The Victim Game in Gaza

gaza-israel-warThe Victim Game in Gaza

I have to admit to having been a bit reluctant to wade into the swamp that is now the Gaza situation, but I feel the need to do so now.

That’s because it’s a prime example of where we can make a real difference by using one of the tools associated with one our Radical Living Strategies – the Radical Transformation Worksheet.

This ‘Tipping Method’ worksheet empowers us to begin transforming the energy of any world event out there that seems to us to be tragic or disastrous. And this thing between Hamas and Israel certainly qualifies as being that and more.

Although it seems on the surface to be about rockets, tunnels and the blockade of Gaza by Israel, we know that what really fuels the conflict is a deeply ingrained victim consciousness on both sides.

Unless and until that is changed, no amount of political pressure, diplomacy or military intervention will have any effect whatsoever.

Any Jew will tell you that the Jewish race carries the victim identity like no other. It has acted it out over centuries to perfection and is continuing to do so today, even while it learns now what it is like to be the persecutor of another race.

The Palestinian history, too, is one that is characterized by persecution and displacement, so you’d think each race might understand each other’s pain and generate some empathy between them.

But each have their own victim identity and see the other as their victimizer. It is the classic attack and defense cycle that has served to keep human beings separate from each other for eons.

But we each have to admit we do exactly the same. We all create separation in all sorts of unpleasant and sometimes violent ways and justify it with a strong sense of righteousness.

No wonder this war is making us feel so uncomfortable. It is mirroring for all of us how capable we all are of creating separation just for the sake of it.

Herein lies the potential of the Radical Transformation worksheet. Through its use, we can transform the energy in Gaza and Israel if we first forgive ourselves for creating separation, forgive them for doing the same and then try to see the perfection in the situation.

To download a Radical Transformation Worksheet at no charge, click the following link:
Radical Transformation Worksheet

We will shift the energy in a very powerful way if we hold it that there is a purpose in each of the protagonists battling it out to the point of exhaustion and that the people who are dying and wounded are souls that have volunteered to act this drama out in that way for all of us, so we can heal.

(Brokering a cease-fire is a knee-jerk reaction and will not change anything. It is just a symptom of our own discomfort as we look in the mirror.)

Breakthrough comes AFTER breakdown; not before.

As the breakthrough occurs for them, they would see themselves in the mirror and wake up to the fact that separation is an illusion. It might even dawn on them that we are all one and that they are simply fighting themselves.

If both sides (and us too) are able to use the war in this way to raise our vibration, it might be a catalyst for the massive shift in consciousness we are all hoping for.

If you get this and feel inclined to take a few moments to help bring the two sides to the point of breakthrough through projecting healing energy into the situation, download a Radical Transformation Worksheet now and know that by filling it out, you will be making a significant difference. All mass healing starts with the individual.


P.S. This video was passed to me today. You might like to watch it. The title is Forgiveness is at the Heart of Human Greatness. It actually inspired me to write this blog.

31 thoughts on “The Victim Game in Gaza

  1. Fiona

    Hi Colin
    Your blog got me thinking!
    I watched the video and really enjoyed it.
    Am I right in saying that Mooji is suggesting that conflicts will never be resolved at an intellectual level and as long as we identify ourselves so strongly through our differences and our egos?
    He is suggesting that heart connection is the only true way to find peace from conflict?

    He is still implying though that something wrong happened and is suggesting traditional forgiveness. I totally agree that when someone has the humility to apologise in a conflict the energy can change dramatically and it is a big step towards finding peace but not the whole answer as there is still the inference that a wrong took place.

    The way I am seeing it is -three levels of dealing with resolving conflict with increasing effectiveness….
    1- intellectual egotistical attempts that will not succeed as no heart connection
    2- heart connection and true feeling of forgiveness and humility ( as Mooji discusses) but still implies something wrong happened – but will cause positive energy shifts
    3- radical forgiveness where there is both heart and soul connection and the understanding that nothing wrong took place- for true and lasting transformation


  2. Robin Marquardt

    I have long since stopped caring about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and personally do not care whatsoever what they do to each other. Frankly, I’m sick of their immature fighting, and both sides are unreasonable, unworthy of mankind’s concern.

    Hope’s spring is eternal; as eternal as the Jewish/Arab conflict. They will never live in peace, as a whole, because their fight is a, the first documented, family feud.

