Papal Endorsement for My Book at Last?

popedavidsonGenerally speaking I’m not very inclined to regard popes in high esteem, especially ones like the current Pope Emeritus (Pope-on-a-Rope) who, besides being partial to snazzy red shoes, put the interest of the institution of the Catholic Church above the need to protect thousands of children from being sexually abused by the priests under his charge.  

But the current Pope Francis did make something of an impression on me last Sunday by blessing hundreds of Harley Davidson motorcycles and, presumably, their leather-clad riders.  I can only imagine that he has been reading my book, Getting to Heaven on a Harley.  Little did I think when I wrote that book that it would be bedside reading for a Pope!  (It can be your bedside reading, too. See below on how to grab your free eBook now.)

I guess I should send his Holiness a signed copy.  Perhaps then he’ll give me a testimonial to put on the back cover. But what would I write on the inside page?  I usually just say ‘blessings,’ and sign my name and date it, but for me to bless the Pope might seem a little presumptuous, don’t you think?  

How about ‘When you get to heaven on the Harley, hope your life review goes well.’   Wait, that seems to imply that there might be some doubt about it.  Goes against the infallibility thing.  Better not go there then.

How about, since the bikers were there to celebrate the manufacturer’s 110th anniversary, and for that received the Pope’s blessing, I should write the words that appear in the current Harley ad which go like this:   “Live life on your own terms. More than 30 ways to defy the status quo.”  

Hold on, though.  That’s hardly church doctrine.  Unless he has taken a sharp turn to the left in his theology, he might find that one a bit threatening.  Especially since the reason he was there at all was to be ‘the celebrity’ kicking off a two-day rally to reinforce the rather fixed rules about abortion, contraception, euthanasia and other ideas that otherwise might be left to individuals to decide upon.  (As far as I know, the bit about priests touching up little boys and girls was not a big part of the rally’s agenda.)

OK, so I give up.  I can’t think of anything really appropriate to write in the book for the Pope.  So please help me out.  What do you think would be appropriate for me, as the author of this extraordinary book that seems to have caught his attention, to write?  Nothing too abusive please!  And nothing too ecclesiastical.  The one thing l like about this Pope is that he seems down to earth and, well, just plain human.

Leave a reply to this post and I will send you a link within a day or so to download the free e-book, Getting to Heaven on a Harley.

59 thoughts on “Papal Endorsement for My Book at Last?

  1. Goddess Love

    May your path of fulfilling your Karmic Units be as easy as a Saturday afternoon ride on a Harley!

  2. Gustavku

    Mr Tipping,

    I, often, read your blogs and some I find interesting.
    Today, I must say, I am appalled that you would use this subject to push with the sales of your book.
    The poorly photoshop-ed picture of the Pope holding your book left me with a real sense of mistrust of your intention.
    You talk about integrity… I see none in this attempt and I personally misleading people like this does not honor what you are standing for.


    1. Raquel Archuleta

      REALLY!!!!! You are questioning the integrity of someone who has done SO MUCH to heal the world. What have you done to heal the world??? except question the motive of an honorable man. Do you have that book? I have all the others, but this one. I did order it. If it is good enough for the Pope it is one I want to read. I know it will be as good as the others. I suggest Collin,
      should write on his book to the Pope. “Namaste” “The devine in me, honors the devine in you” I say “Namaste” Gustvku, Look for the positive and all the
      good Collin’s have done for you and me and the world. p.s. I am not Catholic,
      But I honor the position and I think “This” Pope will be there for the people and will make a big difference.

  3. Tom

    Do you really need anybody’s help laying judgement here. Have at it Collen and let the cards fall as they will. I’m almost ready to unsubscribe. Somtimes you babble like a spoiled kid. Must be a English thing. I forgive though, God bless you Collen

    1. Raquel Archuleta

      You need to re-read Collin’s books and find out where the judgement and negative is coming from…. and find the real meaning of forgiviness. Look
      at all the good the books, etc are doing. Collin is a healing angel, and I like that Enlish thing…. Keep up the wonderful work Collin!!!!

