The Fourth Dimension

Last week I gave you my take on the third and fifth dimension and promised to share what I feel constitutes the fourth. So here goes, again.

Essentially the 4th dimension is where we exist vibrationally while we are in between the 3rd and the 5th dimension. It is the bridge over which we make the journey from one to the other. It’s actually where most of us are at this point in time.

In this vibration, we have a foot in both worlds so to speak. We are awake and aware of there being this other vibrational existence to which we aspire and are working towards.

RFBridgeYet we still spend a high proportion of our daily living in the dense energy of three-dimensional reality making our living, doing what we have to do to survive and so on.
In the beginning, we may have, say, 95% our consciousness in the old paradigm of reality which we are pegging as three-dimensional reality and only 5% in the new one.

But as our awareness increases and we progressively expand our consciousness and raise our vibration the proportion changes until such time as it reaches around 50/50.

At that point, we become more and more committed to the paradigm that connects us to the feeling quality of the fifth dimension. We are well on our way to being a luminary.

We are attracted to the energy of the fifth dimension because it is finer and less dense than that of the third. When we spend time here in the fourth, contemplating the fifth, life becomes more joyful and peaceful. It feels good to be on the far side of the bridge with the goal in sight.

Having reached this point, we have become a luminary, determined to grow to the highest possible level and help shift the consciousness of the planet in the direction of fifth-dimensional reality.

Getting there, though, depends on how much work we do using the tools of Radical Forgiveness, Radical Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance, Radical Transformation, and Radical Manifestation, for example, in order to reach that level.

We use the energy of the fourth dimension to cleanse the pain of the past, clear generational pain on behalf of the collective, balance any remaining karma from past lives and be of service to others. Radical Forgiveness is the quickest and easiest way to achieve this.

It’s a time for releasing all negativity and for practicing the spiritual discipline of trust and surrender, accepting what is, as is. This is what we mean by Radical Living using all the strategies associated with this modality.

The focus is also on cleansing and re-building our bodies, making healthy choices, being true to ethical principles, healing our damaged planet, taking care of the flora and fauna that share our space on the Earth All this raises our vibration.

It also about transforming the three-dimensional matrix of the 3D system like the legal system, the healthcare system, big corporations, corrupt government and so on, to where they embrace the frequencies and energies of the fifth dimension.

Obviously, no one person can do all of this, but as each one of us commits to doing the work on ourselves and being all that we can be as a luminary, the shift will happen. The higher our vibration, the greater the effect we shall have.

Next week, as promised, I will give you my take on why we created the reality we know as our 5-sensory, three-dimensional reality, and why it is perfect.

Talk soon.

6 thoughts on “The Fourth Dimension

  1. Derry (Darilyn) Nielsen

    Loved this article. I am a Baha’i. Do you know about the Baha’i Faith? The foundation of the Message sent by God via Bahal’u’llah to mankind, is Oneness. The Message has been raising our consciousness since 1844 and we work together with people of all religions or no religion at all. I live in the 4th dimension most of the time, easier because I live in the country, in beautiful Swedish nature. I have recommended your works to many people, especially in Tasmania, where I lived for 5 years. Many enlightened people there. God bless and keep doing the wonderful services that you do..(did you know that we have over 950 virtues?) Warmest greetings from Derry

  2. Tracey

    Hi Colin
    this is perfect – exactly what I have been finding. I am a kinesiologist and I have been finding with my clients and myself that a correction or healing just is not being found in the 3d but we have to go to the 5D realm to make the shift. How about that!?
    All the best. Tracey

  3. Tina Patel

    Dear Colin

    I was driving to work this morning, feeling the spirit energy and realizing that I am in this state of being, not quite there yet but in the middle of not being in the human existence either. Then I opened your email and read the explanation of the fourth dimension and now I understand. Everything makes sense to me! Since reading Radical Forgiveness 11 months ago, I have studied Reiki, aromatherapy and now have my own Reiki practice. A year ago, I knew NOTHING, about any of this stuff! I didnt know what Reiki was ot what a chakra was! Now I am learning about using crystals and treating clients . I am a little nervous about the crystals because they are so powerful. I have been so at peace since using them and make sure that I cleanse new ones that I bring into my home. My cats are so drawn to them also. Do you use them? What do you think of crystal therapy? I keep being drawn to new and exciting ways to find peace and things just present themselves to me. I see signs all the time and feel that this is my destiny. So I really think that I am in the fourth dimension. In the beginning I had one foot in the third and one in the fourth, now I think I am firmly in the fourth and have let go of the third and dont want to go back. I am so happy!

  4. mbg

    This is good stuff. I like to think of what you define as the 4th dimension as a type of lucid dreaming, where the three previous are a type of dream reality (actually from a technical/physics standpoint even that is 4 dimensional space-time, but picking at straws for what i am to say below).

    It is my experience that entering what you have defined as the 5th, entails an infinite number of dimensions or no dimension which in a rather perverse sense are the same. Timelessness and spacelessness allows for infinite freedom and variety of experience wherein even the concept of dimension evaporates. In any case and however you define or experience it, you are totally correct, forgiveness and acceptance is clearly the way out of this dream of limitation. I look forward to your next piece.

    I envision that you will embody perfect health and tranquility,


  5. Natalie

    Thank you so much. I have gained so much enlightenment this week on the changes that are occurring within me and all around me. It’s great to know I am not alone in this human experience:-).

  6. Ana Holub

    Thanks, Colin. This is spot on, in my experience. While I don’t label the dimensions in my classes, I use the same diagram to illustrate the bridge of forgiveness. I also include that the grace of the One (sometimes called the Holy Spirit, or whatever name feels best to each one of us) comes toward us from the side of divine truth. It helps us cross the bridge. Without that sacred help, we would be lost in misery. With it, we are vibrant and in peace! Hope you are feeling healthy and fit. I’m sending you LOVE and GRATITUDE!

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