    In my family, there is a cousin that since 1988 has held a grudge against my mom, and since around 2003 against me. The problem: he stole my mom’s & her six siblings’ $1.8 million inheritance; though, he’ll say he didn’t do anything wrong or cheat anyone because it was his dad’s property, not 1/8. To this day he won’t speak a word to my mom – that’s 26 years of silence!

    So, with the Jews – they exclude, to riches and to the point of death (not allowing inter-religion marriages). Arabs, as the rejected, have developed writings in their holy book to kill conceived blasphemy (a form of rejection).

    But I’ll exercise my optimism: if the Jews eventually accept wholeheartedly in every way the Gentile, there will be inclusion and thus peace. Llikewise, if the Arabs erase killing from out of their holy book, i.e. “thou shall not kill,” there will be peace.

    Based on a 5000 year old manuscript, called the holy bible, and based on my 45 years of TV observation, and my personal family’s 26 year feud, I don’t see said acceptance & writing-out-killing and its subsequent peace for at least 610 years, and though I wouldn’t bet on this time frame, I do believe that the eventual peace between all Jews and all Arabs will happen – but it may take another 25,000 years before said peace happens, if not 75,000, or 100,000 years – but possible & probable. I would bet that said peace will not happen in the next 79 years or in my lifetime.

    Finally, not God, nor Satan, nor Allah, nor Mars has anything to do with said peace. Only people can make said peace happen – and if they want to, they can thank their personal Idea in the sky.
    In the peace of Jesus Christ,
    Mr. Robin Marquardt, BBA, HonD, GC, AIF, Principal Realtii Broker

  3. Robin Marquardt

    I admire your forthright, against the Jewish victim role.

    However, I personally believe that the WWII holocaust was the biblical prophecy, where the Jewish Sanhedrin said, “may His blood be on our children, and on our children’s children.”

    With that said, I believe the time has come TO STOP PICKING ON JEWS (or anyone) and that the Jews have paid that prophetic debt. Therefore, I do not tolerate the singling out of Jews (or any nationality and or race) for any agenda.

    Likewise, I think it’s time (though not mandatory) Jews as a whole start accepting Gentiles in Jewish circles. I have to tell you, it really sucks feeling excluded from the great mind… any great mind.
    In Christ with love,

  4. G.

    Everyone knows the history of the Jews. The Jewish suffering is no different from the suffering of other people on this planet. Jews are NOT God’s chosen people. God would not choose one over the other. God loves us all, All, ALL…
    The victim has become the victimizer!

    1. Orli

      By the way, Jews do accept people, my own mother in fact is a convert to Judaism and was welcomed with open arms. Judaism is also the only religion, as far as I am aware, that believes there is a heaven for everyone, not just those who believe in their value system. It’s true that Gd loves everyone and it is the Jews who first gave the world the concept of ethical monotheism.

  5. Linda Yameen

    Thank you Collin for this meaningful post. I clearly understand with my head and my heart the victim/oppressor issue and the need for forgiveness as a collective. The answers are not to be found in the ‘rational mind’, but rather with the spiritual perspective. We have all come here to play our respective roles in the movie we call ‘Life’. This conflict is being played out in a BIG way by those who were cast in the leading roles and chose maximum Soul Growth for this life. Your reflections are beautifully stated. Thank you.

  6. Cheryl McGuire


    Thank you for this enlighten view of this age old conflict…this helped me understand what I can do as one person to help in the smallest way…..Forgiveness……..Thank you.

  7. Michelle

    Thank you so much for this post. I was deeply moved by Mooji. I will do a Radical Transformation Worksheet.

  8. Kim

    I agree that many Jews in Israel suffer from a victim mentality. Not surprising, given the history of persecution.
    However they are unleashing their anger on a daily basis ( even before the present flare up in Gaza) by their continual occupation and denial of human rights to their brothers and sisters in the West Bank.
    I don’t see how we can turn our backs on people who are continually bullied by their powerful neighbour.
    Many Israelis subscribe to the ideology of Zionism, which claims superior status for Jewish people, and is inherently racist. This to my mind is the cause of the conflict as it seems many Israeli people simply are unable to recognise Palestinians as their equals.
    They show no real remorse for the large numbers of children they kill, yet wage war on the basis of the murder of three teenagers.
    The situation in Palestine is very similar to that in apartheid South Africa.
    The World, eventually, stood up and declared the situation there to be unjust, and eventually the system imploded.
    The problem in Palestine is that, because Western leaders are reluctant to hold Israel to account for their ongoing illegal occupation and denial of human rights, they act with impunity.