  4. Kera

    Colin, I’m sure you meant this as a jest, but I’m not even Roman Catholic and this upset me a bit. We’re getting to the place where everyone is fair game for our negativity. We have no respect for anyone any more. Yes, the Roman Church has a boatload of problems … but treating the pope to a load of our “Daily Show” sarcasm is just not on.
    Your Marketing people are killing your work. The “free e-book” banner with the pulsing arrow is turning Radical Living into a side-show. The Tipping Method is a legitimate and unusually successful school of psychological healing … right up there with a great psychologists of the past. Please don’t turn it into a web-entity … or very soon we will not be able to use it with many of our clients who are web-searchers. The “gravitas” of the method is chipping away.

    1. Colin

      Thanks for joining me today in this discussion. Our judgments do give us a chance to look at what within us needs to be healed. I, too, have work still to be done. That is part of being this spiritual being having a human experience.

      Part of Radical Forgiveness is to be able to look at the judgments we have and see what they are bringing up in us that may need healing. This is an opportunity for you to see if your Spiritual Intelligence is giving you some clues to something within you that wants to be brought to the light. The book I am giving you might make this all clearer.

  5. Patricia

    sweet – I have a Boston Terrier named by his first owner: Harley Panhead Jordan. Love Harley.

  6. Barbra

    I am currently working on Radical Forgiveness with of your counsellors from Pennsylvania. I agree with you about the Pope(s) and Catholic Church but I don’t think here is the place to project your feelings. You have done much to help humanity with your words, idea and writings. Perhaps now is a time to just save them (words) for a better purpose. I have already purchased your books at the suggestion of Henning Saupe who treated me for three weeks in Kassel. I wish I could have talked with you there! Keep writing the good stuff!

  7. Tricia

    I have to agree with a lot of these comments….something about this post does turn the corner for me…I am not Catholic, have zero emotion about the pope or the Catholic religion…but it seems cheap to use a photoshopped picture and your speculations to sell your book. I think you should trust that your message will find the audience receptive to it. Don’t push it so hard Colin. I hope that since so many people seem to be reacting the same way you will not take offence and turn it around on your audience, but instead perhaps look within and with humility see that perhaps you need to step back and trust a bit. I really love the radical forgiveness dvds and did the worksheets. The funny thing is that the person I did it all for, someone who I felt had hurt me so badly, I ended up sharing with her …over a weekend when we were trying to repair things and rebuild. We listened to you speak and she loved it. In fact she took the dvds with her. But things exploded again soon after, and I will never see her again. I know it’s no accident that I got to have that experience though…and perhaps I should do another round of your worksheets so that I can truly let go and not still have sad feelings. All this to say, you have something special here Colin. I’d hate to see your message instantly deleted by your audience because your marketing got in the way…

    1. Colin

      Thanks for your post, Tricia. I am confused by the comments about me trying to sell my book. I am giving it away and an email is on it’s way for you to download your copy. Please enjoy it and let me know what you think.



      1. Raquel Archuleta

        I am supraised at the negative comments, about posting the picture of the Pope holding the book, I think it is so great, that the Pope is reading (I hope) books that really affect people and the purpose of the books are to HEAL the world. Hopefully many will, and help with any problems they have and will be be like a ripple in the pond and start to heal the world…Just saying…Namaste
        help heal many. That picture could be the stone that starts the ripple effect to heal the world.

  8. Marta

    “Let us wait with improving others until we have seen ourselves as we are – and have changed. There is no need to turn round and round in endless questioning; find yourself and everything will fall into its proper place.”

  9. Jackalene Orser

    There appears to be many roads for us to choose and so many types of of bikes to ride in this life time. The mere decision of which bike to ride and which road to take can stop us from moving at all. I see more and more that what is truly important is that we choose and move…with love, curiosity and purpose to serve , live life and enjoy the ride. I have an inner knowing we will all arrive at the same destination…Home.
    With love and joy,

  10. Bonnie

    I don’t understand these comments about promoting your book ~~you’re sending them a FREE copy?!! I’ve read most of your books, watched your DVDs and looking forward to reading the ebook. God Bless you Colin!

  11. Michele Swain

    Dear Pope Francis,
    Be good be careful have fun
    Love Colin

    Gee it seems every word can be misconstrued!!

  12. Chris

    I’m confused by some of the opinions expressed here. However, like Collin, everyone has a right to express their opinions. I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR RADICAL FORGIVENESS, AND AM VERY GRATEFUL COLLIN HAS BROUGHT IT TO OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

  13. Donna Overall

    Interesting perspective. It makes me smile to think of Harley-riding angels. I need to revisit some of your work as the person I have the most trouble forgiving is myself.

