than by a PET scan.  Fortunately today I had a follow-up consultation with the surgeon I worked with last year, and he was more than willing to order a PRT scan as well as an MRI, so we should soon have an answer. I will let you know the outcome.

Second, as you may know, we have been splitting our time between America and England for nine years now. This has worked well for us while we had workshops and training to do in Europe. We actually bought a flat in England to use as our base. It became our home from home, and we loved living there throughout the summer months before returning home in the Fall. However, now that we have decided to stop doing workshops the need for us to have a permanent base in England is gone, and we cannot really justify the expense.  We have decided, therefore, to sell the flat and resolve now to stay in Marietta year round. This is not to say we won’t come back from time to time to visit with family and our dearest friends, but we will no longer be residents as such.

From a practical point of view this makes sense, but emotionally it has been a difficult decision. There’s so much about living in Great Britain that we both love and value but, naturally, since it is my country of birth, I will feel the loss more keenly than JoAnn.  I will especially miss the English countryside.  Those of you who have spent time here, especially doing some of it on foot rather than just viewing it from the window of a coach, will understand why we feel this way about it.  For those who haven’t had the experience, let me quote a paragraph out of a book by Bill Bryson, an American with a lot of affection for the British Isles who spends a lot of time walking around Britain chronicling his observations. Hopefully, you will get a sense of why we love it so much and will miss it terribly.

“Nothing — and I mean really, absolutely nothing — is more extraordinary in Britain than the beauty of the countryside. Nowhere in the world is there a landscape that has been more intensively utilized — more mined, farmed, quarried, covered with cities and clanging factories, threaded with motorways and railroad tracks — and yet remains so comprehensively and reliably lovely over most of its extent. It is the happiest accident in history. In terms of natural wonders, you know, Britain is a pretty unspectacular place. It has no alpine peaks or broad rift valleys, no mighty gorges or thundering cataracts. It is built to really quite a modest scale. And yet with a few unassuming natural endowments, a great of time, and an unfailing instinct for improvement, the makers of Britain created the most superlatively park-like landscapes, the most orderly cities, the handsomest provincial towns, the jauntiest seaside resorts, the stateliest homes, the dreamingly-spired, cathedral-rich, castle-strewn, abbey-bedecked, folly-scattered, green-wooded, winding-laned, sheep-dotted, plumply-hedgerowed, well-tended, sublimely-decorated 88,386 square miles the world has ever known — almost none of it undertaken with aesthetics in mind, but all of it adds up to something that, quite often perfect. What an achievement that is.

And what a joy it is to walk in it. England and Wales have 130,000 miles of public footpaths, about 2.2 miles of path for every square mile of area. People in Britain don’t realize how extraordinary that is. If you told someone in the Midwest of America where I come from, that you intended to spend the weekend walking across farmland, they would look at you as if you were out of your mind. You couldn’t do it anyway. Every field you crossed would end in a barrier of barbed wire. You would find no helpful stiles, no kissing gates, no beckoning wooden footpath posts to guide you on your way. All you would get would be a farmer with a shotgun wondering what the hell you were doing blundering around in his alfalfa.”

That’s what I shall miss. America has nothing to match it. If you are British, I’m sure you will commiserate with us in our grief but will wish us well as we take our leave sometime later this year. If you are American, we know you will welcome us home in the warm, friendly fashion we love so much about you and America. It is our home just as Britain has been for those 9 years and we love it too. It will be good to be home.

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  1. Regina Reiter

    Colin and JoAnn, thanks so much for this update! I had not really thought about the splendor of England as a place to walk. You’ve certainly changed my mind about that!

    1. Rita

      Dear Colin
      I’m heartbroken that you will no longer run the workshops and that you have to sell your London flat.may God bless you on your future endeavours.
      You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for helping change so many lives for the better. You have given me a new perspective to see my life differently.
      Thank you so much

    2. Dorothy

      Best of luck, light ‘n Love during this transitory period in your lives.
      We wish you only the best! 🙂

    3. Sabine Debes

      Dear Colin,

      I’m from Germany and it is just the same here, you can walk over fields and feel free and welcome. You can talk with the farmers, if you meet one. I lived four years in Italy, it is the same there. I know in Switzerland it is the same. Maybe Europe is different from America in this sense.
      America is very special regarding hostility, racism, use of guns, as we know. It is very sad, but it is an existing reality, Trump is the crown.
      You write it breakes you heart to leave England. Reading what you wrote I can’t grasp in no way, why you don’t stay in England?
      Isn’t that selling what’s on your heart? Isn’t that self denial? Who are you to break your own heart deliberatly?

      But maybe you didn’t write the whole story – there must be a strong reason to live in America, which I missed.

