The Best Part of 3D

separationContinuing with the theme of transforming the consciousness of the planet by moving from the third dimension to the fifth, via the fourth, I promised last week to give you my take on why we created the third dimension in the first place, and in what sense we should see it as perfect.

The first thing to understand is that it is no accident that we find ourselves existing in a world of separation.  We created it for a very good reason.  Let me explain.

As I have written in previous blogs and articles, the reason for our creating a three-dimensional reality is that in the beginning we wanted to find a way to understand fully the nature of the state of Oneness in which we, as spiritual beings, existed. 

The solution was to create a world where the exact opposite of oneness was the norm; a world of duality and separation.  A world defined by form, space and time.  A three dimensional reality. 

In a three-dimensional world, we would have ample opportunity to experience separation, especially once having lowered our vibration enough to create a physical body, with five senses that would convince us that this world was actually the one and only reality. 

At the same time as we created a body, we developed a very strong ego that would adopt, define and vigorously defend the idea that we were separate.  

Nevertheless, in spite of the ego’s claim to the contrary, it is essentially a manufactured reality, meticulously designed to fool ourselves into thinking it is real.  Why?  Because when we incarnated, we agreed to forget about the real world from which we came, at least for a certain period of time. Only when that time was up, would we begin to awaken. 

At that point, we would recognize the false world we have been living in and become open to seeing a different reality – one that was more real in every way. 

In other words, we would begin to move from the 3rd to the 5th dimension which is a reality based on the truth that there is no separation, and where love peace and harmony are the norm. 

At least, that was the plan!  What actually has happened is that in setting ourselves up for this great experiment to experience separation we have created a monster. 

We’ve brought into being a whole load of institutions and organizations that have forgotten that their original purpose was to provide people opportunities to feel the pain of separation before waking up.  Instead, they have morphed into a huge conglomeration of entities that seem exist now only to further their own agenda of enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else.

Rather than serving as helpers on our spiritual journey, they have become committed to keeping us stay asleep forever.  Why?  Because it suits their purpose. 

Governments, corporations, banks and other financial institutions, the military, the courts and the legal system, all our social systems, education, religions, sciences, healthcare systems, agri-businesses, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and more are implicated.  

They are all dedicated to keeping us locked into the false 3-dimensional world by mesmerizing us into believing that a consciousness dominated by fear, greed, envy, hate and all those other low vibration qualities of mind, especially self-hatred, is the norm.

They have infected mass consciousness to where it has been difficult for us to wake up from the dream of separation, the dream they now control. We have been too creative for our own good, it seems.

As awakened human beings playing in the fourth dimension where we have a foot in both the third and the fifth dimensions, we have a duty to help other people to wake up from this dream. 

But wait!  Before we rush in, we have to realize that the very existence of these powers is perfect.  That’s because the anger we feel towards them gives us the will and a stronger impetus to create the necessary shift in consciousness that will transform ourselves and them, too, into fifth-dimensional entities.

It will motivate us to adopt the strategies of Radical Living as our way of withdrawing support from those organizations that wish to keep us trapped in 3D consciousness.  It will inspire us to help others do the same.

This being the case, the most positive and helpful action we can take is to do as many Radical Forgiveness worksheets as possible on as many of them as we can. 

This will take effort and resolve, but it will keep our own vibration in the 350-400 range, which is essential.  But it will also have an effect on them.  It will raise their vibration a couple of notches for sure.   This is how we change the world.

Bear in mind too, they are there to serve as our mirror.  They are a reflection of what we have become by taking on a 3D consciousness and are showing us what we need to heal in ourselves, even as we awaken.  They mirror for us our own fears and insecurities, our greed, pride, fear, righteousness and need to control everything.  

Yes, it is all three-dimensional stuff.  However, as awakened beings hanging out in the fourth dimension, there is likely to be a lot still in our psyches needing to be healed before we get to the fifth.  And this is true of every one of us at this time, I believe.  (Another reason to keep doing those worksheets!)

