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Radical Forgiveness

Colin Tipping

Why Radical Forgiveness?
Because it works! It’s as simple as that. If you’re mad at someone, hurting, feeling victimized, depressed, grieving or angry, then Radical Forgiveness will give you the relief you are looking for. Forget traditional forgiveness — it’s far too slow and much too difficult. Radical Forgiveness works for anyone and it is fast, easy and effective.

As you release the pain and self-destructive patterns that have kept you out of joy, stolen your life and blocked your abundance up to now, you will feel a profound feeling of inner peace and freedom.

Who to Forgive?

Anyone you have an upset or grievance with, either in the past or right now, that you want resolved once and for all. Parents, partners, ex-partners, siblings, business partners, friends, doctors, lawyers, government officials, church leaders, the media, even God. And then, of course, there is always yourself! (Yes, we do have a Radical Self-Forgiveness Strategy, too).

Parents & Partners

Many current issues have their origins in childhood wounds. Even the best of parents create anxieties in a child that get played out in later life. Our online program, a 21-Day Online Program for Forgiving Parents will free you from any wounds you might have suffered in order to be happier, healthier and have better relationships. We also have a 21-Day Online Program for Forgiving Your Partner(s)

How to Forgive?

No problem. The Radical Forgiveness tools are the key. Tools like the RF Game, the Online Interactive RF worksheet, the 13-Steps CD, the ‘Satori’ 7-Step Process, the 21-day Online Programs, Online Self-Forgiveness Program and many others make this forgiveness process easy, quick and simple. You won’t find these tools anywhere else.

Try the FREE Online Radical Forgiveness Worksheet Now and Experience the Shift.

Radical Forgiveness Workshops
Doing Radical Forgiveness in a group situation with Colin is the ultimate healing experience. His workshops are life changing.

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The Radical Forgiveness Game
It may surprise you to learn that forgiveness is likely to happen by playing ‘Satori,’ the Radical Forgiveness Board Game. Click here to see it being played. You’ll see that it is a lot of fun too!


Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the Miracle

The Book That Started It All

Colin wrote this book in 1997 and it is still being acclaimed as the best book on forgiveness out there. Caroline Myss says, “I love this book,” while Neale Donald Walsch affirms it to be “right on the money.” You cannot read this book without being changed at a deep level. You wlll see the world quite differently and become open to a whole new way of looking at life.

Radical Forgiveness Book


Radical Forgiveness Experience

What You Can Expect From the Radical Forgiveness Experience

Whether it’s through an individual coaching session, through an online program or in a workshop, you will be lovingly and gently guided through the Radical Forgiveness experience in such a way that the ‘lights’ will go on, all the pain of the past will evaporate, your life will begin to work better and your relationships will improve. You will be forever changed by this experience, for it is profound and long lasting. The Radical Forgiveness Experience will change your life!

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experience are saying about how it has affected them, click the arrow.

Getting to Heaven on a Harley

Getting to heaven on a Harley


Getting to Heaven
on a Harley

Colin’s New Book


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This book starts out with a story about a guy named Steve Parker who crashes his Harley motorcycle and dies in the first paragraph. In a witty conversational style, Colin then chronicles the adventures Steve has with Joe, another discarnate soul he befriends soon after he dies, before they go together to the light.

When they do finally go, they find themselves speeding up the tunnel of light on a Harley, only to be met by Harley, his Angel of Incarnation who then takes Steve through his life review. This, of course, reveals how all the principles of Radical Forgiveness had been working in Steve’s life right until and including his death. He also gets to meet all the souls who had assisted him on his soul’s journey. As a story it is both touching and funny. But it is also a teaching about Radical Forgiveness, albeit from a very different and unusual angle.

Part Two constitutes an opportunity for you to imagine yourself, were you to die in this moment, going through your own life review from that same Radical Forgiveness perspective. This will give you a great deal of insight into your own life and how it has unfolded perfectly according to your own Divine Plan up to now.

Part Three provides the opportunity to plan your future having awakened to the truth of who you are. It helps you plan ‘what’s next.’ This is why we have called it a ‘Radical Karma Workbook.’ It will help you put the principles of Radical Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation into practice in your every day life.

Radical Weight Loss Radical Weight Loss Colin Tipping’s Radical Weight Loss Program is no ordinary weight loss program. It makes no mention of diets, exercise routines or drastic changes in life-style. The only things you are asked to “give up” are the “stories” that caused you to put on weight in the first place. Let me explain.
Weight gain is often the direct result of our holding onto ‘stories’ about things that happened to us,usually in childhood, that were traumatic, painful, wounding, degrading, humiliating and so on. It is difficult to quantify it, but my guess is that well over 80% of those who are significantly overweight are that way because they have deeply buried unconscious emotional pain that they are not aware of, or have been unwilling to deal with. Their body has responded by putting on a lot of fat as a form of physical and emotional protection.

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The idea behind this program therefore, is that if people who are significantly overweight can be shown how to let go of their emotional baggage, the excess fat attached to it will slowly disappear.
For more on this, click here.

The Radical Weight Loss Kit


1. My Radical Weight Loss Journal
2. Quantum Healing Through Radical Forgiveness
3. Radical Manifestation: The Fine Art of Creating the Life You Want.


1. The Weight Issues Worksheet + Instructions
2. The Making Room for the Miracle Worksheet + Instructions
3. The Self Forgiveness Weight Loss Worksheet + Instructions
4. The Self-Acceptance Weight Loss Worksheet + Instructions

Online Programs:

1. Online Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
2. Online Radical Self Acceptance Program
3. Online Radical Self Forgiveness Program
4. Online Releasing Toxic Secrets Program

CDs or MP3 Player:

1. The 13 Steps to Radical Weight Loss
2. The Radical Weight Loss Meditations
3. The 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness

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