      I’ve done things like that myself – absolutely unconscious of my not existing self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect resulting in self-denial. Life brought it all up – I am grateful. I am grateful for the many methods to process these terrible destructive beliefs, hiding behind generosity and acceptance of shitty realities.

      Whatever, I wish you all the best on your life’s journey together with JoAnn!
      I hope one day we will meet again.
      Much love and appreciation,

  2. pat Marrone

    Keeping you in prayer for perfect health and well being,supporting you in the grief process, it takes time, and we are so blessed to have you all here in America. Love, Pat Marrone

  3. Bruna

    Focus on the healing, on the let go and let God, finish any unfinished business in your past so the only focus is recovery. I may not easily get into the US for the trainings but I’m sure there will be some way around when you visit Europe again.

  4. Beatriz Gomez

    Thank You so much for your beautiful work. I will keep you in my prayers, and sending you a big and warm hug.

  5. Tracey

    Bless you through all dear Colin!
    Powerful prayer is always with you!
    Your beautiful heart lights this world!

  6. Vanessa

    Thank you so much, Colin, for the updates. My heart is overflowing with love for you and JoAnn right now (and you remain in my prayers, of course).

  7. Matthias Schossig

    Dear Colin. Thanks for your post. I, too, feel torn between the Old World and our home in California, having spent two months this spring back in Germany, accompanying my father for the last weeks of his life. All the more I appreciate that quote from the American Bill Bryson with his description of Britain and its accidental beauty in spite of its dense cultivation. The wilderness in the US, perhaps even more here in California, sometimes feels like a different planet. Driving to a trail is a world different from walking through the fields directly from your house. Anyway, lately I have felt like in a crack between two cultures, and, in my case, even between two languages. That lack of a real home had its advantages, too, in the end. It is easier to let go of what you never really grasped tightly, and see it for what it is, a temporary miracle. Love, Matthias

  8. Jacqueline Robson

    I lived in the U.K. for 10 years, and really didn’t want to move back to the States. I know how you feel, it’s a wonderful place, and wonderful people. At least you’ll be in Georgia, which is the best place over here. We’ll be glad to see you return!
    I’m so glad you are feeling well!

  9. Loni Shepherd Kreider

    I went thru Radical Forgiveness in 2013 with a great coach Kym Kennedy in Atlanta. My life changed forever and finally got married to my love in 2018. I joined a women’s church group in 2017 and I recently found out one of the members also loves Radical Forgiveness abs was having a workshop with Kym Kennedy!! I believe in that kind of connectedness and I didn’t think I needed it again but wanted to treat my best friend to the workshop. Little did I know I needed Radical Forgiveness once again. The CD is still in my car from 2013 🙂 I did not know you lived in Marietta where I grew up and live near now! I’m SO grateful for your teachings Colin!!! I have listened to the cd probably 20x since the workshop! You have changed my life Colin and I continue to talk to others about how amazing your book is!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ?❤️
    I’m SO happy you are doing better!! Stay Strong. You are the best!!

  10. Rebecca Henderson

    Dear Jo Ann
    Dave and I met you in the 5rhythms heartbeat in Atlanta.
    We remembered you so fondly, recently in Maui as we danced heart beat with our beloved Lucia Doug a d new baby Olivia.
    That Atlanta heart beat was Dave’s first dip into 5rhythms.
    He had an escape route planned…but Roz Mance English accent since she was standing in line behind him welcoming ….after we had spoken to her about snow the night before…..
    Then you were with us for a reflection…and again …you calmed his overstimulated fears and Catholic horizons of chaotic confusion over the installation and huge Headlands creative mixing of Almost Heaven West Virginia…John Denver song which was the first even vaguely familiar music for Dave.
    We really remember you and your loving long journey you spoke of with Colin.
    Thank you both for posting!!!
    I was last in Atlanta dancing in April with Visudha and the Atlanta tribe.
    Dave and I will return hopefully this year and give you a call.
    Fondly and with deep wishes and confidence in your love and well being,

    Rebecca Henderson and David Kannapell

  11. Rebecca Henderson

    Just wrote a long memory Jo Ann from Dave and me and his first heartbeat 5rhythms workshop….you are so fondly and blessedly remembered in Dave’s first dip into 5rhythms.
    We have enjoyed your posts Colin.
    I don’t know where my long piece went
    Will try again….
    Maybe you will find this abreviated post.
    Hope the other appears too.
    Blessings on your well being
    You are so loved.
    Rebecca and Dave

  12. Mary

    I have never been to Britain but you certainly embody the beauty of the countryside. May you always keep that with you. Godspeed on your continued healing ang thank you for helping me hold my marriage together with your radical forgiveness work I have done.