  9. Brenda

    While this post states this Gaza situation is a reflection of our own inner separation mentality, it is still highly accusative and pointing the finger outward towards the perceived other. “We all have separation ability within us, but those folks involved in Gaza, and in fact the Jews also, carry even more of it than we do.”

    I get tired of this finger-pointing mentality. But it’s very revealing. When we need to point to others who are “doing separation worse than we are” it’s coming from fear and/or the guilt for having somehow caused it (as ACIM points out so well). To point the finger at “the other” for having caused it, that temporarily makes us feel just a little less guilty, a little more innocent.

    Ho’oponopono, for those attracted to it, is another nondual process where separation is seen not as who we really are, but stuck programs or data we ended up with somehow in our subconscious, creating suffering. So there’s no guilt for having put it there, but there is a responsibility for freeing that data stuck in us so it doesn’t keep getting created.

    Very similar to what this post says here but with an important twist — if we become aware of others who are projecting separation — even if we sit in our lovely UK or USA home safe and sound while they fire rockets — we’re just as responsible for that creation at the intensity in which it was created, and just as responsible for freeing it. If we free it in ourselves, it’s automatically freed in them, because we share the same “data.” The other isn’t “worse with separation than we are.” So, there’s no guilt, there is great responsibility, and there is no finger pointing.

  10. Ann

    In this situation, Israel is defending itself against an onslaught of missiles. Israel unilaterally left Gaza 5 years ago during which time they would like nothing more than to see the residents of Gaza work toward creating a Palestinian country that would live in peace with Israel. Hamas has not chosen that path. They have chosen to continue to lob missiles at Israeli civilians. I do not see how Israel is acting as a victim in defending herself. You are choosing to project your preconceptions onto the Israelis by saying they have a victim mentality. They did not start this recent war but have reacted by defending themselves. What would you do if missiles were lobbed into your backyard? I think you are using a stereotype that Jews are victims and putting it onto this situation. I see no victimhood in self defense when it is called for and it is called for in this situation.

    1. Orli

      Right on Ann! Did you know Colin that Israelis treat Palestinians better than all of the other 9 hostile countries surrounding Israel? Muslims hold the highest offices, have full voting rights and equal opportunities. In fact, when polled, a majority of Muslims would rather live in Israel than in their native countries such as Iran, Syria etc which persecute them mercilessly. Women and ‘infidels’ ( Christians, homosexuals and any non Muslim) are regularly beaten, hung and even crucified as in the case of the seven Christians who were recently murdered in this despicable manner. Israel pulled its own people out and gave Gaza along with millions of dollars of Israeli money and cement to the Palestinians to use to build a separate Palestinian state. They used that money to build secret tunnels ( over 30 if them) into Israel and shored them up with rockets, arms and Israeli IDF uniforms with plans for a massive attack on the country on the Jewish New Year. This information has been verified by interviewing many captured Hamas terrorists. This war began when Hamas started lobbing rockets ( over 2,000 in the past three weeks!) into civilian territory, putting the entire country and it’s citizens at risk. Imagine someone dropping bombs on American soil, in every single state, including the capital, and then asking all Americans to show restraint in retaliating! It’s ludicrous. Israel does, in fact, show this restraint, before they hit any target they first fly overhead and drop warning pamphlets, urging citizens to flee so that they can strike at the missile launching sights with as few casualties as possible. Many flee to safety but Hamas urges them to stay-because when a child is accidentally hit, it gains them worldwide sympathy. Hamas often stores it’s arsenal of weapons in schools, hospitals, even a UN building recently, and uses ‘human shields’ to protect their rockets. When will there finally be peace? When all Muslims ( notice that terrorism around the world is ALWAYS carried out by them?!-9/11, the boston marathon bombing, Mumbai, etc etc etcetera ) decide that they love their own children more than they hate all ‘infidels’. All of the information that I have quoted above is factual. Do your research and you will see, israel is not a threat to humanity, Radical Muslims are.

