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I Guess You’ve Heard!
Yes, Coaching Is The #1 Career To Be In Today!
So Why Not YOU?

By taking one of our coaching training programs, you can secure your own future, be your own boss and have your own business up and running in no time at all. The cost is low and the rewards are extremely high!

It’s work that feeds your soul. Click on the links below to review each of the coaching training programs offered here to see which qualification and course would be right for you.


Part 1: Certified Radical Living Coach – Prerequisite: NONE

Part 2: Certified Radical Living Master Coach – Prerequisite: Part 1

Live Training with Colin to become a Certified Radical Living Coach/Master Coach

Upgrade Certification for Existing Certified Coaches – Prerequisite: RF Coaching Certification from 2011 or earlier

Certified Energy-Body/Chakra Clearning Practitioner – Prerequisite: NONE

Approved Book Study Leader and/or an Approved Gamemaster for the ‘Satori’ Radical Forgiveness Game – Prerequisite: NONE

Adult Education Programs for Congregations – Prerequisite: Recognized spiritual organization

Part 1, the Certified Radical Living Coaching program, is an excellent stand-alone course for anyone looking for thorough training that will either launch a good coaching career or improve an existing one. You will learn how to coach and educate people about using the four strategies for healing and improving their lives.

Part1 is a prerequisite for Part 2, Certified Radical Living Master Coach. This program really increases your knowledge and proficiency, providing you with true mastery of the Radical Living Strategies. If you are considering both programs, note that there are significant savings available to you if you book both at the same time.

Home Study
The courses are all home study programs. We have taken full advantage of digital technology and the internet to make the teaching available in a variety of forms: video, audio, online programs, downloadable manuals and e-books. You are allowed 12 months to complete the course working at your own pace, and you don’t have take time out and spend a fortune on travel and accommodation. When you have completed each of the 12 modules, you take the open-book quiz to get your certification. What could be more convenient?

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Feel the Joy of Making A Difference
Being able to share the Radical Living philosophy on a certified professional basis using the Tipping Method means experiencing the joy of having a profoundly beneficial impact on peoples’ lives! Teaching them how to use the tools of each of the four Radical Living Strategies (Radical Forgiveness, Radical Self-Forgiveness, Radical Transformation and Radical Manifestation) will empower them to live their lives as awakened human beings.

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We Need You
We want people like you who are enthusiastic about The Tipping Method and want to help people change their lives for the better. We want people like you who are driven to do work that feeds their soul and gives them a deep inner satisfaction. Is this you? Have you ever felt that it was your destiny to be of service in this way? Check the courses to see which one fits.

I know that choosing a coaching program is a big decision. It’s an investment in yourself — in your growth, transformation, and future.

But I’m sure you have some questions. Listen to this audio interview with Karla Garrett, our Director of Education & Training, who answers the most common questions she hears from prospective students. We packed in a lot of information, but if you still have questions, please contact the training department.  They will be happy to help.

The Institute
The Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching was founded in 1998 and has since trained many book study leaders, coaches and practitioners who are now helping people to heal their lives through Radical Forgiveness and to prosper with Radical Manifestation.We hope you will join them. We’d love to have you.

Contact Us:
All inquiries about training should be directed to our Education and Training department. Click here to send an email or you may call 972-202-9926 during the business hours of 9 am – 5 pm Eastern Time.

Please refer to the “Return Policy” located in this website’s eStore for information regarding the Institute’s 30-day money back provisions.

Almost two years ago, I downloaded Colin Tipping’s audiobook on Radical Forgiveness. Half an hour into listening it, I knew that not only was this something that would be really important for me personally, but that I wanted to spread the good news. Colin had a way of expressing profound spiritual and personal development insights in everyday language which I found so refreshing. Even more importantly, as I explored processes such as the worksheets and 13 Steps I knew that I had found a treasure which I would use throughout my life.

Within a week I had enrolled in the online coach training course. The quality of the manual and other teaching resources confirmed for me that this is a very well-structured programme which would benefit me hugely even if I never did any coaching. But how could I have such knowledge and not want to share it? I have literally seen people’s lives changing for the better, becoming more empowered and purposeful. There have been so many stories of healing, even of ‘miracles’, and of people feeling that at last their lives were beginning to make sense, including their struggles and crises.

I would highly recommend this programme, both for your own personal growth and also for having tools and perspectives which will help you to make a real contribution to the world around you.
Rose Tobin, Dublin, Ireland

I am so excited to have received my Radical Living Coach certification utilizing the online program. It provided me the flexibility of time so that when I had to take a few months off to recuperate after an emergency surgery I didn’t lose anything which I would’ve if I was taking an in person class. I found the videos of Colin with clients & workshops really helpful in that I could go back and watch them to learn how to answer questions whenever I needed to and the support I received from Karla and Shari was exceptional. Thank you for making this program available which helped me accomplish my dream of becoming a coach and helping others.
Brenda Strong Reiss, Redmond, WA

I am so happy that the Institute for Radical Forgiveness, Therapy and Coaching offers an online training program. This enabled me to study while I still had a morning job. The time frame to complete the program made it more comfortable for me to take it at my own pace without feeling stressed. However, I was so eager to teach the Radical Living tools to other people so I had my certification much earlier!

The program is very carefully divided in modules so I felt I had a clear guidance where to start from and where to go. There are 2 wonderful ladies in the office supporting us and although I only contacted them through emails they were always there for me, always on time, always giving me guidance.

I was blessed to also attend the live training in UK by Colin Tipping and although the live contact is of a great value, the online training has nothing less. Colin is “there” through the videos teaching and transmitting his knowledge. For somebody who cannot attend or cannot afford the live training, the online program is of a great value!

Not to mention the blessings we receive when starting working as Radical Living Coaches!!! It’s truly a blessing!!!”
Paraskevi “Vivi” Daniilidi, Athens, Greece

I began the online training in 2011 and found it very easy to follow and very well designed. It felt like Colin was taking me by the hand, module after module, one assignment at a time.

At one level I was learning the tools and the method while at another level I was going through a profound journey of self discovery and healing. I enjoyed total access to all the necessary resources in the form of e-books, videos, audios and a detailed training manual, but what really made it all come together for me was the support that I had from Karla Garrett (Director of Education & Training ).

I feel a great sense of gratitude for the amazing journey that this coaching has brought to every aspect of my life and absolute joy and expectation for what is yet to come.
Muss Hernandez, Lima, Peru