New and Exciting

As you have now doubt gathered by now, my theme for this month has been about what’s new, both in my life dealing with cancer and in my business. 

Endings and beginnings, changes and adjustments, letting go of the old and exploring new ways of doing things. 

That’s what we have been dealing with this year. It has been an exciting ride up to now, and we are feeling great about the future. 

We are also very confident that what’s new and different will enhance your experience as a recipient of our new and improved services.

At the same time, in going through this whole website makeover and deciding what improvements we need to make so as to give more value to people, we have had to make some tough decisions. 

What to let go of, what changes were necessary even if painful to make? What to include or shift into doing that would improve our profile and, in the end, add more value and be profitable?

But, for me, the most exciting new development was the arrival on the scene of Courtney King, who very quickly agreed to come on board as business manager, project manager and eventually a trainer. She has been an absolute blessing in steering us along the path to achieving our goals and increasing our level of prosperity.

I also cannot say enough about two amazing ‘new’ people we hired specifically to help us with the website makeover. Diana Nichols, website designer extraordinaire, worked tirelessly and beyond the call of duty with Shari Claire in creating the website structure and facilitating the transition from the old website to the new. That was no easy task, believe me – ours is a very complex site.

The other angel was Diane Eaton, a wonderful copywriter and designer who worked with me to refine the verbal content of each page. Diane is a fabulous wordsmith, and I would recommend her to anyone, as I would Diana too.

And a special thanks goes to Shari Claire, who has been absolutely instrumental in pulling all of the pieces together, doing so much behind the scenes technical work while helping us make a bridge from the old to the new.

I’ve been blessed with a great team of people, and I hope you enjoy and take advantage of all of the great resources we have available to you.

Now that my chemo and radiotherapy treatment is done, I feel great, full of energy and totally excited about my own renewal as well as about all that is new with Radical Forgiveness. I look forward to getting back to my live workshops, training, and seeing all of you again or maybe meeting you for the first time.

How about you? Are you ready for renewal, a spiritual makeover, or a new beginning perhaps?  Take a look at our new website ( and see if anything speaks to you about what might be next for you.