Origins of the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet

filling out a worksheetHow the worksheet came about is an interesting story in itself. I actually owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Michael Ryce for having inspired me to use a worksheet to help people forgive.

I attended one of his lectures during which he handed out his worksheet. I thought it was a great idea but frankly I thought it sucked graphically.

I also found the language too difficult, just like the book, A Course in Miracles, on which Michael’s approach was based.

So, in my arrogance I presumed to redesign it for him. I even had the gall to send it to him, thinking he would be grateful.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t hear back. I thank him for that. Had he accepted it, I would not have gone on to make one for myself.

Neither would I be planning a webinar based on my own Radical Forgiveness Worksheet on April 24th at 1:30 p.m.ET. When you register you will be provided a link where you can download a copy of the worksheet.

If you wish to attend, click here to register for the webinar.

He and I laughed about it later on, and although I did sell some pads of worksheets at the beginning, I soon decided to follow Michael’s lead and gave it away as he did, a freely given gift. It has been available this way from our website for 20+ years.

For the longest time, I did not realize what the worksheet really was and what it did. I imagined it just helped you marshal your thoughts about why you wanted to forgive, a sort of checklist.

I did not understand that its real power lay in connecting you to your Spiritual Intelligence in such a way as to totally neutralize the energy of victimhood, as if by magic.

After a while, I decided to make the process of Radical Forgiveness easier still by coming up with 13 questions that were similar to the statements and questions on the worksheet and recording them on a CD.

The only thing the person had to do was listen and answer “Yes” to them all. This was based on the work of Arnold Patent who was my mentor. He had put together some 11 steps that worked in a similar way.

In 2002, I wondered whether it would still work if the worksheet was on the computer and the person typed in their response. It did, so I had a programmer design an interactive online worksheet, and for 10 years I offered that at no charge too.

It is now in the resources section of the Colin’s Cafe membership site, along with many others that have come along since. It is one of the perks of being a member.

Now you know the story of the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet. The worksheet itself has evolved and is now quite a bit different from the earlier one.

Why not attend the free Radical Forgiveness Worksheet Webinar on April 24th at 1:30 p.m., in which I will go through each step of the worksheet with you and take questions afterwards. I think you will find it very enlightening.



Click here to register for the webinar and receive the link to download a copy of the worksheet.

2 thoughts on “Origins of the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet

  1. Mary Powers


    My son is getting that weekend and I will be on an airplane traveling to the state of Nevada, so I will be unable to attend the webinar. Is the webinar going to be recorded? I would love to view the webinar. I have used the worksheet several times in the past year and am amazed how well it works.

    I also read your book Radical Forgiveness and have had some very deep spiritual awakenings, and have healed from some past trauma.


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