Self-Forgiveness Workshop

Are You Always Criticizing and Blaming Yourself
for Everything and Putting Yourself Down?

pointingColin reveals how to change all that in just 2-1/2 days. He’ll give you the keys to feeling a whole better about yourself using the Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance philosophy and the Tipping Method Technology. His workshop has helped hundreds of people find peace and happiness.

You will too if you attend this workshop this year.

I know. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it. Of course. We all know that forgiving yourself is much harder than forgiving others, don’t we?

You’ve probably tried many ways of stopping the constant self-criticism and doing all you can to raise your self-esteem, right?

Self-help books? Traditional therapy? New Age ‘advisors’ who just tell you to love yourself more? Psychics?

Me too. Left me frustrated and beating myself up even more for being ‘not spiritual enough’ to be able love myself more.   Sound familiar?

So, yes. I know exactly how you feel. Mildly depressed much of the time, with a free floating anxiety that comes from feeling not good enough, not loveable, unable to measure up to expectations, and so on.

But here’s the Good News!

For all the 15 years since I’d left England in 1984, and come to America, I felt like this and was down on myself. I couldn’t get out of my funk and wasn’t able to really get my life together.

Then I discovered Radical Forgiveness.   That in itself was transformational, but once I pointed it the other way and applied it to myself, everything changed.

My depression lifted. My self-esteem shot up. My business took off. My marriage to JoAnn blossomed. I attracted more clients and was able to help them really to see the light in themselves. (I couldn’t do that before because I didn’t acknowledge the light in myself.)

Since writing the book on Radical Forgiveness in 1997 and then another one later on Radical Self-Forgiveness, and discovered the keys to self-love, I have been able to help many hundreds of people find the same level of satisfaction and joy. Here’s how:

Introducing . . .

The Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Workshop
March 13th – 15th, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia

This is the workshop that will help you to release all those negative beliefs about yourself, let go of self-blame and to feel a whole lot better about yourself in just 2-1/2 days. A weekend that will change your life.

So why is this different to everything you’ve tried before? Can it really turn everything around for you in just that amount of time?

Yes, it can.

Here’s What Will Happen For You:
– You will come to see the truth of who you are, why you are here, what your purpose is, and what soul agreements you made before you came in.

[This provides a spiritual context for what has caused guilt to arise in you, and how and why you have come to feel that you are not OK the way you are. That in itself is massively transformational and truly liberating.]

– You will be able to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate guilt and know when, in normal everyday life, to take responsibility for something and when not to. This is very empowering.

– You will learn how to be unaffected by negative vibes from other people and to feel acceptance for them even if they are critical and judgmental.

– You will be able to let judgments run off your back like water off a duck’s back, as they say.

– You will come to know what the subconscious, core negative beliefs are that have caused you to feel shame about yourself. You will be able to distinguish between those beliefs that were planted into you by someone having shamed you, but are not really true, and those that are true and you are willing to own. This will give you a lot of self-empowerment.

– You will become acquainted with your cool and uncool aspects of yourself and become able to love and accept both.

Here’s How and Why it Works
We give you a number of special tools that you use during the workshop (and at home afterward, if necessary), that actually have a dramatic effect on your energy field. That’s what causes everything to change and allows your soul to heal the pain.

These tools don’t work with the mental intelligence of the mind, (which is likely to reject the whole idea), but with the Spiritual Intelligence of the Higher Self. This is the part of you that knows the truth of who you and loves you unconditionally. It will always say Yes to your request for forgiveness while the Ego will always say, “No.”

The required healing of mind, body and spirit will occur during a one-hour ‘Satori’ breathwork session. This is when everything that is done during the weekend is integrated into your cellular structure, so it becomes a part of whom you are, replacing all the old ideas that made you feel bad about yourself.

The breathwork is also another way to access your Higher Self. You simply lie on the floor with your eyes closed, with music playing, and breathe for about an hour That’s it. The effect is amazing.

Most important of all perhaps, is the group energy. Being among others who are going through their healing process really helps you and magnifies the healing energy.   The bonding that occurs is amazing. You heal them too, of course.

Here’s What Two Others Have Said About Their Experiences:

  1. Once again, I must thank you for your innovative workshop. I loved it. My friends see a noticeable difference in me. This is, I believe, because at the deepest level yet I have accepted my ‘dark side’ and am actually reveling in it. My self-judgment has gone right down and I am so thrilled, I want to shout to the world, “Read Radical Forgiveness and PLEASE search out Colin Tipping.”
    Yvonne D.
    New York, NY
  2. As my heart and mind move me through this experience [of recalling her experience of being in the group], that I had with each of you, I begin to reflect on the endless and unlimited power of reclaiming and loving our ‘uncool selves,’ and how each and everyone one of you felt, looked and sounded, as you read out and expressed with such passion, your truest most amazing selves with love and acceptance.   I feel, even now, the loving energy as each of us pounded and proclaimed our authenticity and vulnerability. What a powerful experience of release, of claiming and of loving ourselves.
    Lila H

    Montgomery, AL

I heard on TV program yesterday that a pretty run-of-mill treatment center that catered for people who were depressed or bipolar, offered a 30-day program for upwards of $26,000. There are many others who charge a lot more than that; I’m sure. Imagine what it would cost for a whole year. And basically the patients are warehoused there and may see a doctor once every few days if they are lucky.

