Political Infidelity

demo-repTomorrow will be a day in history that will be looked back on as either the first time a woman or a businessman with no political experience was elected President of the United States. Whatever the outcome, Americans have an opportunity for healing relationships that may have been stressed during this very contentious campaign.

When we start a new romantic relationship, we may talk about our beliefs on religion, finances, children, etc. But, how often do we talk about our political views? So, an election year comes around, and there is a conflict within the relationship because one may feel very strongly about their party affiliation, and other has opposing views. I have seen politics not only destroy the peace of a nation, as it appears to have happened this year, but the stability of a marriage/partnership.

Often, there is one person within the relationship who dominates and expects the other to share in his/her beliefs. The one less dominant may succumb to the others views in an attempt to “keep peace” in the family, agreeing with everything being said, while secretly having another view.

Can you think of times this has happened to you? It could be something other than politics. You may think it is just easier to agree than to express your true thoughts because it may cause turmoil. You may ask yourself if it is worth it. Isn’t keeping peace in your home more important than who is going to be president?

The answer to that last question is “no.” Well, whoever becomes president is not the issue. It is whether you are willing to compromise your own beliefs for those of someone else’s.

Now, let’s get to the bigger issue. Why is it difficult to have the freedom to have rational discussions when you do not share the views of the other person? Is this behavior you learned as a child when one parent dominated over the other, and you witnessed verbal or physical abuse because of it? Or, maybe you were told that your opinion didn’t matter, or you weren’t smart enough, or no one ever listened to you, etc. This lead to developing core-negative beliefs.

Here are some very common beliefs woman have: “It is not safe to be me or to speak out;” “I’m always left out because my opinions don’t matter;” “If I’d been born a boy, I would be listened to now;” “As a woman, it is not good to be powerful/successful/rich/outgoing.” Ring any bells for you?

The question is, do they cause the above condition, or are the effect? Either way, we need to throw them out with the garbage and claim our right to be ourselves. Having any of these core-negative beliefs operating in our relationships can cause stress, discord, depression, and the inability to have the life of happiness we deserve.

There are several Radical Living tools that will help you release these beliefs and obtain that sense of peace in your life. I encourage you to start out with doing a Radical Transformation Worksheet on the current political unrest. You can have a direct effect on how the nation reacts to the result of tomorrow’s election. Click this link to download one now.

Then move on to doing a Radical Forgiveness Worksheet on any of the people who may have contributed to the core-negative beliefs listed above. Click here to download that one.

Also, look at the online programs we have available for everything from forgiveness, to manifestation, money, relationships, and grieving.

So, if you haven’t already voted, enter the voting booth, check in with what you know is in your best interest. Look at the issues and vote for the person who most resonates with your values, and not the ones of your friends, family, spouse/partner, boss, or anyone with an opposing view. The beauty of elections is they are done in private, without anyone seeing your ballot. Political Infidelity is OK!

2 thoughts on “Political Infidelity

  1. Lynne

    Thank you for this Colin. It uncovers some the deeper issues behind this political conflict. Might it be that as more of us forgive some of these underlying beliefs that the intensity of this divide might decrease?

  2. Billie Willmon Jenkin

    Beautifully thought-out and expressed! I wonder how many of us have caused (and/or experienced) wounds because of our attitudes and words to others (and to self) over this election. Thank you for the reminder that it’s okay for us to hold strong to our own values and choices… while allowing others to do the same.

    BTW: I loved your book _Radical Forgiveness_! So many wonderful principles, also very well expressed.

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