Is Summer the time to give up your Story?

dietSummer is here, and I know many people start to think about losing weight in order to feel better about themselves as they dress for and participate in summer activities. If you are one of those people who has ridden the diet roller coaster for what seems like a million summers, here’s news: No amount of dieting will get rid of excess body fat if it is serving an emotional function.

The most common function extra weight performs is protection. This can be protection from generalized hurt and rejection, but most frequently it is protection from real sexual attack or the fear of sexual attack.

As I mentioned in last week’s blog about Ariel Castro, the sexual abuse of children is rampant in our society. It is estimated that 20% of adults were sexually molested in their childhood years. Children almost always think they are at fault, and so they grow up steeped in a potent mixture of repressed fear and guilt.

One of the effects of the powerful energetic imprint of sexual abuse is the holding of an inordinate amount of weight around the lower abdomen and hips – the second chakra. We find that people tend to drop this weight as soon as they heal their victim story around the sexual coercion or incest.

We have seen those who have put on an inordinate amount of weight around the lower abdomen and hips (second chakra), tend to drop it as soon as they heal their victim story around the sexual coercion or incest. That’s why the tag line for my Radical Weight Loss Program is, “The only things you have to give up in this program is the story that caused the weight gain in the first place.”

While actual sexual abuse is often the trauma that needs to be healed, the body also puts on excess weight to reinforce feelings of inadequacy and of being unloved. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy that feeds on itself: The worse I feel about myself, the fatter I become; the fatter I become, the worse I feel about myself.

The solution for all of this is Radical Forgiveness. Once you can heal your victim story, the weight no longer serves a purpose and begins to fall away.

We have a special Radical Forgiveness program to help you get out of the cycle of dieting and denial. Our Radical Weight Loss program is available as an online course, which means you can start today. Why don’t you take a look at the last weight loss program you’ll ever need? 

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12 thoughts on “Is Summer the time to give up your Story?

  1. Andrea Chase

    This article is so on target, it made me think hard. I have the opposite problem, but where ever disfunction exists, there is emotional pain behind it.

    Thank you,

  2. sherry davis

    Hi Colin, Am moved by your article on sexual abuse and weight loss. I lead Juice Feast (not fast!) groups and the startling realization is just what you are addressing…the emotions of abuse are stored in the toxins and the toxins are stored in fat and when people do cleanses and diets if they do not want to release, look at, or deal with these emotions, the weight seems to stay put…even if they are juicing for days and days.

  3. Ruthless Ed

    I didn’t know you were such a snazzy salesman. I thought you had something serious to offer that wasn’t trying to sell something. I guess I was wrong. Yes your thinking is correct, but I don’t like the method of enticing a consumer. I thought you had some serious information that could change lives and not merely make yourself more money. My mistake. What the world needs is love, not more money schemes.

    God Bless

    1. admin

      Ed, Sorry you feel this is a “scheme.” I have created programs for several years that have made significant differences in a lot of people’s lives. Read the posts on these blogs to see. Our Radical Weight Loss Program is one of them. And, yes, we do have to charge for it. And, yes, it makes me money. Money is the energy required for me to continue my work.

  4. Anna

    I like the fact that you replied to Ed and did not delete it or ignore it. In social media, we tell people all the time to do just that. Your program sounds on target. I have said many times I thought that was the beginning of my weight problem and you hit on the nail exactly what I was thinking.

    1. Colin

      Thank you, Anna. I invite discussion, even when someone does not agree with my posts. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear what others think and feel.

      I try not to take comments like this personally, since I know it is always about the other person. An example is if someone had a core negative belief that they couldn’t be trusted, they would project that onto someone else. When this belief is brought into the light, it can be healed. Using the many free Radical Forgiveness tools offered can be useful to make this happen.

  5. Gert-Christian Südel

    Dear Colin,
    do you have a promotion code for tipping coaches?
    And when will this program be translated into german?

    1. admin

      Use the coupon code SUMMER by June 2, 2013 and you will receive $27 off the price of the program. This is the same coupon code for everyone.

      We have spoken to Thomas and Hina about translating the programs, but nothing, as of yet, has been finalized.

  6. Julie

    If you have ever been to one of Colin’s workshops, you would not characterize what
    he does as a scheme. He and his wife are two loving and caring people who genuinely want people to heal from their pain. They are very hands on and bring love to what they are doing.

  7. Valerie Deane

    Thank you so much Colin, for your article,

    Summer is here, how true it hits a chord, can’t wear a loose coat anymore,
    must diet again,

    I feel you should expand this program to all of us that were drawn into sexual abuse later in our lives, this is an area no one talks about because you are now a consenting adults.The pain is huge and buried.

    Thank you

    1. Colin

      Hi Valerie,

      The program definitely includes sexual abuse at all stages of life. It is also for people who have no known issues with sexual abuse, but were still victimized into hiding their bodies under the shield of excess weight.

      Thank you for reaching out and giving me the opportunity to clarify it for you.



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