Radical Manifestation: Shifting the Paradigm

paradigm_shift_happens_mugRadical Manifestation: Shifting the Paradigm

The sub-title of my book, Radical Manifestation, is “The Fine Art of Creating the Life You Want.” If you had the means to manifest what you want, what would you create? When I ask people this, their first response is, “More money.” And why not? Money makes the world go round.

Money Programming

Because of our programming, most of us are conditioned to accept up to a certain amount of it in our lives, and thereafter we repel it. Consequently, our ‘set-point’ limits our money flow and ensures it stays pretty constant all our lives.

These beliefs about money get in the way of manifesting the amount you want. To counteract this problem, we suggest you use a Money Consciousness Worksheet along with the Radical Manifestation worksheet.

To learn more about to how to use Radical Manifestation and the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want, don’t miss the webinar at 4:00 PM Eastern time on Thursday, June 26th.

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Everyone Hates Money

We all have a love/hate relationship with money. Those that don’t have much hate it because it eludes them, while those who do have it hoard it and have a constant fear of losing it.

We attach a great deal of meaning to money that it simply doesn’t have. We measure ourselves by how much or how little we have. We measure the worth of others by the same yardstick, and we make judgments about them… and ourselves… based on what we do with our money. It is a great source of worry and stress.

Manifesting Money

To really make Radical Manifestation work, it is necessary to make a shift in our perception about reality. Things we are programmed to believe need to be questioned and revised. Yes, you want more money… but it’s not really about the money, it’s about what you can DO with the money.

There are a million things that make life worth living that don’t require money. And there are many ways things can come to you, so why put your focus on manifesting money? Just ask for what you want and let the Universe take care of it. Use a Radical Manifestation Worksheet to ask for what you want and leave it to the Universe to work out how to provide it. The Universe is very creative!

Doing it this way will bypass all that your mind would ordinarily throw up at you relating to money. Like, ‘I don’t deserve it;’ ‘money is bad;’ ‘ I shouldn’t ask for money’ and more of that kind of rubbish.

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How Much Money Will You Attract?

Contrary to how we have been taught, there is NO shortage of money. There is more than enough to go around. Like any form of energy, it will flow towards those who attract it and away from those who repel it. Haven’t you noticed that some people are magnets for money while others are always struggling to have more than a meager amount in their lives?

Using Radical Manifestation and Money Consciousness worksheets, you can slowly move your ‘income set-point’ progressively higher to allow more and more money to flow towards you. Our X4 Radical Money Program can speed up this process, with the aim to quadruple your income over two years (hence the title, X4).

But make sure you use the money for its intended purpose and for no other. This is very important! If you don’t stick to this rule, the whole thing is liable to fall apart. Expect a miracle and you won’t be disappointed!



P.S. To learn more about how to use Radical Manifestation and the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want, don’t miss the webinar at 4:00 pm Eastern time on Thursday,  June 26th. Click here to register.

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3 thoughts on “Radical Manifestation: Shifting the Paradigm

  1. Edward Nashen

    Wish I could take the The Manifestation Webinar, but work commitment.
    The work sheet sounds really good.
    I am currently dealing with great fear about money. I’m practically frozen about it and my future. Not pretty.

    Thank you much.

    1. Colin

      Hi Edward,

      Register anyway, and you get sent a link for the replay. You’ll have 72 hours after the webinar is over to listen.

  2. Rosamund Thalmann

    This is a general thank you for all your work, Colin. First of all for Radical Forgiveness, that I came across just at the right moment many years ago. And since then, thanks so much for all the reminders that come through on your website. I appreciate, more than I can say, the effort and focus you put in, and the love you share so generously and consistently. Blessings, and love back atcha from Ros

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