Now, I’m not saying you are mentally ill and need programs like those. But there are countless millions of people who, like you, while not considered ill, are nevertheless suffering the pain of feeling they are not enough, unlovable or worthless. Some may even have flirted with the idea of committing suicide.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to pay that kind of money to discover that you are enough, that you are loveable and that your presence on this planet is valuable.

I know that it sounds too good to be true that it can happen in one weekend, but it does. However, I’m not going to say that you don’t get dragged back from time to time when life throws you for a loop.

For that reason, after you have completed the workshop, I’ll give you the Online Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance program for nothing. This is normally for sale for $97. But it will be yours for free.

So, not only do you get 2-1/2 days of training with me, but a whole lifetime of use of a program that will continually reinforce the positive shift you made at the workshop. Anytime you start feeling down on yourself, you can use it to remind yourself of the truth.

It has many of the things you learned in the workshop so you will be reminded of how good you felt at the end of that experience. It will save you from possibly going back downhill again.

But there is something else you need to know. In the room we have booked is only enough floor space to have 20 people max lying down doing the breathwork. So, regrettably we have to draw the line at exactly that number.

That said, it is a good number to work with.  It allows me to work with every person on a personal level.  It is a financial limitation for me, but it’s a clear advantage for you.

But it does mean you have to get registered now with a $300 deposit to be sure of a place.  However, if it is less than two weeks prior to the workshop, then it will need to be the full amount.   This is because we will be charging the credit cards of all those who registered with a deposit the full amount due at that time.


But don’t worry.   You take NO RISK if you book early even if you think you might change your mind later.  Let me explain our cancellation policy, so you see what I mean.  

For this workshop, there is NO PENALTY for cancellation.

You see?  No risk whatsoever!  Cancellations are so rare that when it does occur we assume there has to have been a very good reason for someone to feel it necessary to give up this incredible opportunity.  So, all monies are returned in full, no questions asked.

All we Ask is you Notify us In Good Time if you have to Cancel
The reason is since we have a strict limit on the number of people who can attend the workshop; there is likely to be a waiting list.  We simply ask you to be sensitive to our need to have enough time to let people know that a space has opened up as a result of your cancellation.  3 days would be the absolute minimum amount of notice – more would be better.

I need to warn you to be aware of a phenomenon that almost always occurs about three weeks before the workshop – just as the time is approaching when we will charge your credit card for the balance due (assuming that you have only paid the deposit up to that point).  

The phenomenon is subconscious resistance.  Your subconscious mind does not like change, even it’s positive.  It is about this time it realizes that this workshop will cause a change to occur in you, so it urges you to cancel, even if it means staying stuck and unhappy.  Please, know that it is normal, but push through it anyway.  You will kick yourself if you give in to it.

“Yes, Colin, I Want to Be a Part of this Workshop. What is my investment?”

The workshop runs from Friday afternoon at 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Sunday. We work til 10:00 pm both Friday and Saturday evening.   The cost is $997. That includes the tuition for the workshop, the online program – a $97 dollar value, evening meal on Friday evening ordered in, and light refreshments during the weekend.

But wait. I like to reward people who are willing to make a decision and take action. So, I’ll knock $100 OFF the price if you book before midnight on Friday, February 13th.

Judging by past experience it is likely that we will have the 20 people registered well before that deadline, so don’t wait. Do it now.


Once again, just to remind you of what you will be getting, let me do a quick summary of the benefits that you will enjoy when you attend this workshop:

– Increased love and acceptance of yourself the way you are

– Acceptance of every part of you, including both the cool and uncool.

– The ability to accept responsibility with humility for what you do or have done, but to know the difference between appropriate guilt and inappropriate guilt.

– The strength to withstand the judgment of others without going into shame knowing that it is their projection and therefore not the truth, and to love them the way they are.

– The release of all the core-negative beliefs about yourself that have made you feel that you are not OK the way you are.

– The peace that comes from the insight that your perfection lies in your imperfection.

– The joy that comes when you connect with the truth that everything is in divine order.

– Finally, you get all the tools that make it work, and an online program that is available to you for the rest of your life.

This was a long letter so I want to thank you for your patience and for hanging in there with me, but I wanted to give you as much information as I could to help you make the decision.

I’m excited about you getting the results you want at the Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance workshop and look forward to seeing you there.



P.S. Don’t think I don’t realize this is a bit scary for you. It is for everyone. I know that you will feel resistance to doing this workshop. Your subconscious mind does not like change even if you are in pain.

But if you decide not to participate, you will stay right where you are now, feeling bad about yourself. Is that really what you want?

Grab this opportunity while you can. This is the only time I will be doing this workshop this year so there will be no second chance. Click that button now.