  13. Nesi

    Thank you for sharing your heart, & your beautiful description of your homeland! I’m a Texan & native American but as much as I love it….we do have our limitations. Praying His Supernatural Healing Breakthrough on your health, life, & current transition!

  14. Cecilia

    Blessing to you and JoAnn, Colin! And wishing you well with the scans, and the return to the USA. I feel your pain about leaving England and the beauty of the place, being able to walk everywhere without barbed wire. You can always visit. Be well! Love to you both.

  15. Bonnie Felker

    Colin, I am SO pleased that you are feeling well, and I know for you complete recovery.
    Having spent one summer in England and Scotland, I commiserate with you on “leaving it behind”. Another quote, of course ” there will always be an England” rings true, and despite the cost, it is only a hop ‘across the pond’.
    Thank you for your always being real – for being up front and truthful about your health journey. You are always an inspiration to me, and the example of positive nests that I follow on my own health journey. Blessings, always, to you and JoAnn.

  16. Theresa

    So grateful to hear about your improvement and pray the scan will confirm your healing. I am not able to find much information on CellSonic treatments for cancer. Perhaps if you are able it would be greatly appreciated if you could share information on how and where to receive treatment. Blessing to you.

  17. Pam Lambert

    Thanks so much for sharing with us. American welcomes you with open arms. You and JoAnn are “national treasures.” I am knowing your perfect health and wholeness.

  18. Marie

    Wishing you perfect health Colin and thanks for the update. I live in CA but am also a Brit and do miss the countryside, especially the Lake District so I understand! It will always be there to visit and will be just as wonderful. Happy Healing. With Love, Marie

  19. Ana Holub

    I guess it’s time for a change, huh? I am very happy that you’re feeling better! Please let us know how the PET scan goes. May you be cancer free and ready for your next adventure! Oceans of love to you and JoAnn. ?

  20. Katie

    Much love Colin and Jo Anne, prayers for the highest and best for both of you! Change can bring so many gifts and this one sounds like the blessing of a more restful lifestyle where you can focus more on self care, sanctuary and time together. You’ve spent many years helping others, well earned time for yourselves. ?

  21. Charlotte Kasl

    Many Blessings to you Colin and Jo Anne for your move to the US and letting go of your flat in England.
    I studied piano for nearly two years in London and share with you the wonder and love for the English Country side.
    I took part in your workshop on the Cruise to Mazatlan and took your radical forgiveness workshop. It was life changing and I thank you for it with my whole heart. I live in Missoula Montana.
    Best wishes with your healing. I’ve had cancer twice, a triple bi pass surgery, three stents and a stroke on my right side and I’m still here about to turn 80. Persevere as I know you will. With love, Charlotte

  22. Sabine Renate Heinzl

    Search Colin and JoAnn, magnificent your journey through your Life. I can understand what you are telling about England, wonderful nature. But the Nature we have to find it inside us, too. You know it all and now you did your decision and I’m in joyfullness for and with you. I hope you are in full acceptance, love and Peace.
    Blessings, Sabine ? – from Italy

  23. Mona

    Thank you for the update!

    I have cancer too, advanced breastcancer. In Sweden you don’t get on sick leave if you don’t agree to get the conventional treatment. I have been on my healing journey for many years, I have had almost no money, I move around because I have no home on my own, almost no posessions. I have published poems that I sell sometimes and in June I got money when I helped my friends selling strawberries. I now live on the countryside and help my friend with her animals and plants. Everywhere I see beauty nowadays, since I started healing my childhood wounds. If you want to be free from your cancer you have to let go of your ego, you have to take control over your health and you have to trust your intuition. I recommend you to read Kelly A. Turners book Radical Remissions. I am so grateful for my body who is talking to me all the time, my cancer is a lot of guilt and shame, it’s my inner child still hurting and being angry. But I have control and I follow my intuition.
    Love and light

  24. Marge

    Colin, your decision to sell your property in England must have been very hard. It must be like cutting off a piece of yourself. Your grief is real. I could feel it in your post. If yo find your Pet scan clear I would suggest reconsidering. Just because you own property somewhere does not mean you need to be the ones always to care for it. Perhaps you would be thrilled to continue use it as you have, but to sell the ownership to someone you know there who understands your love and need and can take care of it. Yes, you would become a tenant. But then maybe you could justify the cost more easily and continue to enjoy life as you have. it is so sad that you would cut yourself off from a place that you are a part of- where people look forward to seeing you.

  25. Ed Mowrey

    Colin, I’m so happy to hear your good news, and to hear about the changes you’re making in your life. Everything changes, apparently faster and faster as we age!

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