But we can’t each individually focus on everything.  So my suggestion, if you want to make a difference, that is, amounts to picking one thing that you feel strongly about or that has affected you personally in some way.  Then do some Radical Forgiveness Worksheets on those people whom you think are keeping things as they are for their own gain. 

Maybe for you, it’s the banking system.  Or the justice system, the food industry, politics, the sex trade, the media and so on.

If you can identify an individual whom you think of as representing a particularly toxic 3D system, all the better.  You might even identify a specific company to work on, like Monsanto for example.

The more people we have doing this kind of energy work on the three-dimensional world, the quicker we shall make that shift into the 5th dimension.

Besides the Radical Forgiveness worksheets, you might also use one that we have developed to help us come to terms with and reframe specific events that occur out there in the world that might appear too awful to bear.  It’s called the Radical Transformation worksheet and like all the others, is downloadable from the website.

There are, of course, many other practical ways of withdrawing support from this organization by taking responsibility for all aspects of our lives that they try to control, such as our health, our education, our government and so on.  But that’s another whole story.

That’s it for now, then.  If this resonates with you, stay tuned to learn about the new course we are developing to help people become luminaries.  I will have some news to share about this in the very near future.

Talk soon.

5 thoughts on “The Best Part of 3D

  1. Ann Hampton

    Thank you Colin for your leadership in this transformation. I knew when I met you and JoAnn that Radical Forgiveness was for me. I joined to become a coach, and started doing the work with every issue that came into my life. The more I got into it, the more I saw how much deeper I could go in letting go of the cause-effect, self hatred, self pity, or whatever daemon or aspect of self, that was not serving in my highest good of love and oneness. I began to see the gift of the negative aspects as beautiful lessons to transform that pain and sorrow in all that is within my self, within my world. My world and load is becoming much more light with a greater love for all-that-is. Thank you for this beautiful tool chest of forgiveness sheets to bring unity and love into every situation in our life, if we use it.

  2. Patti Zachery

    This is an interesting subject that is in my conscious awareness everyday because I work for the government at the VA. I have been influenced by the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard, Greg Baer with ‘Real Love’ and you with ‘Radical Forgiveness’ to be transformed as I help to transform this huge governmental agency. I do believe the planet is in transformation and that means we cannot continue to do business in the same old way. I have only worked in state and federal government and what I realize is that I have continued to recreate my family dynamics; “don’t think for yourself, don’t be creative, don’t rock the boat, don’t be all that you can be and we don’t mean what we say or say what we mean”. Learning about ‘imitation love’ in Greg Baer’s book, “Real Love” has helped me see the clarity in a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Society’s job is Conformity. Our job is to find our Authenticity within that Conformity”. Radical Forgiveness is helping me ask the question, “how are these agencies ‘FOR’ me? What do they represent that no longer serves me? And where can I step into my Authenticity to help myself and them transform? Thank you for all you are doing to help each and every one of us awaken to the powerful spiritual beings that we are.

  3. emma

    Hi Colin,
    I think I need to do a forgiveness worksheet on my old schools, but also the education system in general.
    Having worked in this area, there are so many compassionate individuals working in education but often in institutions that expect so much of staff & children.

    Education is also used as a political tool, funding given & taken away to meet political agendas, not considering the individuals who use it.
    Enough talking, lets put a forgiveness worksheet into action!

  4. Natalie A

    Thank you, Colin. This is such a clear articulation of a topic (3D-4D-5D) I have not been able to grasp. Thanks to you, I do now.
    I really appreciate how practical and down-to-earth your advice is.
    I shall pick the FOOD/Agriculture industry, as the way they farm and treat animals–our friends–truly horrifies me. (I will spare you from my vegan soap box.) They are also making so many of us ill, and poisoning Mother Earth to boot.
    So I shall Radically Forgive them with several worksheets, starting right now and continuing through this weekend (it’s a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon–that HAS to be a positive sign!). Blessings on you and yours.

    1. Ann Hampton

      I will do a radical forgiveness for the overburdened prison system that house’s the least advantaged of us. I will ask forgiveness that we still house the mentally ill in dungeons in prisons. I will ask forgiveness of the prison guards who rule with non sensitivity to their humanity and to the inmates humanity.

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