My Vision for 2012

As we look back at 2011 and wonder what might be coming down in 2012, it is pretty clear that the American Dream has gone up in smoke.  The foundational idea that supported the illusion was that the generation to come would always have it better than the one before.  That no longer can be assumed. Most people agree looking forwards that our kids and grandchildren will have less chance to ‘get ahead’ than we did and their standard of living is likely to be substantially lower.

Yes, that can seem disappointing, for who does not want to see their kids flourish in the years ahead.  But our fixation on getting ahead, doing better, moving up and making more money as being the basis of the dream may have reached its limit, like when the pendulum stops before starting to swing the other way.

So, instead of just wishing for a better life for our kids in those same terms, how about wishing for a better quality of life in terms of it having it carry real meaning and spiritual purpose.  How about holding a vision for a life in America where everyone feels happy, safe and secure, where people take care of each other, support each other and love one another; where people live in harmony and peace instead of fear and aggression which is what we have now, and what they will have in the future if we don’t begin to change our consciousness now.

This is the vision I’m holding for 2012 and beyond.  As you may know my mission statement for many years has been, “to raise the consciousness of the planet through Radical Forgiveness and to create a world of forgiveness by 2012.”  I still believe the pendulum has a few degrees more to move through its arc before its begins to shift the other way.  When it does, we will wake up to a new reality and a much better dream than the false one that has brought us nicely to this point.  Whether it happens in 2012 or not doesn’t matter.  I am still holding the vision and I know a great many of you are too.  We feel it in our bones and we will be there when the pendulum comes to the end of its swing and starts going the other way. Then heaven on earth will be the dream we can all live.

That’s I mean when I say to you now, “Happy New Year.”  That’s what I shall be raising my glass to on New’s Years Eve — the birth of a new consciousness of Love, Peace and Harmony.