The “Tipping Method” Worksheet Technology

Free Stuff1People often say to me about my book, Radical Forgiveness, “I really love your book.”

In response I ask, “Have you done the worksheet described in the book yet?”  If they say “No,” then I retort, “Then you have missed the point of the book. 

You may have got it intellectually, but you won’t have integrated it into your being.  It’s still only an idea until you have actually experienced the shift in energy that occurs by doing a worksheet.” 

I would have been referring to the Radical Forgiveness worksheet in that instance, but the same applies to all the worksheets.

It is the use of these tools that is the basis of what is now known as The Tipping Method. They are:

The Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
The Radical Acceptance (of another) Worksheet
The Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Worksheet
The Radical Transformation Worksheet
The Radical Manifestation Worksheet
The Radical Self-Acceptance Worksheet
The Money Consciousness Worksheet

The one that came first in 1993, long before the book was written, was the Radical Forgiveness worksheet.  It still is the template for all that have followed, so for that reason I am offering a no-charge webinar on April 24th at 1:30 ET that focuses on how to use the Radical Forgiveness worksheet. 

During the webinar and in the Q&A session afterwards, I will explain how to approach each of the questions on the worksheet and get the meaning in each statement and what to expect from the experience.  I will also explain the basis on which it is constructed so you can relate to the structure more clearly.

To register for the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet Webinar click here.

This and all the other worksheets are available at no charge from  We have also created some rather more sophisticated, online interactive versions of most of them, but these are only available to those who belong to my membership site, Colin’s Café.

The potency of these worksheets should not be underestimated.  They are simple to do, and yet they achieve amazing results. 

This is because they activate your Spiritual Intelligence, which is the ‘mind’ of the Higher Self.  It perceives you doing the worksheet as a cry to be connected with that Truth, and it will respond accordingly. 

That’s why I call doing the worksheet ‘secular prayer.’  You cannot just do it in your head, though.  It simply does not work that way.  It becomes an intellectual exercise which only activates the rational mind, not the mind of the Higher Self. 

This is why we lay such stress on doing the worksheets and encourage you to push through the resistance to doing them, which is something we all feel.

Even if you have done worksheets before, you will still learn a lot by attending this webinar.  If you haven’t already felt the power of doing one then you owe it to yourself to come and see for yourself what a powerful tool it is.  Register now to get your place.

To register for the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet Webinar, click here. I look forward to seeing you.

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