Passion Burns

passion burnsPassion Burns

I have a webinar coming up soon called, Making Your Passion Your Business. Sounds good, but what does it mean?

What is passion? Where does it come from? What drives it? And what if you don’t have passion? Does that mean you won’t be as successful as someone who has a lot of it?

If you ever watch the program ‘Shark Tank,’ you will often see people come on the program absolutely full of passion but blinded to the realities of what it really takes to create a business out of it.

It is demonstrated over and over again that too much passion can get in the way of clear thinking. Making it more important than it is can set you up for a horrible disappointment.

So what is passion? Here’s the Urban Dictionary definition:

“Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement; passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind, body, and soul into something as is possible.”

My webinar title presupposes that you already have a pre-existing passion for something that you wish to turn into a business. You may have one. But it’s not always the case.

It is much more likely to be the other way around. The passion may arise after you have created a business around something that you were initially mildly interested in or perhaps drawn to for some reason. (Hint: this is a clue.)

That’s the way it happened for me. I had no passion for forgiveness per se when I first started this business. I had no score to settle with anyone and had never had reason to try to forgive. But I did like helping people heal emotional wounds.

The passion came only later when I saw the dramatic effect it had on such people when I ‘accidentally’ upgraded it to what was later to become Radical Forgiveness.

That’s when I got excited. I had found something that healed people. Now that’s what I felt it was worth getting passionate about. Up to that point, I had little or no attachment to forgiveness, let alone passion. If it hadn’t worked, I would have dropped it immediately.

People who start with a fierce passion for something and put everything into it, including a lot of money in many cases, often don’t know when to stop pushing and instead just allow.

That’s the problem with the ‘pre-existing passion’ imperative. It tends to make people push and push very hard, trying to make it happen against all the odds. It makes them think it’s all about them, that they have the power to make it happen by sheer force of will.

They become driven by their passion with total disregard for and denial of the risk, possible adverse consequences, and the strong likelihood of failure. Obviously, some do make it but many don’t. Others are pushing so hard that they miss what is really calling them. They are too fixated on their passion.

The problem with this is far too much Yang. Just look back at the dictionary definition given above, and you’ll see that it’s dripping with male energy. Hardly a whiff of Yin anywhere!

If they would just back off, quieten down and bring more feminine yin energy to the situation, enough anyway to create a balance between equal yin and yang, success would more likely emerge. It is a quieter and gentler passion.

It attracts rather than pushes. It’s not so hot and fiery. It‘s about power, not force. I prefer to use the word love rather than passion. Love attracts. Passion burns – perhaps even destroys.

It may even come from a somewhat dark place, like a strong need to prove oneself as a way to get the approval one never got as a child from one’s father, for example. Or the need to prove to everyone around you, and more importantly to yourself, that you can make it, or that you are really OK.

Some people do indeed have a pre-existing passion or a strong calling early in life, but for most of us passion emerges slowly over time as a result of the fulfillment and satisfaction it brings once we start moving in a certain direction.

That’s how it worked for me. My fulfillment was in helping people heal. I loved doing it. That’s why Radical Forgiveness fell into my lap. It found me. My love of helping others attracted it to me. Spirit obliged.

Fortunately, those of us who love to help others are in a very good position to have a business in this field. Millions of people find themselves in pain at some time in their lives and are in desperate need of help. With the right tools and the right training, we can provide that help, and make money doing it.

That is, so long as we don’t get so passionate about it that we fail to learn exactly HOW to make our passion our business. Currently, I am working on a course that addresses that issue. It’s called Magnetic Marketing for Healers. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, don’t forget the webinar coming up on the 19th of May at 1:00 PM Eastern time. Click here to register. This was just to whet your appetite for it.

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  1. Corinne

    Juppieh, Magnetic Marketing for Healers sounds terrific!Was just thinking about expanding my “magnet” into a “monster magnet”. I am on for it! 🙂

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