  14. Antonio

    Dear Pope Francis:

    I hope you can fill down the worksheets of forgiveness, putting your hearth in them and then, the message that brought of it, moves you for make a radical changes in an old catholic repressions that still remains.

  15. Jessica

    Interesting the way a few people reacted emotionally to your post. Almost in a condemning manner. Marketing is essential for getting the message of RF out for more people to heal and realize the protection they feel on any level is a drain on their energy.
    I love that you purposely put yourself, tongue & cheek, in the line of fire, so the speak, to help others see and feel what they need to heal.
    Keep it up the feistiness it adds spice.
    “Live light and full of Love”

  16. Dushka

    I had a good chuckle, Colin, when I read your article.
    Both love and truth are in the eye of a beholder. Those who accuse you of promoting your book did not even bother to read carefully that you are giving it away. What to say? We all need to lighten up a bit. This wonderful thing called life needs more fun and laughter…

  17. Kathryn Curry

    Is it interesting to see the opinions and judgments that come up for us. Always opportunities for learning. What a wonderful opportunity you have to give this as a gift to the Pope.

    I would stick with what you know works. . .

    In love and radical forgiveness


  18. Lynn Suggs

    Pope Francis:
    Wherever your roads may take you, whatever
    paths you may roam, on any vehicle you choose
    to travel- I wish you the safety of the wings of God’s
    Angels wrapped around you…Colin

  19. Kathy Kelly

    Glad to see you are breaking through the cement parking lot that is the Roman Catholic Church. Maybe we can make a garden.

  20. Kathy Kelly

    I was surprised to read the criticism. I was very grateful to speak through you to my pope. It doesn’t seem like there is anywhere to say these things and no one in the institution to say them to. There is nothing funny about this. There is nothing funny in your words (in my estimation). It is dead serious and I also think you intend to lift up the pope to something better. Kathy

  21. Shari

    I love Colin Tipping’s sense of humor, but he does bring out some important issues about the Catholic Church turning a blind eye at the long running abuse of children.

  22. Katie

    Colin was my healing angel today (and every other day, but especially today). He brought up some shadow feelings about judgement for me. Because this post was not in his usual style of writing, about a serious subject and then showing how to look at it through the radical living perspective, it threw me off guard. This blog was meant to bring up feelings for people, to then look at what is hiding in their own shadows. An opportunity for some collective consciousness healing. It is not a promotion for his book, the e-book is free. Gotta say, I still need some work understanding the British sense of humor, pope with book in hand….just kidding Colin.

  23. Sabine

    Dear Colin,

    I think it is a totally awesome idea to send the pope this great book. Fantastic!
    How about something like: “Have an awesome ride in this life and beyond.”

    Keep on doing the good work. I appreciate very much what you brought to our consciousness through Radical Forgiveness.
    A big hug from Germany

    1. Mary Christie


      I’ve enjoyed your books and I find them worthwhile. I have found them to be compatible with my Catholic beliefs. Your recent post is hard to comprehend, coming from the man who wrote these books.

      Some of us are not anti-Catholic. Your post was offensive.


  24. Antoinette Cantieni

    Dear Colin
    Hm – I find it interesting that you bring the Pop into the picture and the things you say about your dislikes and likes about Popes and theire institution. Do I hear/feel/sense some scraches still in the back of your words?
    I was brought up catholic. I had my share of hartship with my ever so catholic suroundings – priests, nonnes, parents, you name it. And it was through your “Radical Forgiveness” CD, with which I went through lengthly lists of all the persons that tought me a life of limitations, that I came to terms with the whole institution, recognicing that ALL of them, Popes, Nonnes, Priests with all theire doings or not-doings were here to serve me, to be able to make all that multitude of experiences of emotions that came allong with having been born into this inviroment.
    Since I worked through all this, it has become pleasently peaceful inside of me. It does still happen that energies stir up again. But very quikely I remind myself, they are all here for the humen experience. And I pray that all those people who suffered and suffer missuse by the catholic church or by any other religious institution may find theire way to Radical Forgiveness.

