A 3-Day Journey to Freedom, Peace and Happiness

The 3-Letters Process is one of many amazingly effective tools that The Tipping Method provides to help you resolve any outstanding forgiveness issue with someone.

It was listed and explained in my book Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle, written back in 1998 but at the time I did not realize just how effective this process would prove itself to be and devoted only two pages to it.

It has subsequently been proven to be one of the most powerful tools in the range. Had I really understood that fact, and had known at that time what I know now from the feedback I get from those who have used it, that chapter might easily have run to 10 pages.

“I thought I had done my work! This 3 day journey into Radical Forgiveness helped me reconnect with my soul and gain insight into the subtle ways I’d disconnected. With minimal coaching, maximum compassionate listening, and in immersing myself in the materials and process of writing my letters, I gave myself an exquisite gift. Not only do I feel more freedom, peace, and happiness, I feel greater energy, trust, and gratitude. What a blessing! ”
Jo Levkoff
Del Rio, TN

Now an Online Program

It is, for this reason, I have up-leveled it to a fully interactive online modular program that not only guides you very carefully through writing all three letters but includes LIVE interaction with a Radical Living Coach who listens to you read them and gives you support.

(There is enormous value in this LIVE interaction and is included in the price.)

10 Modules

The program consists of 10 modules with videos, audios, and transcripts, and provides examples of all three letters so you can get the feel of how to write them to get the best results.

Dis-solves the Problem in 3 Days

As the title implies, it is a process that in just three days will completely dissolve any problem of an emotional nature you might have and will leave you feeling peaceful, happier and free from feeling like a victim.

NOTE: None of the letters should ever be sent.

Day One

You write the first letter to the person or entity you feel has damaged you in some way, writing it from the victim’s standpoint putting all your emotion into it, holding nothing back.

You then e-mail the letter to your designated Radical Living Master Coach and then, by pre-arrangement, read it to him or her over the phone or Skype, so you get it witnessed and validated. The coach does not teach, but listens, checks to see how you feel and gives encouragement.

Day Two

You write the next letter which is more reflective and somewhat conciliatory in tone where you attempt to bring understanding and compassion into it, even while still holding onto the idea that this person or entity is responsible for your pain.

Again, you e-mail this letter to your designated Radical Living Master Coach and read it over the phone or Skype, to get that one witnessed and validated. Again, no actual teaching but lots of encouragement and empathetic warmth.

Day Three

You write a letter that is crafted from suggested language provided within the program that offers a very different way of looking at what happened and triggers a complete shift in consciousness.

You contact your coach again, but now, having completed all three letters, you are encouraged to engage in a dialogue with your coach to get real feedback, get any questions answered, and raise any other issues with him or her that are on your mind having gone through the process.

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