      1. Colin

        You are right, of course. That’s how it is if you say it is. But your last sentence tell us where your consciousness is.

    2. Colin

      And so the cycle goes on. Attack and defense. Attack and defense. And nothing changes. Of course you have to defend yourselves, but we to look beyond what is happening out there for the real solution.

  11. Ann

    Would you say that the existence of racism means blacks have a victim mentality? Does the existence of homophobia mean gays have a victim mentality? According to your logic, when an individual or group is hated it means that they are a victim. That someone hates you is your fault. It says nothing about them. Interesting.

    1. Colin

      Victim consciousness includes both victims and perpetrators. It’s the same energy and it has its roots in self-hatred and the projection of the same. Racism and homophobia are just instances of it, but as things are right now in terms of consciousness, we all have the need to blame everyone else for our problems. None of us are immune. We all see ourselves as victims. That is what the war is mirroriing for us all and trying to get us to wake up.

  12. Dave Banks

    Was reading what you had to say until I got as far as “the Jewish race” and lost it. I read the rest, it wasn’t aggressively anti-Jewish. But that “race” term kind of says where you are at on the subject. If you are not there, then you need to find another term to describe the folks in question. Not “people of the Jewish faith” as there are many practicing jews not living in Israel and not actively taking a stand on this issue. Not “Israelis” as there are many Israeli citizens of Arabic descent. I could buy “Israeli conservative politicians and their supporters” but there might be some more fully descriptive omnibus term. “Parents and children of Israelis killed by Islamic radicals” would be one group, but not the only group

  13. iiris bjornberg Finland

    Dear Colin,
    thank You for Your great contribution to Peace! Wise words once again.
    It is an honor and a privilege to have met you in person and the energy of your love and kindness gives me wings in my work.
    We are One. Many blessings to everyone!
    In love and light,

  14. Cecilia

    Dear Colin,
    Incredibly you are sending this email!
    I was thinking on writing to you regarding this. I am original from South America, Jew, and living in Israel for the last 18 years.
    I am reading your book of Radical Forgiveness for the second time (it seems that my awakening time went to sleep for some years), and thought a lot about the conflict we are having.
    What I thought is that finally, it is the time for Israel, and all the Jewish people, since the beginning of their time, to leave the VICTIM side and stand for their own. I think that the world is “helping” us with all this hatred. Please let me know if I am “understanding” correctly.

    1. Colin

      I’m not quite sure what you meant by standing for their own, but I agree that we must find a way to get beyond victim consciousness and events like this force us to look at our own need to blame others for our unhappiness instead of taking responsibility for our own lives.

  15. Dr.Michael Konstantinovsky

    Dear Collin,

    I work with your wonderful method for years from 2005. I am great admirer of your books and the knowledge you bring. I am a certified practitioner of Energy Body and Chakra Clearing through Radical Forgiveness Process
    However, as someone who lives in Israel and works on a daily basis to help people release life barriers through Radical Forgiveness, I have to say that you analyses though written in a very interesting manner, it far from how things truly are.

    It is the first time for many years I see more and more people who are no longer feel obligated to justify themselves and their right to defend themselves. I have seen people who embrace each other and stand unified together, who still yearn for peace but no longer afraid to do what it takes to achieve it. We are in the frontline of a War of Paradigms. It is easy to watch and judge from the side, to call the two sides players in the victim game. But the truth is far deeper and clearer than that. We are reaching slowly but surely to the understanding that we are no longer victims. This assurance is the only way to achieve a real and lasting peace. Because we will no longer need to explain the most natural right of our country and people to defend our lives from a cruel terror organization. When we do so and we prevail in doing so, we have great hope that the people in Gaza will be liberated from those who seek to victimize them over and over again.
    We see in the last days here an amount of love, unity, courage, respect for life and each other and humanity in Israel and that is amazing to see.
    Thank you very much for the Radical Transformation worksheet. We will definitely work on it parallel to the actions needed to be taken to make sure our people safe and protected while they do so.
    We will continue this process of Radical Forgiveness so none of us remain feeling like victims here and hopefully on the other side they will do the same.