  25. Frank L of Sebastopol Victoria

    Dear Francis,
    “Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    where there is injury,pardon;
    where there is doubt, faith;
    where there is despair, hope;
    where there is darkness, light;
    and where there is sadness, joy.”
    Love Colin

  26. Marja

    Hi Colin,

    I’m so glad you posted this because I am catholic and my catholic friends do not quite dare trust the radical forgiveness method. Now I can finally tell them that even the pope has endorsed your book. I have finally gotten them to understand a little about the problem with feeling victimized and the importance of being totally honest about one’s problems, and your post about the papal endorsement will be a great boost for my radical forgiveness “evangelization” (I only do it as the Spirit gives opportunity in conversation).
    So, thank you, Colin. For me this was important!


  27. Marja

    On second thought, exactly how was the Pope blessing Harley riders an endorsement of your book, Colin? He didn’t really have your book in his hand; that was added to the above photo afterwards, right?

  28. Raquel Archuleta

    Collin, It is so wonderful that so many people across this world are reading your books I have for one, have attended one of your classes and read your books and have done many of the forgiveness sheets, that have helped me move forward. I hope many have benefitted from your books as I have. I enjoy your blogs and I am always blessed from them and look forward to continue reading them. Continue the great work, I DO see a shift and I do believe that there is a great positive power going through our great Nation cleasing the negative and bringing the Love and forgiveness that is healing the land. The fact that Pope was lifting your book is a good example that he too wants to heal the land and nations. My suggestion to sign the book for the Pope would be, “Namaste” (The Devine in me honors the Devine in you). We all are here for a reason and we all have a special devine spirit in us to accomplish our purpose. WE are all here to bring Love, peace and forgiveness to the world, your books are part of that great plan. We all need to lift up our conviction and spread the love, hope and forgiveness. Not look for things to critize and make negative comments, Let’s all be part of the Healing of the Nations,
    “Namaste” to you my friend, Raquel

  29. Gustavku

    Hi Marja,
    I have commented on your post a couple of times but for some reason, it is not being posted.

    My comment was the following:

    “Has the Pope really ENDORSED that book?
    If not, then it would be misleading to tell other people that it has while it has, in reality, not been.

    Perhaps Mr Tipping can clarify this. Has this book been endorsed by the Pope?
    Help clarify… Colin, per favore!

    Thank you

    1. Colin

      No, of course he hasn’t. It was just a joke and the photoshop photo of him holding it was done crude to make it obvious that it was a joke. Sorry if it confused you.

      1. Gustavku

        Well, Colin… thank you for the answer.
        It lays the issue to rest, as far as I am concerned.

  30. Jenny

    May love, forgiveness, and gratitude light your way as you play your role as Pope.

  31. Colin

    There’s always a risk in using humor to make a point. The chances are that some people won’t get the joke and will take it too seriously, thereby missing the point.

    When I saw the pictures of the Pope blessing hundreds of Harley Davidson motorcycles, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity for humor and irony it presented given the fact that the title of my book is Getting to Heaven on a Harley. Well, come on! Would you have passed up such a gem? And it was not about marketing since I actually give that book away for free.

    I think most people got the joke and contributed some great suggestions as to what I might write in the copy to send him. But quite a few took it literally and fell into believing that the Pontiff really had endorsed the book.

    Let me put the record straight. He has not endorsed this or any of my books, of course, and it is doubtful that he ever would. We purposefully made the alteration to the photo very crude so it was obviously a doctored image and part of the joke. Maybe your screen was too fuzzy to see that. I’m sorry. It was not our intention to deceive anyone. To provoke? Yes. To promote a laugh? Definitely. Who says we can’t have a bit of fun with Radical Forgiveness?

    I’m sorry, too, if the blog offended a few people, that is, unless they are among those who remain unwilling to see where the Institution of the Catholic Church has fallen short in their duty to protect children, a point I made in the blog. If it is on that count that my blog was offensive to these people, then I withdraw my apology. I’m glad that it hit a chord! There’s none so blind as those who don’t want to see.


  32. BeAnne Lane

    Wow! I loved your blog.
    What buttons it pushed!
    Just goes to prove why we all need Radical Forgiveness.

    In grateful appreciation of your work Colin,
    BeAnne Lane

  33. Denyse

    Hi Colin,

    I very much appreciated this blog.

    Reading it brought a smile and a little more peace as does every reading of your material – and listening to the ’13 steps’ relaxes me before I sleep.


  34. Christine

    Excellent post, Colin!

    Sometimes a little poke of fun is just whats needed to get under our skin and create the opportunity for self inquiry and foregiveness when we notice a reaction. Healing opportunities abound!

    You handled the feedback like a pro : )

    Onward all of us…

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