Shift happens. Experience it today.

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October 16, 2014
1:30 PM Eastern Time

Shift happens. Experience it today.

Shift Happens. You know that one. You also know that if you remove the “f” in shift that’s how it is most often experienced, at least at first.

The big shift that we are hoping to be just around the corner is likely to be no different, especially if all the prophecies about it turn out to be right on the money.

How we ride this shift and survive the process without descending into fear and hopelessness is the subject of today’s webinar. I hope you will join us.

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We humans have been evolving toward higher awareness for a long, long time, and yet we feel it in our bones that we are about to take this leap into a whole new reality.

I personally believe we’ve already entered into the process of making the shift. And, that all the turmoil in the world is evidence of how we are trying to collapse our current reality based on fear, separation, pain and suffering, into a reality based on Love, Harmony and Oneness.

We shall experience the birth of a wholly new way of living and being, but first the old way of living has to die. Already we are beginning to witness the death of the social order as we know it. On a global scale, it’s the equivalent of a healing crisis that everyone experiences before their own awakening.

In today’s free webinar, I will explain the Radical Transformation worksheet. This is a tool we use to keep our vibration high even when everything around us is breaking down, or when specific events occur out there that seem anything but perfect. It helps us to stay awake and enables us to move through any such experience with a knowingness that everything is in divine order, regardless of how it may appear.

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One thought on “Shift happens. Experience it today.

  1. Yogi Big Love

    With all the shifts and changes that are happening right now. Just imagine how much stronger we will be when we are able to consciously let go and forgive rather than holding onto the lesser states of fear and hopelessness.
    It really is a beautiful moment in history getting ready to unfold

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