    Dr. Michael Konstantinovsky and dedicated students and fans of the Radical Forgiveness method in Israel

    1. Colin

      Thanks Michael. It is always a risk in commenting on situations like this without being there and seeing what is really happening, but I felt compelled to use this to make a point about how we all still are acting out victim consciousness at all levels, both personal and collective. I could have said exactly the same thing about the situation in Ukraine or anywhere else in the world where there is conflict. But the Israeli – Palestinian conflict presents the attack/defense cycle in such a stark way that one can hardly miss it. So stark, in fact, that we are forced to see it in ourselves. I love the way Sandra Lane puts it in the comment above – talking about a heart wave that is generated by each one of us as we heal our inner conflict. I think that is exactly what you are describing here. It is happening one heart at a time in the many ways that you describe. But if I understand you correctly you are describing how it is drawing the people of Israel together, not the two protagonists. What if you used that strength that comes from unity to look beyond yourselves and forgive the ‘terrorists’ in Gaza? I understand, of course, you have to do what it takes to defend yourselves at this time, but the only way to stop the attack and defense cycle is to use Radical Forgiveness. And you cannot wait for the other side to do it. I know you are committed to Radical Forgiveness and I appreciate your willingness to do the the work using the worksheets in order to create the shift we all want. I am with you, my brother.

  16. Sandra Lane

    Thank you Colin for the video link and your honest feelings of the Gaza situation. I applaud you for speaking out. I agree that the only way to shift war to peace is to begin at home, within the small space within our own hearts, heal the wounded victim of our self and the illusions that feed the war that exists within.

    I dont rarely listen to the news regarding the conflict. I must add however that I feel it daily, energetically, spiritually, vibrationally. It is an undercurrent that is just “there”. As a result, I feel a deep sadness in my heart whether I am concious of it or not this day or that day. What if each of us would heal one relationship conflict in our lives, I believe there would be a heart wave of energy released…. The faith that says, “if all the flutters are combined and compounded it is possible that this could influence the shift of war to peace, over time. ”

    I am grateful that you are encouraging all of us to look at our own vicitim conciousness through the process you offer. Thank you.

    Sandi Lane

    1. Colin

      That’s a wonderful way of putting it. It’s that heart wave we are all longing to see and feel that will change the world. But as you say, one heart at a time.

  17. Jackie

    Colin – You are bloody bang on!! I love this blog of yours……….I have always know what you have written in my heart but somehow I could never articulate it or get it down to words……you have put it beautifully………Thanks… you for this!
    This is the first time I am posting on your site…….i was so moved by your article that I just had to……
    I must say all your blogs are thought provoking……grateful to my wife for introducing me to you!!

  18. Lola

    Emotions in motion!!!! What a sensible issue obviously! Thank you for your comment. To me it’s totally accurate but I understand how difficult it is to release this monumental, emotional and confusing trap of attack/defense, who’s right/who’s wrong, who throw the first stone, and so on. An endless running wheel. So let’s breath, make a pause, enter no time and space using the tools with consistence and we’ll see concrete results in time and space.

  19. Colin

    It is an interesting synchronicity that here in England we are on this day, exactly 100 years ago to the day, commemorating all those millions who died in the 1914-18 first world war (Yes, that one. The war to end all wars), and yet not a word about why they died or what the war was about. I doubt if anyone could tell you. Similarly, I doubt many people know what the war in Gaza is really about, either, but they are not about rockets and tunnels. Interestingly the roots of the conflict go right back to how the Middle East was carved up by Britain and the other victors after the 14-18 war. What goes around comes around!

    In one BBC piece it was pointed out the clear strategy of the vastly superior German army was to wreak pain and suffering without quarter on the Belgian people at the beginning of the war so the politicians would give in and submit to their authority. Sound familiar? Is there a lesson here? History shows that bombing the civilian population does not weaken their spirit. It strengthens it.

  20. Ed Rothstein

    Dear Colin:
    After reading your essay on Gaza It makes you look like” your preaching to the choir”.
    First of all, if you know anything about the Jewish race, their us no Jewish or
    Arab race, their Semitic peoples. I have been to Isreal and Egypt many times,
    and I am a student of ancient history and you can’t stop hatred long term
    by praying for it because for more than hundreds of years these people have
    fought each other and both sides have been praying for peace!
    They come from the same branch of the same tree, starting with Abraham,
    the father of monotheism.
    If you want to try stopping a war, start with Dafar, where there is over 100,000
    Yours in truth.
    E. R.

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